How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock?

Whenever we talk about the best performing blog sites, then we think of creating them in WordPress. It is the world’s famous blogging platforms that allow bloggers to create different types of websites. The best part is that it is a complete content management system wherein uses’ from different industries can start their own blog sites that further helps to get good ranking on Google search. There are many hosting platforms in India that you can select, but BigRock is a premium host provider that you can use to install WordPress within a minute.

How to Install WordPress within a Minute on Bigrock

For many startup businesses, they have created websites on WordPress. Here step by step guide for new users’ to get start with WordPress on Bigrock is given below.

New Account Registration on Bigrock:

Step 1:

To start your WordPress installation with Bigrock, you have to follow the process in which the first step is signing up to create a new account; you have to click “Sign up Now”.

Step 2:

Further, you have to enter your domain name, if you don’t have a domain, then you have to create it first before starting installation procedures.

Step 3:

You can also select domain name through Bigrock, and the best thing is that it comes for free with WordPress hosting account purchase.

Step 4:

Once you are done with the domain registration services, you have to fill in your personal information, now select which hosting package you want to avail.

Step 5:

There are many packages & offers will come in front of you at the time you sign up, you can select the best one as per convenience.

Step 6:

Complete domain privacy is assured with a paid service that allows personal information to be kept private.

Step 7:

When you have filled your information correctly, now you can choose a hosting package for that click the “Next” button to complete the purchase process.

Step 8:

Now, you’ll be asked to enter a password for your account, try to make it strong and secure so that no one can access or misuse your account.

Step 9:

This is the final step of registration process, now you are able to log into your account, and get started installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress from BigRock:

Step 10:

Bigrock has simplified the complete process, and made this complicated thing easy for users’ by using the new feature cPanel that is designed especially for installing WordPress in quick & easy manner

You can start installation process by going to the cPanel, now scroll to the section and choose the “One-Click Installs” button.

Step 11:

Once you press this button, you’ll be directed to a page where you have to press on the WordPress icon to start installation.

Step 12:

When fully installed in your system, you’ll get site URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password, use these credentials to start creating blogs, writing posts, and creating pages.


Bigrock provide the easiest way to installing WordPress with dedicated 24×7 technical & customer support. You can quickly get started with one-click install facility that is offered at an affordable price. You can also enjoy the comfort of a 30-day money back guarantee and the option to cancel at any time.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Do you know? Why WordPress is good for Seo and why bloggers gives his first priority. Most of the blogger’s and online business starters want to start their business with WordPress and minority of people’s don’t want to go with WordPress. Most of folks probably don’t know about WordPress Seo friendly integrated features. Which can boost their website revenue and traffic with in short time period.

7 Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For SEO
Why WordPress Is Good For SEO

Why WordPress Is Good For SEO?

Every website beginner wants ready to work platform, where they can kick-start their business. WordPress keeps all the capability of search engine optimization and most of the already integrated in it. Let’s check it out and review these aspect, which makes the WordPress more prominent platform from Seo perspective.

WordPress Permalinks:

Spectacular default integrated Seo feature in WordPress. WordPress provides absolute interface, where you can set up your web pages URL structure and make it Seo friendly. Particular or target keyword existence is necessary to make Seo optimized web page in search engine.

ALT Tag in Images:

Image is now become the part of Seo with Alt tag. You can easily insert alt tag in Images during writing or managing an article. During uploading images, WordPress ask about image title, alt tag, caption and short description. Alt tag is used to tell them search engine crawler that this image is belongs to this specific category.

WordPress Headings Tag:

During writing an articles or pages, you need to make your headings in prominent form. This heading (h1 and h2) with keywords will be considered as content optimization part in Seo.

Proofread Writing Tool:

This one tool is integrated in WordPress editor, through this tool you can correct your grammatically mistakes with-in few clicks. Thus, you can reduce content impairments and can optimize it than before. Correct and optimized content is the sign of better Seo.

