Best Place For Ads Placement on Website

Ads Placement:

The majority of bloggers،Who do not take advantage of the site’s traffic. Because, they learned only one lesson, Make website and earn money. They don’t focus on the other hand side. That’s why, they are always disappointed with their work. So, Don’t be worried, You need to optimize your site according to placement of ads. Means that, Getting the ads is not an achievement, Finest earning with their ads is the achievement of our hard-working. For the sake of finest earning, The ads placement on your site makes a big impact on consumers/user.

Think like a user itself, And analyze the website layout. That place, Where you can get more clicks. Choose that location and put your ads. But here is little bit problem will occur. Because publishers companies like AdSense emphasize on that location above the fold. Minimum One ad should be above the fold.

What is above the Fold?

When you open any website, So before going to scroll down, Above area known as above the fold and after scroll down, below area known as below the fold.

So above the fold ads have much worth instead of below the fold. Try to put minimum one ad above the fold.

Our Designed dynamic Heat map:

Google AdSense  is the popular and well reputed advertising network for advertisers and publishers. Google recommend that, Use ads above the fold and between the content. Google reveal his idea through heat map. See the below heat map and analyze the ads location inside post and above the comment box etc.

Heat map of Ads Placement

Above heat map shows that, You can put your first ads after title and before content body. Second ad should be inside of your post content. Third ad should before comment box. These three ads placement makes possible to maximum clicks on ads. You can put your ads in sidebar. I strongly recommend you, Don’t put more than three ads because user feel uncomfortable and Google also suggest three ads per page. You can customize your ads link, fonts, and specially use keywords for relevance ads. Read for better understanding, Google AdSense Heat Map Guide For Beginners.

We designed above heat map for your convenience. Therefore, Follow the heat map because we designed it according to advertisement rules and regulation. So don’t be panic to adopt it. For better organic traffic read 5 Things that will improve organic Seo. You can discuss your issues and ideas with us.

How to Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Almost bloggers familiar with WordPress and its friendly interface. You can easily start WordPress blog without spend any single penny. To track your website statistics, You must need to connect Google Analytics and your blog to each other. Google analytic is the marvelous opportunity for all bloggers. But now we are here to learn that, How we can add Google analytic code inside WordPress. Read Google analytic comprehensive guide here.

Google analytic in WordPress

Google analytic track your website pages, post, links even organic keywords. There is two major and finest option to add Google analytic code in WordPress. First is through Google analytic script/code in the website header. Another is add tracking ID inside WordPress. Let take the first method,

How to add Google analytic Code in WordPress:

First you need to Sign up with your website on Google analytic. After sign up procedure Google analytic provide you script and tacking ID for your site. Copy the given script.

Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Goto >>WordPress dashboard then Goto Appearance >>Editor scroll down and  open header.php file. Between the <body>..</body> tags paste the whole code/script. You can use html comments tags around the Google analytic scripts (Optional). You can determine the process with the below image.

Google analytic Code in WordPress

And again Goto Google analytic page and save setting then Done. Now your Google analytic is directly linked with your website. Now you are capable to track you website or blog statistic and optimize your website.

Google Analytic will facilitate you with numbers of optimized tools like current online visitors, daily site audience, referral site traffic and keywords tracking etc. Google also recommend and invite you to join it for free. Hopefully, Your configuration and settings will be correct same as above. You can avail innumerable benefits through Google analytic. You can take assist me for further information and leave comment below. 🙂

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers:

As we know very well, WordPress platform is used to start a blog carrier quickly. WordPress have innumerable plugins to optimize blogs or websites. We will reveal best WordPress plugins and his significance in explanatory form. These best WordPress plugins belongs to Seo optimization or On page Seo and some belongs to website user attraction. Blogger must need to aware about best plugins and his multiple features.

Best WordPress Plugins

Before go ahead, You need to care about several things. If the WordPress plugins exceed a certain limit of plugins, then it can be harmful for us and our blog. At this stage, We recommend that, Utilize only best and important plugin don’t use worthless plugins. Often many of plugins make an impact on your site loading speed. Let’s start. We categories most compulsory and best plugins are following as,

WordPress SEO By Yoast:

WordPress Seo By Yoast are recommended by Matt cuts, Hostgator and specially Seo experts. SEO by Yoast is multi functional plugin because it has numbers of tools and these tool will make your site optimized. Especially powerful grip on Seo strategies even a single post image. Seo by Yoast has various optimize tools like as, Meta-tags (title,description,keywords), xml sitemap, Permalinks, breadcrumbs, image optimization and social media sites sharing integrate tools etc.

