How to Install WordPress on Localhost

You probably heard many times this word ‘WordPress installation on localhost’ but maybe you will not be acquainted with it. This guide is especially design for beginners, who are interested to know about how to install WordPress on localhost step by step. This procedure will take your several minutes but that is effective from developers point of view.

How to Install WordPress on Localhost

Install WordPress on Localhost:

WordPress package installation on localhost is pretty easy instead of tricky. I also wrote an article earlier that how to install WordPress on HostGator shared hosting, but this time this installation will be in our computer hard disk not on shared hosting or else. Sounds looks like complex but after read that entire article, you will feel so comfortable with this guidance. Watch the below complete video guide tutorial for WordPress installation on localhost.

Above guide contains and covered all approximately aspects of WordPress installation on localhost.

Your required Xampp to run localhost server on your own computer. Simply Download Xampp and install in your machine then perform all above steps as we done.

Hopefully, above video tutorial will be sufficient for you guidance. Let us know, if you think that you found useful and valuable content here. We love to assist you in this regard, you also join us on our community forum and can leave your comment below.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator Manually

Install WordPress in HostGator:

Mostly bloggers likes HostGator Hosting due to his spectacular services. That is why, they prefer to purchase this finest hosting packages. Other thing is WordPress, a worldwide recognition open platform for all internet users. WordPress offers superfluous features at one place. Now the actual purpose of this article is to guide that, how to install WordPress in HostGator Hosting manually. Here “manually” word refers to the actual way of installation without any third-party software. Now let’s start it,

Step 1:

First you need to Download WordPress package, then Log in to your HostGator Hosting account. After log in to your hosting account, go to File Manager and upload the entire WordPress zip package on your hosting root directory. You can upload this WordPress package through FileZilla or can upload directly in file manager.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

After upload the WordPress zip file, Extract it to any specific folder or root directory.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

Step 3:

After extracted the zip files, now open a new tab and type your website URL.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

Right now, Choose your website language then Press Continue. 

Step 4:

There WordPress setup demand few things to connect WordPress with SQL database. For this task execution, you need the following four things,

  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host

After create database and its all aspects like username and password, configure this database info keys in the WordPress setup form.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator step 4

After database info insertion, press submit.

Step 5:

At this step, You need to provide site title, administrator username, password and email. Keep remember that, inserted username and password will be use for WordPress log in, so don’t forget to memorize it. Secondly, Provide only genuine email, because this email will be use for administrative purpose or rights.

How to Install WordPress in HostGator

After put all necessary and authentic info, Click on Install WordPress button. Now you WordPress is installed successfully in to your HostGator Hosting. Now you can log in to your WordPress backend using administrative info, which you provided during installation.

Hopefully, you understood the entire procedure of WordPress installation. If you have better one query then let us know. For further discussion, use the comment box. 😉

How to start a blog using WordPress

How to start a blog using WordPress:

WordPress is an open source platform.Which is using to create blog and websites with more efficiency. In other words, we can say WordPress is a publishing platform for bloggers ,writers and others. WordPress is a free platform,there is no cost to pay it. WordPress provides flexible features, which will help you to start your blogging journey with ease. WordPress provides dashboard, which full of tools and gadgets. Here we talking about for beginners. This process consists on several steps:

  1. Need a self hosted domain 
  2. Install WordPress on hosting (Server)
  3. Start Blogging 

Need a self hosted domain:

Let’s start with self hosted domain name.Before going to WordPress, We remember that every website or blog need a particular Domain name (e.g Domain name may be .com (Commercial Purpose) .net or .org Domain name use for network or organization similarly .edu use for education purpose.I prefer you use .com Domain name for business. Let’s start with Buy Domain name and Buy Hosting. Choose HostGator certified hosting as my experience with HostGator and iPage is superb because its reliable and user-friendly Click here for more. I am personally using iPage. iPage Offers cheap hosting on discounted rates click Here for more.

Install WordPress on Host:

After getting the hosting , Go to WordPress site and Download WordPress in zip format. Check the following screenshot.

How to start a blog using WordPress

WordPress Installations process is quite simple and easy. After getting Hosting server,we need to open Cpanel then Goto —> File Manager. Check the below screenshot process. 

How to start a blog using WordPress

Open >> File Manager  then upload the WordPress Download file in the root directory. Keep remember that, Upload file should be in zip format.Then click on upload file. Check the following screenshot of the procedure.

How to start a blog using WordPress

You can upload WordPress package in a specific folder which you want. I am using iPage Cpanel in screenshots. Approximately all Cpanel look like same interface. You will find File Manager option in every Cpanel. Now next step consist on WordPress installation setup. First unzip WordPress Package. Here we mention one more thing, we can upload WordPress Package via FTP Client FileZilla. I personally use FileZilla to upload files on root directory.Check the following screenshot of FileZilla

How to start a blog using WordPress

FileZilla is flexible to upload files on server-side. Drag and drop system and one click to connect to the server, no need to sign in on server every time.We will talk it later on FileZilla. Now comeback on topic, Before goto next step we need a SQL Database to connect with WordPress Package. Comeback on Cpanel and Click on MY SQL Database. Check the following screenshots,which we have taken during create database.

[envira-gallery id=”641″]

After Create Database and user, Open your website in browser. Installation page will appear on the screen. Fill the installation form step by step as given below Screenshots.

[envira-gallery id=”646″]

WordPress Installation now has been completed. Happy blogging. Read How to start a blog with blogger. Hope you like this post, if you have any query so, please share your point of views in below comment. 😉