Handy Seo Plugins:

Most treasured part of WordPress is plugins, where you can easily install and integrate best one Seo plugin with your WordPress. WordPress SEO By Yoast and All in One Seo both known as excellent performance Seo plugin in WordPress. Millions of active installed plugin users, which are getting benefit with this plugin and satisfied with their service.

Video Embed Code:

WordPress is compatible with all video portals (YouTube, DailyMotion etc) and their video’s embed coding script. Now in WordPress, you can easily embed any video code at any place inside your content body. Now you can entertain your users via multimedia stuff.

Cache Support:

Money saving bank, where you can save your lot of hosting bandwidth and money. Through WordPress cache plugins, you will be capable to improve your website speed (80%) and can save maximum bandwidth through cache browsing. W3 Total Cache is one of the outstanding and free cache plugin. Better website loading speed is the achievement and factor of Seo.

Above highlighted points are leading reasons that, why WordPress is good for Seo. Moreover, WordPress keeps many other reasons, which will compel you and attract you to choose WordPress.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with out discussion and found this article useful. If you have another additional reasons, which can make this article better then let me know. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

WordPress Hosting in India – Everything You Need to Know About

WordPress Hosting in India:

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous boom in the online landscape and business owners from nearly all industry domains are lined on the path of creating an unmistakable internet presence. Some choose to hire services of professional website designers while some like to take the matter in their own hands and use website builders to create a website to support their business.

WordPress Hosting in India
There is little doubt to the fact that when it comes to choosing a website builder, WordPress stands as an undisputed champion in the field of professional website builders. It’s remarkable simplicity and unrivaled efficiency makes it the preferred choice of website developers around the world. However, website owners need to understand that creation of a WordPress website isn’t simply job done. You need to provide it a constant support via hosting platforms, so that its functionality never goes downhill and the website achieves peak performance levels.
Today, we will discuss everything you need to know about WordPress hosting in India. Take a look below.


What is WordPress Hosting?

The underlying notion behind hosting a WordPress website is to supplement its performance to great lengths and enabling it to sustain and stand tight amidst a heavy traffic inflow. If you find that your WordPress website is battling to tackle a heavy traffic volume, it is time you understand that your website needs a shot in the arm via a hosting support that will ensure its sustainability on the internet.
WordPress hosting aims towards augmenting the performance of your website and boosting its credibility in the market. It leverages the power of high performance servers and enhanced RAM and storage specifications to give your website the much needed performance enhancement.

What are the Benefits of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting brings hordes of benefits to your website. Here are some, you may want to have a look at.

 Enhanced Site Speed:

The speed of your site via a hosting platform takes the speed of your website through the ceiling and makes it powerful enough to run at optimum speed levels despite of a heavy traffic inflow.

 Supreme Security:

Security is another great advantage of using WordPress hosting. The hosting platforms ties latches of security all around your server network to make sure any kind of security breach or a malicious entry is debarred and averted effectively.

 Maximized Uptime:

WordPress hosting allows your website to enjoy maximum uptime that enables to take your credibility parameters to new heights. Through a hosting platform, your site will be functional to full measures for the most part of the day that is very much beneficial from a business standpoint.
It is clear from the above section that if your website is failing to render better performance and is struggling to keep up with the internet pace, WordPress hosting is certainly your last resort to ensure your website gains momentum and functions better than ever.

WordPress Hosting – Fast and Reliable WordPress Solution

Whether to opt for WordPress hosting or not is, no doubt, a topic that has sparked a raging debate in the online landscape. Majority of WordPress website owners come across a dilemma that whether they should opt for hosting service or not.

In the following section we have tried to clear the smoke on whether WordPress hosting is a feasible option for you or not. It enlists several benefits of hosting your WordPress website that will help you to make a decision. Let’s take a look.

WordPress Hosting – Fast and Reliable WordPress Solution

Few WordPress Hosting Benefits:

1. Faster Page Loading:

You need to understand that internet browsers (or your prospective clients) love to visit a website that loads quickly and image, audio or video elements of the website doesn’t take long to feature in front of the user. A website that is slow is likely to avert your customers that is highly undesirable. Hosting, however, speeds up your website and plummets down page loading times that attracts customers towards your portal.