Best WordPress Plugins

Another concept and headache is Seo by yoast accurate setting. Because Seo by Yoast setting should be accurate then you will get the lot of traffic on your site. You can read “How to Setup Seo By Yoast plugin“.

JetPack By WordPress:

JetPack by WordPress used as a multi task plugin. We personally used this plugin for more than one task. JetPack by WordPress track your website statistics and keywords. It’s not belongs to Seo but it track search engine traffic with every step like keywords, referral sites traffic, social media traffic and Organic traffic etc. Further crucial task of this plugin is JetPack comment box for user feedback or response. Slightly go ahead, JetPack subscription box for all viewers and users. This subscription box have bulletin function like automatically send new publish post to subscribers.

Best WordPress Plugins

Next beneficial tool is short link of every single post, Which we can utilize for social sharing and further tasks. Other are small utilities like related post under every post, Custom contact form and mobile theme etc. Try to use it and be enjoy it.

W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is a spectacular plugin and known as a best WordPress plugins. W3 total cache recommended by Matt Cuts, Hostgator, Dream host etc. W3 total cache plugin used for boast website loading speed. w3 total cache increase server performance and increase web page loading speed. W3 total cache diminish the download time. W3 total cache optimize your SQL database tables then its helps us in website loading speed. W3 total cache supply transparent content delivery network integration. According to w3 total cache developers and authors, w3 total cache saving 80% bandwidth of your website through compression of html , CSS files, Java scripts files etc. Unbeatable feature of this plugin is that, W3 total cache compatible with shared hosting, VPN hosting and dedicated servers. W3 total cache minify/decrease your post and pages even feeds.

Best WordPress Plugins

W3 total cache take improvement in user experience without any change in theme layout, and WordPress. Must recommend your to utilize it and get benefit from it. W3 total cache installation process is little bit complicated so, We will suggest you to read “W3 total cache settings & Configuration” and be enjoy it.


Akismet is another best WordPress plugin and by default available in WordPress. After install WordPress blog, Goto >> plugins and Click on >> installed plugin there you will get Akismet plugins. Akismet is used for prevention of spam comments. Akismet filter all comments with bad links, and bad adult words, then analyze comments and with more test.  If Akismet find any doubt/spamming so take as a spam comment then it drop the comment in spam queue not in moderation. Akismet is not a security plugin for your website but it is 99.9% security for your blog comments.

Best WordPress Plugins

Akismet have free or premium plans so if you are running a personal single blog then sign up for free otherwise use premium plan. So, you can say Good Bye to spam comments after install Akismet on your WordPress Blog.

A finest blogger always try to adopt best things for his blogs.  Try to above best WordPress plugins, Hope that. you will enjoy it in future. Always give preference recommended plugins because it will provide you their own experience، will not take yours. Hopefully, You earned so many things in this article. You can join me, If you have any issue concern with this post. 🙂

How To Install WordPress Seo By Yoast And Settings

WordPress is an open and third-party better solution for website owners and blogger to create own website for share skills and share his beneficial ideas with his users. You already familiar with WordPress and his simple features. As we always stress on Seo Factors for finest website to increase his viewership/impressions on search engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing,MSN etc). Inside WordPress couples of plugins are used for better Seo and some are recommended by Seo Experts. In which, One of the recommended is WordPress Seo by Yoast.

WordPress SEO By Yoast Installation & Configuration:

WordPress Seo By Yoast plugin have outstanding features such as Meta-Tags, Robots, Sitemap, and further more. Just follow following steps to install this plugin. Login to your WordPress Dashboard then Go to Plugin >> Add New.

Wordpress Seo By Yoast

After do that plugin search box appear on your screen. Write >> WordPress Seo by Yoast inside of this search box and press Enter.

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

We already installed in our PC that’s why you can see in the above screenshot Installed.But you will see the Install button then >> Press install then >> Activate plugin. Now WordPress Seo by Yoast has installed in your hosting server/WordPress.You can see clearly in your left sidebar option with yellow screw icon name is SEO. 

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

In above figure, Now you can see properly all these option in your SEO Plugin. We will discuss on all of these options step by step. WordPress Seo by Yoast plugin contains numerous options, First we take Dashboard of Yoast. 

