Learn How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work

When you use social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you develop connections with hundreds or even thousands of people. What this means is that you have the potential of being inundated with updates from everyone you are connected to. That would be a lot of updates everyday and that is where algorithms come into the picture. Algorithms determine what feeds you see each day. It is a way of controlling the volume of information you are bombarded with every day on social sites.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work

Algorithms make life tough for marketers because no two algorithms work exactly the same way and that means the results of your marketing efforts can be very different from platform to platform.  The following guide will help you understand how algorithms work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

User research on these top social sites clearly shows that people do not want to be bombarded with information overload every day.  This user research led to the development of algorithms and news feeds as away to improve the user experience on these social platforms.

All of the most popular social networking sites have moved towards an algorithm based feed system in order to create a better experience for users. Facebook was the first platform to migrate from a chronologically based feed to an algorithm based feed. Twitter adopted the algorithm methodology in 2015 and now Instagram is following suit.

Facebook Algorithm:

In a public Q & A session with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg back in 2014 he stated that “Our goal is to build the perfect personalized newspaper for everyone in the world.  We’re trying to personalize it and show you the stuff that’s going to be the most interesting to you.”Zuckerberg went on to explain that each person is exposed to more than 1500 different stories on a daily basis, but an average user only sees about a 100 of these stories on their news feed each day.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Facebook

Creating the best user experience on a site depends on learning and understanding used behaviors and picking up on signs and signals that show what type of content each user is interested in. In the case of Facebook the Like button lies at the center of Facebook’s user experience and its earliest algorithms.  When you click the Like button you are not only personalizing your own experience and giving a signal to Facebook’s engineers about what you like you are also influencing other users. The Like button provides strong hints about what types of content you are interested in and what bores you.

The algorithm Facebook uses today is considerably more complex and sophisticated than earlier algorithms. It incorporates hundreds of different variable factors. We will focus on the most important elements of Facebook’s algorithm.

  • Relevancy Score

The Facebook news feed algorithm predicts with a certain degree of confidence and accuracy what posts a user will Like, click, comment, share, hide or mark as spam.  The algorithm prediction is quantified into a single number that is referred to as the “relevancy score.”   The relevancy score is specific to the user and to the post itself.

Every post that could show up on your news feed is assigned a relevancy score.  The Facebook sorting algorithm ranks them and then puts them in the order they appear on your news feed.  When you log in the post you see at the top of your news feed is the post the algorithm predicts is the post most likely to engage you and make you react.  Even ads are given a relevancy score. This is important for marketers because only the ads Facebook deems matter most to a specific individual are shown.  Theoretically this results in a better experience for the user and a better result for the advertiser because advertiser’s pay per view and if the viewer is more highly qualified and likely to buy the advertiser is only paying for interested audiences rather than paying money to get broader coverage with lower interest and relevancy.

  • Friends

We live in an age where relationships are highly valued. Facebook surveys revealed that users worried that they might be missing important updates about friends they really care about. In response to this concern Facebook changed their algorithm to give more control to users in determining what they see.  Posts from friends were given higher relevancy ratings and Facebook also introduced a new functionality in April of 2015 called “See First” which allows the user to manually pick accounts he or she wants to see first at the beginning of their news feed.

  • Post Engagement Time

Another important piece of information Facebook monitors and uses as part of its algorithm is the amount of time a persons spends reading or engaging with a specific post because longer engagement times generally indicates that the content is relevant to the viewer.   If you are spending more time on a certain post that post is also more likely to appear on your friends’ news feed too.

  • Video Engagement

A lot of people who look at video posts on Facebook do not hare , like or comment on videos so Facebook came up with some other criteria to add to the algorithm such as turning up the volume and entering full screen mode as signals that a user likes that video. It will also prioritize similar videos to show up in your feed.

Although there are many more criteria that are a part of the Facebook algorithm these are some of the most important for users and marketers to understand.