2. Supreme Site Security:

Internet today is plagued with malicious content and viruses that could effectively put your website at the risk of a security breach. Losing sensitive website data could interpret into some serious repercussions. Therefore, to protect your website from a security attack, hosting is indeed crucial. Hosting your WordPress website will ensure your website data is protected and any kind of imminent security attack is averted in the most efficient manner.

3. Complete Backup:

You can’t deny the possibility of a natural disaster or a security breach of a substantial magnitude that could wreck your website and claim everything associated with your website. To prevent a situation where you need to start right from the scratch, it is important to avail hosting services that takes complete backup of your website and allows you to administer a post-disaster recovery program that gets back everything on the right track.

4. Consistent Customer Support:

One of the major advantages of acquiring hosting services for your WordPress website is you get access to exclusive customer service. By acquiring hosting service, you transfer the load of worrying about the performance of website, from your shoulder to the shoulders of the company in charge. Since, the company holds the responsibility of ensuring optimum performance parameters for your website; you can ask them questions anytime you feel your website functionality is low.

It is hoped that these 4 factors will certainly assist you to make the right decision on whether to go for WordPress hosting or not. If you have any queries or doubts in this respect, feel free to contribute to the comment section below. We would be happy to help you.

New Remarkable Features of WordPress 4.1

Features of WordPress 4.1:

WordPress 4.1 was publicly released on December 14, 2014 that was titled as ‘Dinah’ after the famous jazz singer Dinah Washington. They launched this finest one package with new remarkable features of WordPress 4.1 Since then WordPress 4.1 has been implementing greatly and users have been anticipating interesting stuffs from this latest version. They will be acknowledged with a message exhibiting, ‘WordPress 4.1 available. Do please update now! On their WordPress dashboard’ when they would click on that link, it will be automatically downloaded and easily updated. Before applying for this new update, the users should have complete backup and they should test the plugin compatibility and theme along with this new version. We’ve included here some of the new amazing features of WordPress 4.1 that will help you greatly.

New Remarkable Features of WordPress 4.1

1. Set up new Twenty Fifteen theme:

The new version has commenced a new evasion WP theme known as Twenty Fifteen that is planned to maintain a firm blog. This particular font includes 30 scripts and is expanded to execute covering numerous languages that will perfectly assist in getting your WordPress nearer towards its aim of powerful planning and implementation.

2. Language support updating:

With the new WP 4.0, you can easily select your own preferred language while installing this plugin. Language Support is considered as one of the strongest features on WP. This new version WP 4.1 has been transformed to 40 languages with other distinct languages approaching soon. You can go to the ‘Setting’ and ‘General’ tab to make changes to the language you want to keep, and then save the changes.

3. Focus on The New Distraction-Free-Writing:

The distraction-free-writing on the WordPress page is an added feature which are either liked or disliked by the users. Actually the WP team is processing the publishing experience. Focus helps in centralizing on the publishing experience, sans the interruption of other distinct dashboard elements. The Add New post page would include the content passage, add media, animated GIF, format, categories, tags, featured video, featured image, publish button, etc. thus helping the users with an ideal experience and easy to use WordPress.  

4. Recommended Plugins:

The new plugin installment 4.1 permits the user for browsing a grid of tiled plugins which accurately exhibits information regarding the download numbers, and ratings while last updated, and if this has undergone any testing with your recent WordPress version. WP 4.1 even offers a filter for “Recommended plugins” that displays in front of you many plugins based on distinct sites with same type of plugins, just like your installed one.

5. Logging out of all sessions:

Available under your profile setting, there is a feature given- Log out of all other sessions. When you click on it, you can easily log out. So if you’ve misplaced your phone, or left your account logged in by chance, this will make your log out from everywhere, excluding your existing browser.