Yoast Dashboard:

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

As you can see in the above image that, Yoast dashboard consist of several and most important options for verify ownership of own website through meta lines. You will take these meta info from these website Google, Bing, Alexa, Pinterest, Yandex. For Google you will Goto Google Webmaster and add your website in return they will provide you meta lines to put on your website then put this meta here. Read How to submit website to Google. Same procedure applies for Alexa, Bing, Yandex and verify your website ownership. As my own experience suggest you, Use html file to verify your website ownership Because in future if you remove WordPress Seo By Yoast plugin or migrate on another plugin then these meta will be removed instantly when you remove this plugin from your WordPress. So always plan your future before take next decision. Don’t disturb other option on this page instead of these above.

Titles & Metas:

Title and Meta option needs complete attention to configure it. Firstly we need to know that,this page have numerous option for Seo. Checkout the below image to configure the this page.

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

In above image, Follow these above Red highlighted box and same as configure in your Seo plugin. Now discuss, What these options do. Don’t suggest you to check Force rewrite option because it makes your title irrelevant. Slightly below, WordPress Seo By Yoast team add new features in 2014. Title separator, that will help to make your title efficient. You can use default select title separator (-). Site Wide meta setting is a critical or most important task for website Seo. Check Nonindex Subpages of archives. Check meta-keywords, I already know that Google ignore meta-keywords tag but other search engines allows meta-keywords that’s why recommend you to enable this option. Check noodp and noydir robots tags, Read what is noodp and noydir in Seo. Under Clean up the head , Check all option to clean your header. After do all changes press save changes. 

Titles & Meta >> Home:

In Home Section, You need to add your homepage meta information such as Meta-Title, Meta-Description, Meta-Keyword (Keyword box will appear if you enable). Meta-title should be in 60 characters. Meta-description should be in 150 characters.  

Titles & Meta >> Post type:

These are enhancement option that allows you to do changes more. Check Out the below image to understand the concept.

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

Above image shows that, Some variables like (%%Category%%) are used here to design the category format. You can see or take these variables from above corner option on that page ََََname is >> Help. 

Wordpress Seo By Yoast

Choose appropriate variable and put in category or tags boxes. These variables will help you to get quick access on it. You can use robots tags to noindex page or add nofollow or dofollow for these pages. 


This option will help you to connect with your social platforms like fan page or company page. Your social profiles Google plus, Facebook fan page, twitter profile, LinkedIn profile or brand page etc. You may utilize this option, Just put you usernames or passwords and URL etc.

XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap is most essential task for any website owner to develop this one. But in WordPress Seo By Yoast Seo plugin, No need to write manually xml sitemap only few steps make your entire sitemap and for future post and category automatically update in your xml sitemap without any hard struggle. Just follow steps of below image and configure it same as in your plugin. 

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

Above image clearly showing all procedures and showing that, which option are enabled through Check and disabled through Check. You can use image recommended setting to configure your Seo plugin.


Permalinks are other essential part of Seo so, that is our responsibility to configure it during setup Yoast plugin. Configuration is quite simple. Follow the below image.

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

As you seen the above image, We highlighted areas of enable or disable options. This process will help you in Seo specially Remove replytocom variables should be mark same as in above image.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking also part of Seo and part of WordPress Seo By Yoast plugin. Breadcrumbs has a worth in search engines and display web pages snippets with attractive view.   

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

You can see clearly, these symbol > are used for breadcrumbs and then choose homepage anchor text then prefix and slightly ahead breadcrumbs 404 Not found page. In front of you on internal linking page first you need yo enable breadcrumbs then apply other setting see below image.

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

Import & Export:

Import and export are useful tool in Yoast Seo plugin that help us to export our all SEO settings and import in other website same setting easily. In simple words you can say that, With this import and export you are able to migrate your settings to another website Yoast plugin. After import the file all saved setting applies on new site instantly.  

How to install Seo by Yoast and configuration

Must use this plugin to optimize your site and make your site Seo friendly. Seo friendly websites always found on Search engines top pages due to his lot of efforts. WordPress Seo by Yoast have multiple tools as we briefly explain above. If you have another query regarding this plugin then comment below for resolving. Because your feedback is respectful for us. Subscribe our newsletter for daily updating about Seo, Development and more articles. Hopefully, you will found your answer if not then discuss below. 😉

What is Anchor text and how does it work

What is Anchor text:

Anchor text is a title or label of specific hyperlink in your post content, In simple words you can say that, Linked text is an anchor text. Anchor text can place on hyperlink, while using internal linking or while back-linking with external websites.