The Twitter Timeline Algorithm:

Historically, Twitter’s approach to their timeline has always been a stream of tweets from all the other twitter users you follow in chronological order but surveys revealed that Twitter users were also worrying about missing the best tweets from people that are most important to them so twitter set out  to change that feeling by making some changes to their algorithm.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Twitter

These changes are not as dramatic or far-reaching as Facebook’s but it has changed the real-time element that has always defined Twitter.

  • How the Algorithm Works

Again, user engagement is a key feature of the algorithm which determines the best tweets you may not have seen. These tweets can be accessed using one of two methods. You can use the “while you were away function” which provides a recap of some of the best tweets you may have missed.  This recap feature shows up for users that only check the Twitter app occasionally. The concept is simply to help you catch up to what’s happening in the world.

The Twitter algorithm is designed to put the most recent tweets it believes are most interesting to the individual at the top in reverse chronological order.  These tweets are identified by the algorithm which looks at the accounts you engage with most as well as the tweets you engage with most along with other criteria such as who you follow and who follows you.

Real-time timelines are still a crucial focus for Twitter and although it is possible they may change over to a completely algorithmic timeline that is not currently the situation. They have however attempted to solve the problem of missing vital tweets from a user’s most valued people by providing enhanced functionalities based on algorithms to determine available content.

Instagram’s Algorithm:

Instagram is a late entry into the world of algorithm run news feeds. The Instagram “explore” tab has traditionally only shown the most popular posts of all Instagram users but when Facebook acquired Instagram they began to customize content for specific users in spring of 2014 in an effort to improve the user experience when using the explore tab.

How Social Network News Feed Algorithms Work Instagram

The new Instagram algorithm will prioritize content that appears on your feed according to the following criteria:

  • Likes and Comments

According to an Instagram spokesperson the number of likes and comments a post receives is given a heavier weight within the algorithm.

  • Your relationship to the person posting

When you like specific photos from certain accounts, or you leave comments on pictures from those specific accounts the instagram algorithm will most likely show you more posts from that specific user account.

  • Time of the Post

Instagram does maintain a focus on chronology so the time a picture is posted will have some weight in the algorithm and consequently on where in your timeline the post shows up. This ensures users are seeing timely posts.

  • Sharing with Other Users

Posts that you share directly with others users and that other users share directly with you are weighted more heavily and are more likely to appear in your feed.


 Why all the algorithms to determine what content you see?  For both individuals and marketers the main point of using algorithms to help determine what viewers see is to filter out irrelevant or poor quality content.  All of these social platforms want to make certain that only the highest-quality content gets through to users. Marketers need to remember that their primary job is to post well-written content that is interesting, entertaining, helpful and above all relevant to their audience so that your posts have a higher chance of being shown to users.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases

The practices of business marketing have been revolutionized since the rise of social media networking. Marketing experts immediately recognized the potential of these platforms, so they started establishing the online reputation of their brands. Not all of them do that successfully. With so many great examples, it’s a wonder how some companies manage to mess things up on social media. Let’s examine 5 Successful social media use cases, which show how smart marketing can boost the customers’ appreciation of the brand.

5 Successful Social Media Use Cases
Successful Social Media Use Cases

Successful Social Media Use Cases:

Let’s find out the finest one use cases, which will definitely boost your brand recognition and their appearance.

1. Oreo Daily Twist:

Creative marketing is nothing new for Oreo. The brand has been established as a cult in the food industry. During the blackout on 2013 Super Bowl, the brand team didn’t wait long before coming up with an awesome tweet that got 10,000 retweets in one hour. This free marketing was smarter than investing a huge budget for the actual Oreo Super Bowl ad.

That’s not even the greatest social media success of this brand. The 2012 Daily Twist campaign was accepted with praise both by the consumers and marketing experts. The company launched 100 Facebook posts in 100 days to celebrate the cookie’s 100th birthday. All these posts were fun and visually appealing.