6. Image alignment toolbar:

The new version WordPress 4.1 includes a new image alignment toolbar that you might like it and you might feel easy to use it too.  The symbols cover bold, strike through, italic, numbered list,  bulleted list, block quote, horizontal line, align left, align right, align center, remove link, insert/edit link, inset read more tag, toolbar toggle, and short-codes, along with add media, visual and text option. Even if you insert images in between your content, you can edit the image then and there by clicking on it.  New as well as experienced users can comfortably execute with this feature.

7. VineAdded to oEmbed:

Vine feature is reflected upon as a good feature on WordPress 4.1 where users can easily upload a small 6 second clip of video. WP 4.1 has inserted Vine videos to the extensive list of oEmbed support system.

8. Featured Image Flexibility:

The featured image does not provide you a big number of choices, but the style in which it is made ready provides much flexibility so that your website will appear appropriate with huge ranges of colorful images. You can try out with high featured image, a little strip or no featured image. You can create your website interesting and attractive relying on the image, or presented in a more stylish way.

9. Static Sidebar:

You will notice the sidebar scrolls gradually along with the content, but stays immobile while the content exhausts out in sidebar. It signifies that users won’t notice empty strip beside your content. The sidebars cut down unwanted long sides. Thus it will lead to better arranged streamlined website.

10. Superb improvements for developers:

Developers can continue making worthy changes. With the use of WordPress 4.1, developers can make improvements to Meta, Date, Taxonomy and Comment queries; add new template tags; make developments to the Customizer API; and give excellent hold for the document title tags.

Thus, we hope you would have enjoyed reading the above post via which you would be aware of this latest WordPress 4.1 and its exciting features. So update WordPress to this new version and keep publishing blogs or articles to your website!

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins:

Too many spams can really be annoying at WordPress. Comment spam is something that is a frustrating problem along with online presence. Spam can damage your authority with search engines and website visitors. So warding off spam can benefit your business to a great extent! Nowadays WordPress anti-spam plugins are abundant, but it can be quite a daunting job to find out the right plugin in order to guard your WordPress website from frequent spam comments. Here we’re going to discuss on top 10 anti-spam WordPress plugins, which may protect your WordPress website from attack of spams.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

Akismet is one of the trendiest anti-spam plugins for the WordPress along with more than 22 millions download. Firstly sign up for account, pick an Akismet plan, and acquire API key for activating your subscription.  After configuration of API key, Akismet begins to function. Akishmet actually appears pre-installed on every new WP installation, well-built and managed by WordPress owner. It has the capacity to block the comment spam automatically on the WP blog. Akismet is available free for personal use, but you require paying $5-$50 per month for commercial websites.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

2. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This anti-spam plugin applies two kinds of layers- Algorithmic layer and JavaScript/Cookies layer that are aimed to filter out every single spam. They are permitted to include a comment on your website, but if it goes with spam checklists, then that particular comment won’t even reach your inbox. The readers or the website owner cannot identify the spam presence as it directly prevents them from arriving at the WP database.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

3. WordPress Zero Spam

An alternative option to the above plugin is WordPress Zero Spam. Even you don’t like trying the previous plugin for any reason, you can use this plugin as its functions are quite similar too. No use of captcha is needed, and you don’t have to get worried about any spam approaching your site. The WP Zero Spam plugin also appears manageable with the entire well-coded WordPress theme.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

4. Anti-spam by Clean Talk

This plugin blocks the comment spam as well as signup spam in WordPress site. You can freely download the plugin, but you’ll need an approach key that can be obtained straightly from CleanTalk’s servers. Though paid, but services are as much reasonable as $8 for a particular website. It also has 30-day free trial available.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is easy and effectual for your WordPress blog. It gives an opportunity to include your comment section and inquire the users for verifying that they aren’t spammer. Thus this plugin is appropriate for connecting your visitors as it includes checkbox method.      