What is Anchor text and how does it work
Anchor Text Structure

In the above image you can see that, a href html tag inside in it, an individual Facebook link and between open and close tag an anchor text name as Facebook.You can see clearly, Above image describe the appropriate form of anchor text.Search Engines changed his algorithms with the passage of time, and update its features but infrastructure remain same. Next we will talk about on how does anchor text work. As you know, we talked about Organic Seo in previous articles and understand about his strategies and factors or elements. Anchor text is also an element/factor of Seo and we tend to add anchor text in our web content. Finest content consists on anchor text. Above we said, anchor text is a label or title of any link so it is important to know that, Use anchor text in appropriate form using with keywords. If you are doing internal linking with your own site pages then choose meaningful or relevant keywords in anchor text.

Now search engines become smart and they analysis every single content that’s why, It is important to use beneficial or relevant keywords in anchor text. Don’t try to use irrelevant keywords because Google consider and treat this irrelevant keyword as a useless link. Probably, Someone will ask me why Google take it as useless link. Answer is that, Because you are referring an irrelevant anchor text to other irrelevant content page both are not relevant like, if you have a HostGator affiliate link and add this link in you fashion post so, it is totally unfair with your website and with your profession, because both content criteria are not met with each other that’s why search engines take it as a useless link.

Anchor Text role in Backlinks:

Anchor text playing important role in backlinks. Backlinks is a factor of organic Seo. During create backlinks on forums, social profiles, We have always believed that, to use best keyword for hyperlink to your site or blog similarly in anchor text, the same process applies here so, it is good Seo practice to select relevant keyword to refer relevant content through anchor text and backlinks.

Anchor text advantages:

Seo experts emphasis the usage of anchor text because anchor text make the content user-friendly. Search engines check your content during crawling and analyze the rich keywords which are used in content. Specially Google consider anchor text in search ranking. According to my own experience, Best usage of anchor text make your website rich or maybe the cause of successful.

Hopefully, Now you will maintain the ratio of anchor text on your site content. You can subscribe our newsletters and get updates about Seo, developments and further more in your inbox.For further queries and feedback’s use below comment box. 🙂

What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Noodp and Noydir Meta tags:

In this era, Everyone know about search engines and its algorithms. Many of my friends and viewers asked to me “What is Noodp and Noydir and how do they work”, So I decided to make a briefly post on it. Webmasters and website/Blog Owners know about the word “SEO” Search Engine Optimization. SEO contains many of these factors to give rank your website in search engines. Meta-tags one of the essential factor for search engines. It helps to crawlers and bots (like a command). Noodp and Noydir Meta tags is the best indeed of SEO. 

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags
Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Let’s start it. First Meta-tag which we learn today “Noodp” No Open directory Project. You can say that, Dmoz is an open content directory or website’s links hub. “Noodp” We need to know, What actually it does. “Noodp” meta-tag is used to avoid the Dmoz to use its own title or description from his directory. Let’s assume, If someone search on Google “How to start blog” Google filter  his search and display the result. This result consists on various websites probably consist on few open directories results/Snippets. Because every result consist on social media,directories,websites,blogs and further more. So We use “Noodp” meta-tag in our post/article to avoid Open directory Project to add his own title or description. Because we already add our meta titles or meta description on every post/articles and we want that, Google or other search engines display our provided titles or description instead of open directory project. This thing occurs in  mostly open directory searches, If your website listen in domz and someone asking to Google “How to start blog” then Google display your website in results and your website titles or descriptions contains irrelevant titles or descriptions instead your provided titles or description, Google consider this result as a negative point for your website. Mostly website/Blog Owners don’t know, why his website lose rank or presence in search engines.

Second meta-tag is “Noydir” No Yahoo Directory, Same as above criteria applies on here. Yahoo directory is the largest directory on internet.  If you have listing your website in yahoo directory so, you need to add “Noydir” meta-tag on your website pages to avoid yahoo directory to add its own titles or descriptions instead of your provided titles or description. If you are using WordPress SEO By Yoast so check these option.

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags

After add these meta-tags Google crawler update your website 2-5 days as much possibly. Google always want to provide better result to his user, that’s why Google update his nature with the passage of time. Some user use custom design on website, they can manually add these lines to add Noodp and Noydir meta-tags on his website/blog.

<meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir"/>

These elegant Meta-tags allows both directories (Dmoz,Yahoo) to use your provided titles or description in search results. Once again, I strongly recommend you to use these tags to establish finest SEO for your website same as robots.txt file and sitemap. Hopefully you understand these meta-tags. If you have any issue, feel free comment below.

