Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Did you know that which things you should do before buy web hosting? Probably not sure or do not know. If you are going to buy web hosting or deal like black Friday and cyber Monday or else then you should have to care because you are investing on some place where your data will be host in future. So that place should be trustworthy and secure from security perspective.

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting

Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting:

Web hosting is a necessary part of your business because that is the base of your business or website. Let’s suppose, if someone is facing issues with his web hosting servers in every second day and getting virus or hacking troubles, then unfortunately his/her life will become a headache. You can save yourself from these worries by following these precautions, Let’s have a look these things you should do before buy web hosting for your business.

Read Hosting Company Reviews:

According to my experience approximately (80%) reviews consist on facts, which is written by experienced users who are already availed this web hosting service. So that can be plus point for your, simply search on Google about that web hosting company reviews. Read what folks are saying about that particular web hosting service. You also can browse or search web hosting reviews on KnowledgeIDea search box.

Check Their Hosting Plans:

Every web hosting company offering their own package and plans for their consumers. A good web hosting service always facilitate their user with premium and unlimited plans. Web hosting package should be affordable and trustworthy as we said above. Recently we wrote an article on how to choose right web hosting company, this article will also help you to sustain your decision on right way.

Technical Support:

Web hosting technical support is the most essential factor because technical support always gives customer satisfaction. Around internet many local web hosting companies do not providing technical support due to their lack of this feature many paid member facing huge troubles with these kind of companies. So that will be good practice to check it out that your web hosting company providing premium technical support or not? That is crucial for your and your business better future.

Is it Secure Website?

Most of the freak web hosting companies have no security layer SSL (Security Socket Layer) a green bar which you can see on bank websites to protect their users privacy. This is necessary that web hosting should have SSL protection, majority of web hosting companies have SSL protection on user interface not on website homepage so that is Good and satisfied from my perspective. Because SSL is required on client/user interface side like hosting login area, hosting cPanel etc.

Perfect Price:

Here perfect price should be consist on few things, first is that hosting price should be affordable and valid according to this deal. Most of the hosting companies offering deals for their only new customers which is spectacular opportunity for all of the new members. A beginner can not bear much higher prices because that kind of price is out of budget of initial person.


Above mentioned points are experienced by me. The writing this article purpose is only to spread awareness in folks that which things they should consider before purchase web hosting. Our recommended web hosting companies are following as HostGator (Using by us) and secondly digital ocean vpn cloud crafted server.

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How To Choose Right Hosting Company?

Do you know? How to choose right hosting company or service. In other words, what particular qualities should be considered before purchase any hosting service. Because often beginners have no knowledge about best hosting companies and their selection techniques. Now I’m going to depict the actual way that, how you can choose right hosting service from each perspective.

How To Choose Right Hosting Company?

We will discus about, what features and qualities should be exist in the hosting. Web hosting working as a soul of website, which stores every single word of website in his database. If you have reliable and fast web hosting then you can serve better to your users than others.

How To Choose Right Hosting Company

What Qualities Should be Exist in Your Hosting Company?

  • Hosting Company should be trustworthy and authentic, you can check it on internet about your hosting providing company reviews.
  • Are they providing/offering FREE domain (.com) along hosting?
  • Are they providing 24×7 technical customer support ?
  • Are they offering unlimited hosting packages in affordable price. First time price would be $3.95 (introductory price) and second time regular price would be applied in your invoice, which would be $5 approximately?
  • Are they providing automatically backup options from your hosting cPanel because few hosting companies do not allow backup option in basic packages like iPage?
  • Are they providing speed cache service to boost your website speed?
  • Is there any limitation on Email accounts, SQL database, Bandwidth, Disk space? Because this limitation can eat up your mind in future so beware with these freak hosting companies.
  • Are they providing automatic software script installer for user convenience like WordPress, Blogger, Magento etc.
  • Are they providing 30-45 days Money Back Guarantee for consumer satisfaction?
  • Are they providing 99.9% up time hosting guarantee? Downtime can fall your website into ditch and can eat up your lot of revenue.
  • Are they offering Marketing credits? like Google AdWord $100, Facebook $50 etc to extend your business.
  • Are they offering security suite or package to scan malware? Security should be your first priority because local hosting don’t have any security that’s why often people’s website gonna be hacked.
  • Eventually, Are they giving discount in regular price, Regular price will be applied on second time invoice after a year and regular hosting price would be high as compared to previous. Often web hosting companies gives 30-50% discount on recurring invoice like SiteGround Hosting.

If you learned all of these above questions and your answer is ‘YES’. Means that, if you’re hosting company is providing all of these above facilities then you can join this hosting company without any hesitation. We recommended few hosting companies according to our years of experience, Which trusted companies names are HostGatorSiteGround and Bluehost.

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