How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools

If you are a beginner blogger and website holder then probably you will be not familiar with verify site ownership on Google. Google is a search engine, which offers every web blogger or holder to verify his site ownership on Google webmaster tools. It is looks like complicated but in fact it is not. It has innumerable advantages, major advantage to verify site ownership on Google is, You can directly access your search engine traffic analysis reports, crawl status, search queries, website security issues etc. Google also knows about the real ownership person. If you are constructing your website, so as a owner or administrator it is your first priority to verify your ownership on Google webmaster tools. I will show you, How to verify site ownership on Google webmaster tools.

How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools

Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools:

To verify your site ownership, you should be a administrator or owner, if you are not then you can not go ahead. This verification process consist on several steps, let’s see.

Step 1:

In the first step, login to your Google Webmaster tools account through Gmail.

How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools step 1

Step 2:

After login inside your webmaster account, simply insert your website URL in the blank box and click on ADD A SITE button.

How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, Now you need to Download the given HTML file and upload in your hosting root directory via Filezilla.

How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools step 3

Now simply download the HTML file and upload this file in your website root directory, after upload this html file, you can click on verify button. If it says congratulations so, you have done your job successfully. If you find Verification failed message then check all the mentioned steps carefully. See the below congratulation message after, we have done our job successfully.

How to Verify Site Ownership on Google Webmaster Tools Verification

Above image clearly showing the verified ownership of website in Google webmaster tools. Once you verified your ownership in webmaster tool then you can get access all analysis reports and further keywords queries. Hopefully, all steps are clearly showing its main objective.

Let us know, if you have done your ownership successfully. Conversely, if you are facing any trouble then you can join us via comment. 😉

Google Webmaster Tools and its features

Google Webmaster Tools and its Importance:

Website or blogs have many of these factors and some are crucial steps. That the thing come into scene, Mostly blogger target Google search engine traffic,that’s why. they do follow his rules and privacy polices.Google is a search engine and have a billions of web pages on it. Google don’t require your help to utilize his products like Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools and so on. Actually fact is that, We need us for our blog bright future. Google is only recommend you to join his community to promote your business. Same like as, Google introduced his most beneficial tool known as Google webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools is marvelous effective tool for blogger and website owners. Google webmaster tools authorize to view indexing status and optimize site according to Organic Seo.

Google Webmaster Tools

Bloggers can avail benefit from it. Just you need to sign up on Google webmaster tool and start your journey. Next procedure of webmaster tool is ADD Site and its verification process. Verification process will consist of few methods. For verification process read submit site to Google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster tools features:

Further things that, we need to know about Google webmaster optimization tools and its features. Webmaster account will facilitate with multiple optimizer tools. On webmaster account, Left hand sidebar have many of these options. Webmaster tool provide search queries out of search engines pages impression. Google search engine count your daily search results/impression in search engine then display in webmaster. Even tell them about clicks on these given impressions. Obviously that clicks out of these result/impressions are organic traffic. Webmaster tools also count and record searching keywords in the form of search queries. Webmaster has catch/count site links (Internal,External). Google count your dofollow and nofollow links and takes as external links for your website. Google also enumerate your site internally links and display the whole chart on webmaster tools.

The prominent and advantageous usage of Google webmaster is web page index status. For this purpose we need to submit xml sitemap to Google webmaster. After submission of sitemap, Google automatically update it and inform you about indexing status. Below image specifying the indexing status,

Google Webmaster Tools

Additional feature on webmaster panel is Crawl statistics and fetching as Google. Crawl stats inform your about that, When last time spider crawl your pages and how many pages like these kind of informative stats. Fetch as Google is used to check web pages status like URL working, redirect, blocked etc. For example, if you block few pages or category through Robots.txt file and sitemap. So you can check here to providing the URL in above given box and render the page. It will inform you about web page status. See the below image to understand it.

Google Webmaster Tools

You can easily manage the robots file through webmaster tool. See the below image to clear it.

Google Webmaster Tools

Finally last option is Other resources, Its contains multiple and finest tools. Read the below tools with descriptive information.

  • Structured Data testing tool . (Use for check rich snippets and Google plus authorization)
  • Google Places. (Google places is another service of Google inc known as Google Map)
  • Google Merchant Center. (Utilize only for e-commerce purpose )
  • Page Speed Insight. (This tool use for check web pages speeds and return the comprehensive information about your website and server)
  • Custom Search. (Most effective tool and use for own site search)

Hopefully, you found your point in this article. Try to optimize your blog via webmaster tool. You need to open and analyze webmaster queries on daily basis then you will be capable to understand Search engines algorithms. You can make it part of your job. Inform me or can do discussion for further questions in below comment box.  😉

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

How to submit sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool:

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

When we build a blog or website, We want to list our blogs in Search engines instantly. Newbies are not aware about this step that’s why sometime they don’t get maximum traffic on his blogs, Because your blog appearance not exist in search engines. Google introduce GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) to manipulate your website ranking. Google need a specific list (Sitemap), In Sitemap, Webmaster mentioned his blog or website  URLs, Which help to search engines spiders to find us and start crawl your website.

Google Webmaster Tool is completely free, Webmaster tool contains many of these finest factors, which is important from search engine perspective. As my own experience with webmaster tool, If you don’t attention on it then maybe one day, You will lose your website appearance in search  engines. So, Keep updated yourself. Comeback on topic, First we need to know, What is Sitemap and How we generate sitemap.

What is sitemap?

Sitemap consist on web address (URL) inside your blog or website pages.Sitemap is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) encoding format but readable for bots and human beings. Sitemap factors are following as numbers of URL, indexing frequency etc. Index frequency is a major part of  sitemap but sometimes, webmasters tend to avoid this option. I suggest you edit this option as your routine like: If you update your blog daily then set frequency daily otherwise weekly. Keep remember sitemap.xml file exist in your website root directory same as Robots.txt file. For static websites use online sitemap generator. For WordPress Users use Google sitemap generator. The effective part of this plugin is that, automatically update your sitemap when we publish new post on WordPress. Frequency editable options. Sometimes some bloggers might block google spider until a month, During this month anyone can copy your content and crawl first. which can lead to be a big disaster. Update your sitemap initially before submit to webmaster. Here is  KnowledgeIDea sitemap. Now let’s start submit sitemap to GWT.

Go to >> Google and type >> Google Webmaster tool, Next >> Sign in Google webmaster tool with your simple >> Gmail account.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

You can access Google further tools with your simple Gmail account. If you have still not Gmail account then create one. Next procedure after sign in your dashboard.Click on right hand side or left hand side under crawl option(sitemap) to reach sitemap section. Let’s see here.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

After reach sitemap page >> Click on >> ADD/TEST SITEMAP Button. Enter your sitemap root path. Before submit sitemap, you should need to test sitemap and find out the errors exist there or not. After clarification you may submit your sitemap. At this page you may see the statistic of your submitted sitemap.

How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Here is question arising that, How much time it takes to submitted URLs to appear in Google search. There is no particular time. Google catch your sitemap from GWT and start index your web pages. Google spiders indexing web pages in every seconds so, don’t be worry about your website index or not. Hopefully you understand these SEO factors. If you have further query about SEO So, Subscribe our newsletter and keep update yourself.