This campaign brought over 230 million media impressions for the brand. The Facebook engagement was boosted by 195%, and the fan base was increased by over a million. When you add the fact that each post was shared thousands of times, there is only one conclusion to make: that’s a great example of smart social media marketing!

2. Starbucks Tweet a Coffee:

This was one of the most successful Twitter marketing campaigns of 2013. It was really simple, so it’s a wonder how no one thought of it before. The company enabled people to buy coffee for their friends via Twitter. In order to do that, Twitter users had to sync their Starbucks account with the social media profile, and link a credit card to the account. Then, all they had to do was purchase a $5 gift card for a friend. The first 100,000 buyers got a free gift card for themselves, so they could enjoy the coffee together with their friend.

The campaign, which was launched in October, attracted more than 27,000 fans to buy gift cards and generate $180,000 for the company. Maybe Starbucks had greater ambitions, but the promotion was undeniably successful, since it required a low investment on the company’s part.

3. AirAsia Friendsy:

You would think that low-cost airlines don’t need much marketing. They offer cheap prices on flights, so that’s all what the audience needs, right? Of course not! AirAsia’s 2012 social media campaign proves that every single brand should invest time and resources in creative social media promotion. When the Malaysian company introduced its flights to Australia, it entered a highly competitive market with audience that was not aware of the brand.

Do you know what they gave away with this campaign? A private plane! The Facebook App showed a virtual plane, which the fans could fill with 300 friends. The company flew the winner’s team from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur and enabled the group to spend 3 nights in a luxurious hotel. After the free vacation, the plane flew them home.

The campaign was a great success: there were 12,500 entries, reaching over 2.2 million people on Facebook. The number of daily flights from Sydney was doubled, and the Facebook fan base grew by 30%. AirAsia also got press coverage valued over 1.6 million dollars.

4. Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice:

How many Facebook friends would you sacrifice for a free Whopper? Burger King was onto something with this controversial social media campaign. When the company suggested people to delete 10 Facebook friends for a coupon for free burger, their application was installed almost 60,000 times in a matter of days, and over 200,000 friends were sacrificed. Facebook users went really far for a coupon; they even created groups that enabled people to add friends and then delete them for the sake of this campaign.

The Burger King’s encouraged an action that many Facebook users were already considering. Now they have an excuse for deleting friends they didn’t want in their list. Unfortunately, Facebook wasn’t happy about the sacrifices, Burger King had to bring the campaign down. Regardless of the way this ended, it was still a very successful marketing trick that proved how much Americans loved this burger.

5. Evernote’s Facebook Milestones:

Evernote, as awesome as it is, would be nothing without its impressive Facebook presence. The fans don’t find new posts every single day, but the ones they see are really useful. According to Evernote’s VP of marketing, Andrew Sinkov, the product was launched with small ambitions and the team didn’t know exactly how it would develop.

The Facebook campaign is not based on advertising or data mining. The promotion of the product is achieved by helping the users find the solutions they need. When a new feature is introduced, the social media campaign managers don’t just announce it via Facebook posts; they add a new milestone in the list. Each entry is linked to a post that provides more information about the particular feature.

The goal of this approach is to increase people’s awareness of the value this product has brought to their lives. This is a great way of using Facebook’s potential.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

Social Media:

Social media is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day. Now-a-days you will find a new social medium to interact with, which also means a new social medium your company has to sign up for as well. This is especially for company who are in e-commerce industry. They need to participate in all the good social mediums to increase their reach and to interact with the users.

How To Take Control Of Your Social Media

But what if you are a company who has more than three social mediums to handle? It is a tough day for you because you need to be active on all them, post content and pictures and engage more people. This is definitely not an easy task and there will come a point where most of your social mediums will go out of control. Out of control meaning you have no idea what goes on what medium, how to deal with the audience and control any kind of communication happening. Here are some tips on controlling your social media:

Cross-check Your Social Medium:

Many times we put our company on social media like a long shot and that’s the biggest mistake. You need to understand that will your company reap any benefit from the mediums you are on. Not all social mediums is good for your company and you need to be selective about it. A thorough research on what medium will suit your company profile is imperative.