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

6. WangGuard

Being a free anti-spam plugin, WangGuard can obstruct spam registrations on your WP website. WangGuard has the capacity to keep your website away from any spam users from doing registration into new accounts. It has a strong set of options for eradicating the mass spam registrations on your site.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

7. Antispam bee

Antispam bee plugin is considered as a helpful and consistent one which stops your blog from the spam comments as well as trackbacks. You can not only fight off spam comments but also maintain your website secure from the spam comments. The plugin will also send email notifications about the spam comments to the users and automatically keeps your spam folder dirt free.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins


WP-reCAPTCHA, which is WordPress version of reCAPTCHA, provides you the power exercised against the spammers by likes of Facebook and Google. This plugin disfigures wordings to craft new images which eradicate all the spammers.

9. SPAM Free WordPress

This is yet another anti-spam plugin which guarantees to maintain your website free from unwanted spam. It can stop the automated spam. It lets the users to select whether they would want to eliminate spam in an automatic way that can save time too. Its features involve low database loafing in important server traffic, zero-reliance on CAPTACHA, and IP address blacklisting.

10. Spam Stopper

With the help of Spam Stopper plugin, the spam can be brought to a halt. It utilizes CAPTCHA verification process for testing and authenticating all the comments left by your users. If any spam comment is identified, it will track and stop it at that moment. This plugin is simple to set up and after that it runs smoothly. It aims spambots which attacks blogs with many junks.

Therefore, with the above efficient anti-spam WordPress plugins, you can stay away from the unnecessary spam comments hitting your website often! These worthy plugins will also assist you in perking up your ranking position on Google and offer an excellent user experience with your WP site.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Do you know? WordPress have numerous spectacular contact forms plugins, which can establish interaction among your user and you. WordPress provides finest contact form plugins, which are really useful from user and administrator perspective. Contact page is really crucial component of website or blog, every website have a finest contact page, where contact details are available along a pretty simple contact form. With the help of this contact form user can send his queries, feedback, opinions and can directly contact with website administrator. Now I’m going to show you the best WordPress contact forms plugins, which connect your visitors/users directly with you.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins:

As we said, WordPress contact form plugins now become the part of a website, which we cannot overlook. Now let’s see the best WordPress contact forms plugins, which are following as.

Contact Form 7:

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins contact form 7

Contact form 7 is a most simple and flexible WordPress Contact form plugin. Multiple contact forms generator and can insert only with a single click. You can customize contact forms directly in-depth. Inserting procedure is pretty simple, just create a page or  post then simply click on above given Contact form 7 button and simply choose the created contact forms then insert it. Contact form 7 provides you separate interface , where you can easily create or edit every single element of these contact forms.

Form Maker:

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Form Maker

Form maker is a fresh and innovative WordPress contact form plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can generate numerous kind of contact form without doing any hard struggle. Form maker is deeply customizing WordPress plugins, which provides you lot of contact form elements such as first name, last name, Emails, Captcha codes for human verification, drop down menus for specific selections and Google maps for location identifier etc. These features and advanced options has been integrated for user convenience.

Contact Form Clean and Simple:

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins cscf

Simple and ajax contact form with fully responsive design. A pretty simple contact form along twitter bootstrap markup and Akismet spam filtering supported. Akismet spam filtering option scan your every delivered messages via contact forms then let you know about its status. This plugin also supported Google reCaptcha human verification codes, which reduce spamming ratio.

Contact Form:

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Contact Form

Contact form is another simple and pretty look WordPress plugin. Which has numerous integrated features such as contact forms generator separate interface, Name/emails/message box elements. Contact form plugin also supported reCaptcha codes for human verification, which helps you to stop spamming activities/messages.

Hopefully above given best WordPress contact form plugins will accomplish your requirement.

Let us know, if you find these contact forms useful for your journey. If you like it then don’t forget to share with your friends. For more discussion and your lovely opinions, you can join us via comment.

10+ Best WordPress Magazine themes 2015

WordPress Magazine themes:

WordPress Magazine themes is a spectacular opportunity to make website attractive. WordPress is a best platform from blogging perspective. For this purpose, we need well featured templates for blogging. WordPress Magazine themes is the finest templates to cast your news, tutorials and further sharing. Here we will reveal, best WordPress magazine themes to begin blogging journey.

