WordPress Hosting in India – Everything You Need to Know About

WordPress Hosting in India:

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous boom in the online landscape and business owners from nearly all industry domains are lined on the path of creating an unmistakable internet presence. Some choose to hire services of professional website designers while some like to take the matter in their own hands and use website builders to create a website to support their business.

WordPress Hosting in India
There is little doubt to the fact that when it comes to choosing a website builder, WordPress stands as an undisputed champion in the field of professional website builders. It’s remarkable simplicity and unrivaled efficiency makes it the preferred choice of website developers around the world. However, website owners need to understand that creation of a WordPress website isn’t simply job done. You need to provide it a constant support via hosting platforms, so that its functionality never goes downhill and the website achieves peak performance levels.
Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about WordPress hosting in India. Take a look below.


What is WordPress Hosting?

The underlying notion behind hosting a WordPress website is to supplement its performance to great lengths and enabling it to sustain and stand tight amidst a heavy traffic inflow. If you find that your WordPress website is battling to tackle a heavy traffic volume, it is time you understand that your website needs a shot in the arm via a hosting support that will ensure its sustainability on the internet.
WordPress hosting aims towards augmenting the performance of your website and boosting its credibility in the market. It leverages the power of high performance servers and enhanced RAM and storage specifications to give your website the much needed performance enhancement.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting brings hordes of benefits to your website. Here are some, you may want to have a look at.

 Enhanced Site Speed:

The speed of your site via a hosting platform takes the speed of your website through the ceiling and makes it powerful enough to run at optimum speed levels despite of a heavy traffic inflow.

 Supreme Security:

Security is another great advantage of using WordPress hosting. The hosting platforms ties latches of security all around your server network to make sure any kind of security breach or a malicious entry is debarred and averted effectively.

 Maximized Uptime:

WordPress hosting allows your website to enjoy maximum uptime that enables to take your credibility parameters to new heights. Through a hosting platform, your site will be functional to full measures for the most part of the day that is very much beneficial from a business standpoint.
It is clear from the above section that if your website is failing to render better performance and is struggling to keep up with the internet pace, WordPress hosting is certainly your last resort to ensure your website gains momentum and functions better than ever.

WordPress Hosting – Fast and Reliable WordPress Solution

Whether to opt for WordPress hosting or not is, no doubt, a topic that has sparked a raging debate in the online landscape. Majority of WordPress website owners come across a dilemma that whether they should opt for hosting service or not.

In the following section we have tried to clear the smoke on whether WordPress hosting is a feasible option for you or not. It enlists several benefits of hosting your WordPress website that will help you to make a decision. Let’s take a look.

WordPress Hosting – Fast and Reliable WordPress Solution

Few WordPress Hosting Benefits:

1. Faster Page Loading:

You need to understand that internet browsers (or your prospective clients) love to visit a website that loads quickly and image, audio or video elements of the website doesn’t take long to feature in front of the user. A website that is slow is likely to avert your customers that is highly undesirable. Hosting, however, speeds up your website and plummets down page loading times that attracts customers towards your portal.

2. Supreme Site Security:

Internet today is plagued with malicious content and viruses that could effectively put your website at the risk of a security breach. Losing sensitive website data could interpret into some serious repercussions. Therefore, to protect your website from a security attack, hosting is indeed crucial. Hosting your WordPress website will ensure your website data is protected and any kind of imminent security attack is averted in the most efficient manner.

3. Complete Backup:

You can’t deny the possibility of a natural disaster or a security breach of a substantial magnitude that could wreck your website and claim everything associated with your website. To prevent a situation where you need to start right from the scratch, it is important to avail hosting services that takes complete backup of your website and allows you to administer a post-disaster recovery program that gets back everything on the right track.

4. Consistent Customer Support:

One of the major advantages of acquiring hosting services for your WordPress website is you get access to exclusive customer service. By acquiring hosting service, you transfer the load of worrying about the performance of website, from your shoulder to the shoulders of the company in charge. Since, the company holds the responsibility of ensuring optimum performance parameters for your website; you can ask them questions anytime you feel your website functionality is low.

It is hoped that these 4 factors will certainly assist you to make the right decision on whether to go for WordPress hosting or not. If you have any queries or doubts in this respect, feel free to contribute to the comment section below. We would be happy to help you.

Hostgator vs Bluehost – Which One is the Best ?

HostGator vs Bluehost:

Hostgator vs BluehostWhere we talk about web hosting, numerous hosting providers name comes in our mind but few are popular name such as HostGator and Bluehost. But we can’t go with both at once, we need one best hosting provider of our purpose. That is why, question arise here is HostGator vs Bluehost, which one is best for future destination ? A prominent answer is, comparison both services, prices and technical support. Let’s distinguish/differ among these both hosting services and evaluate the finest one.

HostGator (Shared) Bluehost (Shared)
 Website Single  Website Single
 Domain No  Domain 1 Free Domain
 Disk Space Unlimited  Disk Space 100 GB
 Bandwidth Unlimited  Bandwidth Unlimited
 Emails Unlimited  Emails 100
 SQL Databases Unlimited  SQL Databases Limited
 SSL Certificate Shared  SSL Certificate No
 Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days
 Technical Support 24/7/365  Technical Support 24/7/365
All in only $3.96/month All in only $3.49/month

Above table comparison showing the differ among HostGator and Bluehost services and pricing plans. Now you can individually decide, who’s hosting will be proven best for future journey.

HostGator offering one cent hosting service for a month same like a trial, if you satisfy with it then can continue with this package otherwise, you might cancel your package. HostGator also offering 25% off discount coupon code on total invoice. If you want to working as a hosting seller then must check the HostGator vs Bluehost VPN service review.

HostGator (VPN) Bluehost (VPN)
 CPU .5 Core  CPU 2 Core
 RAM 512 M  RAM 2 GB Available
 Disk Space 25 GB  Disk Space 30 GB
 Bandwidth 500 GB  Bandwidth 1 TB
 IP Address 2 IPs  IP Address 1 IPs
 Control Panel No, Available in Pro  Control Panel Yes
 Money Back  Guarantee 45 Days  Money Back  Guarantee 30 Days
 Technical Support 24/7/365  Technical Support 24/7/365
All in only $14.99/first month All in only $3.49/first month

Above VPN servers technical specs are expressing starter packages only. Secondly given prices will be accepted for first month invoices only.


Both are so competitive pricing and plans, but in resultant HostGator have powerful shared and business plans. In contrary, Bluehost have not providing much in shared hosting. In VPN & Dedicated pro serves, HostGator is getting the victories. Most famous sites like wpbeginner using HostGator dedicated pro servers and his owners comment that, they are totally satisfied with his services and support. Now its your turn. 😉