4 Reasons WordPress Is The Best Tool For Your Website

Fifteen years ago, most people who build websites were using tools like Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver. However, the situation changed drastically when WordPress became the site builder of choice. Most business domains are created using that platform these days, and we wanted to find out more information. There must be something about WordPress that attracts so many people every year. We spoke to some of the industry’s leading experts to get the lowdown on the situation. They gave us four primary reasons WordPress is the best tool for your website and beats the competition hands down.

4 Reasons WordPress Is The Best Tool For Your Website

WordPress Offers a Simple and Visual Approach:

Unlike some of the other solutions on the market today, WordPress offers a more visual experience. That means designers don’t need a wealth of code knowledge to build their sites. They can handle most tasks using a drag and drop process that makes things much easier. There are even plugins that allow you to create pages, mess with margins, and just about anything else you might want to achieve.

WordPress Allows Multiple Users:

Another significant advantage of using WordPress is that you can create as many user accounts as you like. You can also alter the permissions to determine how each user can change the site. Experts at the digital agency, Candid Sky say that ability is crucial. Some clients might have websites they need updating. It’s much easier to create new user areas for professionals who are going to improve the site’s design. They can then gain access and perform their work without using your user area.

WordPress Offers Thousands of Free Themes:

Creating a website from scratch requires a certain level of imagination. You don’t need any of that when you use WordPress because there are thousands of free themes. Of course, you can purchase your theme and alter it in any way you like. However, most of them work pretty well without too many changes. So, you just need to add your logo and play around with formatting options.

WordPress Has Come Great SEO Plugins:

All business owners know that search engine optimization is important. Indeed, that is why they spend thousands on the process every year. WordPress offers some great free plugins that could remove all the hassle. They add boxes to the bottom of your posts that allow you to add keywords, tags, and search engine descriptions. You can also control how your posts will appear when shared on social media websites.

The next time you plan to launch a new website, make sure you try WordPress first. It’s certainly not for everyone, and experts will find advantages elsewhere. However, it’s perfect for people who just want to build a site without working too hard. Some basic coding knowledge would be helpful, but it’s not essential. There are also many brilliant guides online that explain how to do almost anything. So, you can solve any issue that might arise with nothing more than your laptop and a WiFi connection.

Don’t make the mistake of using budget website builders you see on the TV because they always produce amateur results. Either try your luck with WordPress or contact a professional if you want to succeed.

Three cheers for WordPress!

10 Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Do you know? What platform is good to kick-start your blogging journey. On internet there are lots of conversations and interactions only on the best platform for blogging. Blogging is now become an emerging occupation among students even elders doing this job very well. As an entrepreneur since 2012, I’m running multiple websites or blogs where we utilize a website building platform. WordPress is one of the finest and spectacular platform for everyone, who loves to build website and earn money with it.

10 Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress:

Most important question arises for beginners, which are on initial stage and want to taking an excellent decision. On internet lots of platform offers website building service for blogging or else purpose. Prominent platform names are following as , Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, Wix etc. Now the actual question arise here is, why we emphasizes on WordPress and what are the characteristics in WordPress than other platforms. So we will reveal some empirical properties of WordPress, which will persuade you to join WordPress especially for blogging.

Free of Cost Platform:

As everyone familiar with WordPress, WordPress is a free of cost platform. They will not charge any single penny for their platform usage so be chill.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

User Friendly Interface:

WordPress contains numbers of user-friendly tools to customize and modify website. It is quite simple to add or edit articles with in minutes.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Open Source Free Platform:

WordPress is an open source platform, developers can customize their coding files and make it according to their need. You can hire a developer, who will made a custom interface or can add additional features for your use.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging

Extended Website Features:

As we known that, WordPress have approximately 39,206+ plugins, which can extend website features and functions easily. WordPress plugins makes your website more reliable and advance than before.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason fourth

SEO Friendly Platform:

Seo is works as a backbone of any website because it is an online marketing term. WordPress have lots of Seo Plugins famous one is WordPress Seo by Yoast, this Seo plugin boost your website Seo instantly now no need to hire someone expert to do Seo. Read 20 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Website and you also can be the part of our Free Seo Training.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason seo

Attractive Website Themes Support:

In internet market, you will find tons of WordPress themes which are enough to give an attractive look to your website front-end. Just you need to do is, purchase these themes and install in your WordPress. Two simple steps can make your website more magnificent.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason themes

Multiple Post Style:

In WordPress, you can create multiple article/post style like context, audio, video, pics gallery, portfolio etc. Each and everything is deeply designed for user convenience and can be able to update in future.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason post style

Update Able Platform:

WordPress never makes you bore with old features because it is update-able with the passage of time. Recently they adds some sticky options inside post editing interface and in future they will do update again and again unless they required to do it.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason update

Air Tight Security:

WordPress always cares about his user whether they are premium or not. WordPress have lots of security plugin, which stop malicious logins and IPs addresses. I personally recommend you to buy best web hosting to prevent or avoid that kind of hacking issues. You can use jetpack plugin for security purpose, jetpack powered and developed by WordPress team and it has multiple all in one features.

Read Jetpack WordPress Plugin Incredible Features List

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason security

Instant Backup Facility:

Backup is crucial to maintain your website stability. WordPress has internal option backup option in the main menu ‘Tools -> Export‘ where you can export separate and whole backup of your WordPress post/pages/forums/category/users etc. So don’t be panic WordPress is a premier choice for your blogging or else website.

Reasons Why We Choose WordPress For Blogging reason backup

WordPress have many others features list but these above are prominent features. Hopefully, above features will definitely put enthusiasm in your body to build website with WordPress. If you have any question concern to ‘Why We Choose WordPress’ then let us know.