Good News

Good News WordPress Magazine themes

Good News is a multi niche WordPress magazine theme. Stunning and most flexible Magazine theme equipped with numerous features. Powerful drag and drop layout system to build website with ease. High retina ready and compatible with every mini devices. Fully responsive theme and can adopt any mini device design.

Revolution sliders solution to display products prominent. Dynamically created sidebars and can assign them to any page. Woo Commerce integrated facility and advance admin panel with ultimate features. Mega menu with multiple push up menus. Fully integrated MailChimp subscription form with advance settings and much more.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Newspaper WordPress Magazine themes

Newspaper is a multipurpose excellent WordPress theme. Newspaper magazine theme publishing article and reviewing style are really effective. Gorgeous article page with ultimate tools. Fully responsive design and fully compatible with mini deceives. Custom built drag and drop gallery system. Five creative and unique post templates.

Multiple layouts over 60+ combinations styles. Powerful visual composer to create beautiful magazine sites quickly. 20 custom visual composer blocks, which can give different looks to your site. Intelligent advertisement system before, inside and after article ADS facility. Woo commerce and bbPress integrated in it to start various platforms. Responsive revolution slider with out standing theme support.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Newsmag WordPress Magazine themes

Newsmag is a modern WordPress magazine theme. Clean and fully responsive design with great article support. Excellent news publishing theme and perfect combination for blog. Complete SEO features ready theme. Cool sticky floating sidebar with scrolling up and down. Custom drag and drop gallery to make portfolios with ease.

Better sticky menu for better experience on mini devices. One click demo data install option from admin side. 9 unique post templates styles to make article beautiful. Intelligent advertisement system to generate better revenue. Smart social counter, which grab user attention. Multiple layouts combination to create different and many types of pages. 27 custom visual composer blocks and 22 custom widgets to give many styles to blog. Speed boaster V3 plugin facility already available in this theme. Unlimited short-codes integrated in it to make article smart. Custom site background with multiple styles. Advance theme panel with incredible support.

Price: 48$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Voice WordPress Magazine themes

Voice is a clean and professional WordPress magazine theme. Fully responsive web design and can used for simple blogs. Highly customizable theme and can work as a multi-purpose theme. Voice was developed with SEO in mind include fast page loading features. You can setup voice entire theme with in 5 minutes, due to advance theme panel.

Branding with unlimited fonts and colors as well as can upload custom logs and icons. Sticky headers and mega menu features include in it. Voice providing 7 main layouts for published articles over 150 post listing combinations. Unlimited sidebars with unlimited sticky sidebars. Paginated post system, which can increase your page views with ease. Smart category system with various styles and many more features.

Price: 48$

Download/Purchase          Demo


News WordPress Magazine themes

News is a simple blog theme equipped with beautiful features. News WordPress magazine theme consist on 4 content modules, blocks slides and floating sidebars. 2 style category article list with unlimited colors collections.

Integrated translation support, social plugins and ultimate short-codes. Attractive reviews system for each article. Intelligent responsive advertisement is possible with this theme. Normal and fixed sidebars facility, which can grow CTR easily.

Price: 43$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Sahifa WordPress Magazine theme

Sahifa is a responsive new magazine blog theme. Sahifa is available now with 200+ new features and improvements. Fully responsive theme according to the reader’s device. Retina ready with high density pixel.

Translation support in multi languages, fully compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress. Ti page builder with drag and drop homepage, fully customizable homepage with numerous widgets. One click demo data imported option available from admin side. Beautiful social counter can increase social media fans easily. Multiples sliders solution to show articles in prominent way. Sahifa further have unlimited sidebars, 35 custom widgets, 650 Google web fonts, RTL language supported and 40+ short codes.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Simplemag WordPress Magazine themes

Simplemag is a magazine theme for creative stuff. Fully responsive design exact according to the visitor devices. Drag and drop page builder with ease. Unlimited creative homepage variations. Mega menu system with smart header and footer designs. Fully SEO optimized magazine theme with multi language support.