How to Create Robots.txt File For WordPress

How to Create Robots.txt file in WordPress:

Always we talk about SEO for blogs or websites. Robots.txt file is an important factor of search engine optimization. Because this file block search engine bot to crawl important or specific part of your website. However sometime wrong configured robots.txt file may let your existence completely go away from search engine. As we above say that, it’s an important factor to optimize robots.txt file so, We should keep remember few things. Only block those pages which you want don’t index in search engine. When Google crawler come on web pages ,then it first read robots.txt file instruction. Robots.txt file should be exist on your server root directory.

SEO Consist of hundred of element and robots.txt is one of the necessary part of SEO. Mostly webmaster tend to bypass edit this file. Because most these people’s don’t be aware about this factor editing. I suggest mostly, Be practice yourself always and no need hard knowledge for this file editing. Everyone do that with simple and basic knowledge. Firstly if you are using SEO plugins on your WP blog like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO So, Additionally robots.txt option exist in one of these. But by default you need to create simple notepad and rename with robots.txt then upload it on your root directory via FTP Client. Check my blog robots.txt file screenshot.

Robots.txt wordpress

Above mentioned robots.txt file display which i created for my blog.

For WordPress users robots.txt file by default exist on your root directory. And for other static websites, you need to create simple text document on your desktop rename with robots.txt then upload on root directory via FTP Client or direct File Manager option from Cpanel Both are accessible. You can disallow category or tags pages for duplication activities on search engines. Must remember every bot not honor robots.txt file some nasty bots will even read the robots.txt to find which pages and directories they should mark first for search engine. So,Excellent webmasters always optimize robots.txt file.

How to make robots.txt file:

As I earlier mention, no need a hard skill to build robots.txt file. Just create simple notepad file and rename with robots.txt then upload to website root directory via FTP Client (FileZilla). Next we need to know that, Every robots.txt file contains records every records consist on specific command for search bots.

User-agent: googlebot
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tags/

User-agent: googlebot  These lines allow to Google bot to index every page of this website instead of cgi-bin folder on root directory and category or tags pages. As we above mentioned, Category or tags pages are may become the cause of duplication on search engine that’s why we suggest to add disallow category or tags pages, Just target your main post pages. Where we add disallow with any folder or page, This means search engine are not able to crawl this specific part of your website.

User-agent: * Here some question arising, On internet not a single search engine because if you want more traffic from multiple search engines so you need to add these lines User-agent: * and allow all search engines to index your  website. 

Somethings are Highlighted:

Somethings are highlighted while creating robots.txt file, don’t add free spaces between them like User-agent:  * User- agent: * Because these terms are prohibited in robots.txt, Beware of these movements. Secondly don’t use comments in robots.txt file. Alphabetical Upper case lower case character case-sensitive that’s why beware during writing folders name and pages name: like if you want index “Images” Directory write “images” instead of capitalized form.

Create WordPress Robots.txt:

After processing all above instructions now you being able to add robots.txt file in root directory via FTP Client. Mostly users use Robots Meta plugin because its easy to use and accessible from WordPress user interface. Here is a useful tip for everyone, you can mention your sitemap URL in your robots.txt file because its easy for Bots to find your sitemap path then bots faster indexing your website pages. You use my blog robots.txt file. Just replace your website name in sitemap URL.

 User-agent: *
 Disallow: /cgi-bin/
 Disallow: /wp-admin/
 Disallow: /wp-includes/
 Disallow: /wp-content/
 Disallow: /downloads/
 Disallow: /lab/
 Disallow: /category/
 Disallow: /tag/
 Disallow: /archives/
 disallow: /*?*
 Disallow: *?replytocom
 Disallow: /wp-*
 Disallow: /author
 Disallow: /comments/feed/
 User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
 Allow: /
 User-agent: Googlebot-Image
 Allow: /wp-content/uploads/
 User-agent: Adsbot-Google
 Allow: /
 User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile
 Allow: /

How we check robots.txt response:

Here is common question arise, After done everything “How we analysis that our robots.txt file really gonna be work”  And we need to know that, Here is any effect of updated robots.txt file. Let’s check with Google webmaster tool >>Fetch as Google Under Crawl Option

Robots.txt wordpress

Fetch as Google is a finest tool to check out the response of robots.txt file. If your provided URL  success then it can be accessible from bots on the other condition return failure it’s not accessible for bots. Hope this article will help you to make better robots.txt file. For more tips and tricks of SEO subscribe our Newsletter.