Prepare A Road Map:

Yes, you need to have a different road map for all your social mediums. You need to understand that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Youtube… they all work differently. You can’t have one plan of action for all and then expect it to work. This might be time consuming, but it is crucial for you to understand how these mediums work and what type of content/creative will be useful.

Follow A Routine:

Once you have a road map in place you will better understand what you need to do on your individual social medium. Plan your days way ahead, make a calender and follow that calender every day without any gaps. Keep a tab on what’s working and not working then make changes accordingly. It is necessary that you follow a routine to understand your social mediums better and hence do better on them.

Regular Checks On Social Stats:

You can find many apps that will help you understand your social stats better. Apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck and HubSpot can be of real help. These apps will assist you in scheduling content and posts, implement campaigns, track audience engagement and determine stats. These apps will also let you handle the multiple profiles you might have on your social mediums. Social stats provides a bigger picture to all your efforts being put in your social mediums.

These few tips but very important ones will help you grow in your social mediums and at the same time will let your control them. Social mediums can be like naughty kids and run away somewhere you can’t catch them. However, it is upto you to catch these naughty kids and set them straight. As said earlier, control your social media before it goes wild.

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social media marketing is the process of obtain site traffic from social media sites. Nowadays, Social media marketing now becoming crucial. Every site on internet needs collaboration of social media marketing. SMM is the short form of Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing Role:

Social media marketing is also an biggest factor of Search engine optimization. After 2008 social media tendency increasing and according to estimate inclination cannot come, because users figures are growing day by day. Social media marketing is a best way to initiate or introduce any brand/company and organizations.

Reliability and Usability:

Social media marketing is a appropriate reliable way to generate target audience on websites. Facebook and twitter is considered as a top social media sites according to survey. Facebook or twitter advertising procedure is understandable for a common users. According to social media examiner, 97% marketers get involved in social media sites but 85% users are not aware about, what social media tool are best form usage perspective.

Social Media Marketing Usability and Reliability

Users of social media sites are growing in day and night continuously. According to survey, A common person uses his social account 3 to four hours in 24 hours. So, Users participation ratio in social media activities like sponsor ads, events, offers are trustworthy and legitimate.

Rich audience criteria:

Social media sites audience is fully optimized from Seo or search engines perspective. Google also count social media traffic in search ranking. Let’s suppose, You are running a campaign on Facebook and through this advertisement numbers of audience redirect to your blog and getting interest in your products, brand or else. So, this traffic redirection from a reputed site will build your rank sturdy in search engine, In other words, these audience is working as a strong backlinks. That is why, we called this Rich audience.

Social Media Marketing Role in Business:

Social media marketing playing leading role in business industry. Entrepreneurs are availing benefits with social media tools. A business can get innumerable clients and can put substantial impact on users about his brand. Rather then, can increase its clients ratio like hosting company. Social media profile is a factor of publicity among numerous users and we can’t overlook it. Try to make you social profile gorgeous and dazzle because attractive profile can acquire the user attention and this thing can compelled to users to get your service.Social Media Marketing Usage For Business

Let us know, about your experience via social media marketing. To intensify your business activities must read benefits of Social Media for business and Google Plus for business. For more interaction on social media marketing, leave your comment. 😉

3 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic:

In this era, Internet or technology spreading so rapidly in the world. With the passage of time technology growing every day. Every new single day come with new technology tools, apps, gadgets and much more. If we are talking about Websites or blog, which are spreading technology awareness  and these sites have thousands of daily users. Websites are playing important role in the world of technology. If you are a website owner then you know better “Genuine Traffic is the success of every blogger or website owner “. That’s why, they do work hard to make its website efficient, unique and Seo Friendly website. Here, we will talk about authentic ways to increase website speed with Organic Seo or genuine methods.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

Every newbies blogger or website owner want more traffic for more earning. This is human intrinsic properties or nature that, they want instant result within days because they wants to earn much revenue and think they will become multi-millionaire in a days. In fact that is not true in reality because every success behind lot of efforts and struggle. Now Let’s come back on topic and discuss about 3 Genuine ways for more traffic.