Price: 53$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Smartmag WordPress Magazine themes

Smartmag is a neat and clean WordPress theme with responsive design. Fully responsive web design and compatible with iPhone, iPad and further mini devices.  Fully SEO optimized magazine theme include, rich snippets, meta tags and further more.

HD quality Retina ready magazine theme, every single element of themes have clear view on mini devices. Smart mega menu navigation system along 18$ value revolution slider for free. Integrated complete review system with percentage, stars and points ratings. Smartmag theme is compatible with bbPress forums, RTL language, woo commerce and long time support.

Price: 53$

Download/Purchase          Demo

Urban Mag

Urban Mag WordPress Magazine themes

Urban Mag is the most powerful and efficient WordPress magazine theme. A perfect news magazine theme with responsive design. Google layers page drag drop builder makes easy to design pages with multiple styles. Advance admin panel along 7 blog layout system. Sticky sidebars and headers makes easy for user to find out promotions easily. Urban Mag theme is compatible with woo commerce AND WPML.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Sprout WordPress Magazine theme

Sprout is a popular, modern and clean WordPress magazine theme. Sprout theme is built for blogging and news purpose. High density retina ready template. Multiples layout sidebars along magnificent sticky sidebars. Awesome mega menu styles with sticky menu.

Advance post filtering facility. Sprout theme compatible with Woo commerce, bbPress and BuddyPress. Powerful theme support anytime.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo


Presso WordPress Magazine themes

Presso is a clean and modern design magazine theme. Presso is fully responsive WordPress theme with ultimate design. Powerful drag and drop page composer to build creative pages. Awesome drag and drop mega menu and category can be use in mega menu. Custom WordPress native gallery layouts to create photography gallery or portfolio. Integrated review system for each post.

Presso have many further features include unlimited Google fonts, translation ready template and woo commerce compatible. One click demo data import options from admin side and much more.

Price: 58$

Download/Purchase          Demo

Hopefully this energetic WordPress magazine themes collection will compelled you to adopt these designs. Decorate your site according to user perspective and think as a reader during website designing. If you have better one collection then let us know, we love to listen your efforts. For more help and discussion, submit your query below. 😉

Best WordPress Themes For Blogging

Best WordPress Themes:

Here in this post, We will disclose to best WordPress themes and talking about its features. Same as, We discussed in our earlier post, free WordPress themes and its advance features. WordPress themes now made easy to create blog with attractive templates. But bloggers face slightly difficulties to find these best WordPress themes collections.

As you know better, blog theme is considered as a blog particular aspect. And we can’t ignore that aspect, due to his importance, we accumulates the attractive and advance featured best WordPress themes collection. We are trying to reveal optimum features theme.


Avada WordPress responsive theme

Avada WordPress responsive theme contains numerous features. Avada is a top selling theme and equipped with numbers of unique qualities. Responsive layout, Mobile friendly, four kinds of responsive sliders, unlimited color, fonts, layouts, multiple sidebars, customs widgets, and many more.

Live Demo          Download


Enfold Best WordPress themes

Enfold is a responsive theme, theme resolution can be automatically adjust according to the reader device. Enfold theme have contains multiples features like, 2 minute setup, drag and drop editor, retina ready theme, powerful admin area equipped with many options inside panel. Woo Commerce supported, that means, selling product is not now tricky. Seo optimized advance features. and so much more.

Live Demo          Download


The7 Best WordPress theme

The7 is a responsive WordPress multi-purpose theme. The7 theme is fully responsive and retina ready site structure. Adaptive navigation menu on smaller reader devices. In this, there is no boundaries of customization. The7  can adopt any design, layout even every each element can be customizable. Visuals layouts builder, ultimate add ons, hundreds of shortcodes, multiples browser compatibility, woo commerce supported theme and many more features.

Live Demo          Download


Voice Best WordPress theme

Voice is a responsive news magazine or blog theme with ultimate features. Voice WordPress theme is a modern design and multi-purpose theme. Every single element on this theme is customizable with accuracy. Theme will take 5 minute for setup. Demo data can be imported like content, post, settings and pages etc. Unlimited branding colors, Google fonts and can be change through typography option panel. Multiples sliders, header layouts, footer layout designs, 150 + post ultimate designs with custom widgets and many more.

Live Demo          Download


Adams Best WordPress theme

Adam is an multi-featured WordPress responsive news magazine theme. Integrated rich snippets or review system. Easy home page builder with drag and drop system. Unlimited color and Google fonts to branding site with ease. Multiple languages and RTL (Right to Left Layout) supported. Powerful theme support for precious customers.

Live Demo          Download

The Reader

The Reader Best WordPress theme

The reader is a minimal WordPress blog template. The reader theme is designed for blogging purpose and sharing inspiring thoughts. The reader is a simple theme with soft branding colors. Clean and fully responsive design with unlimited colors, Google fonts and custom sidebar widgets.

Live Demo          Download


Newspaper Best WordPress theme

Newspaper is a fully responsive for article writer and blogger. Newspaper is a magnificent opportunity for blog writer’s to choose this catchy theme. Newspaper theme gorgeous article, post layout design. Ultimate sliders, which gives attractive look to the article. 60 + layout combinations for post and article page. 18 custom widgets for different purposes. Brilliant advertisement system on top positions of site and much more.

Live Demo          Download

Hope this collection of best WordPress theme will attract your mind. If you are interested in framework detailed theme then recommend you to get Swift WordPress Theme. For further discussion or opinions, leave your comment. 😉

Sahifa WordPress Responsive Theme

Sahifa Theme:

Sahifa WordPress responsive theme is the foremost priority of almost bloggers. The reason behind this achievement is hundreds of features in it. Sahifa is a premium WordPress theme instead of free WordPress themes. Sahifa is known as clean and responsive WordPress theme. Let’s start discussion on his prominent features.

Sahifa WordPress Responsive theme

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Theme Features

  1. First of all, theme resolution is adjustable on any device screen with ease.That’s means, theme have two mode fluid and fixed, you can turn on/off this responsive property from given theme option panel.
  2. Theme is already retina ready, Now users can easily enjoy this theme on iPhone, iPad and other devices. Pixel will not splash and ready for all devices. Mostly users comes through mobile and tablet devices, that why, this retina ready property can be the cause of more traffic.
  3. Sahifa also supported multiple languages, Now you can translate this theme into multi-languages, for this opportunity just we need to add translation files inside theme.
  4. Theme settings is the most critical moment and majority of beginners faces this problem on many occasions.To resolve this problem Sahifa offers that, Now you can import all demo content included pages, settings, demo posts and more.
  5. Sahifa has a customizable mega menu system, which is interesting and amazing part of this theme. Mega menu looks stunning and increase theme usability.
  6. Sahifa theme is now available with ultimate color, 700+ Google fonts and all are customizable from typography option.
  7. Sahifa have drag and drop homepage builder and every segment is editable with ease.
  8. Sahifa have its own built-in review or rating system, Review system represents with stars, percentage and in point.
  9. Sahifa WordPress responsive theme is RTL friendly, Right to left languages like Urdu,Arabic and Persian.
  10. Shortcodes is the beneficial aspect inside a theme, and Sahifa have its own integrated shortcodes option.
  11. Sahifa include sidebar manager, which can build unlimited sidebars on different pages. Sahifa have custom widgets for social icons, Facebook box, flicker, advertisements box, social counter, random post tabs and Login area.
  12. Now you can build your own shop through Sahifa, Because it has Woo Commerce plugin and via this plugin you can sell your products with easily without any trouble.

Summing up, Sahifa is the marvelous opportunity for blogger to makes it blogs adorn. Sahifa have maximum positive rating 4.48/5. Users are satisfied with this theme reliability and accuracy. Hope you will enjoy your journey with this theme. For further info, leave your comment. 😉