1. Unique Content:

As we said in our previous articles, Unique and fresh content always entertain the user and they never give up to come on your site. If your budget allows you then hire writers and publish unique articles in appropriate form. Keep remember Search engines also give preference or honor unique content websites. Beware about copy paste from other third-party websites because search engines don’t allows these cheap methods. They can consider this duplication as a spamming and maybe you can lose your ranking with that methods so please avoid this task.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Always try it yourself be professional and sincere with your profession. Write minimum 2-3 articles on daily basis but if you need quick result then increase your articles like 2-3 to 5-6 per day. Some things are important during writing articles. Article should be correct in grammatically. Article should be in appropriate form. Article should be in understandable language like english. Minimum recommended length of each article is 300 and maximum 1000 plus words.

2. Social Media:

Social media is a big factor of traffic. Mostly websites are using these tricks because social sites have high PR (Page Rank) so that is strong backlink to increase your website rank in search engines. Mostly new e-commerce or real estate websites owners take the support of campaigns via Facebook or Google for drive traffic on his websites. These advertising methods are legal and recommended for beginners websites (if your budget allow). Social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are really awesome for drive traffic to own website. We can add social buttons or badges on our website and share our daily posts on above social platforms to increase traffic users.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Your social media friends and community easily access your share posts on his news feed or timeline and redirect to your website or blog. You can make your fan page on Facebook or LinkedIn to introduce your brand or website and make your community on social platforms. These sharing enhance your website popularity and One day, you will see people’s are direct search your site from search engine (Google, Yahoo) and that is your success.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is little tricky task for beginners but without optimize your site, you are not able to generate more traffic from search engines. Approximately 70% traffic comes from Search Engines (Google,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex) and other 30% comes from refers websites. Though, If you sincere with your profession then don’t ignore SEO Because Seo is work as a soul of any website same like content. Create Dofollow backlinks on third-party website or social profiles.

5 Authentic Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Try to exchange websites link with your partner or friends websites. Internal linking is also essential part of Seo but with relevance articles. Meta-tags make your search engine snippet attractive. Join discussion boards and put your links in signatures. Put subscription box on your site and update your users. Provide free services because these free services maybe the cause traffic. If you are not capable to do highest quality Seo then must recommend you, Read  5 Things That Will Improve Organic SEO 😉

Tell me about your instant ways to generate more traffic. If you have article or idea or want to share your skill with us then we always respect our users perception and love his ideas. You can submit your work through Contact Page. We determine your article and publish with your name as an author. For further questions comment below. 🙂

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Social Media Sites and definition:

Social media is the virtual place/community. Where people’s are engage, share their perceptions, feelings and emotions. In simple words we can say that, Social media is the network of people/folks, which can communicate with each other through numerous websites. We can exchange number of photographs, information, music sharing and stay touch with friends. We know that, we are living in global village. Now a day, where everything progress rapidly. We see that in the past, Peoples communicate with each other with different ways like letters. This method took many time to share problems. Now, technology rapidly change this method of communication. In this era, Peoples uses cell phones apps, and mostly uses social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. to convey his message to one place to another place.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way
Social Media Sites

We can say, Social media also has two use like a coin and this coin has a positive side and second side is negative. The first and prominent question is that, What is Facebook ?

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Facebook is the most popular website of the social media through this website people’s can communicate with each other. They can talk , chat, video cam talking instantly through this website. They can talk through text and they can share their pleasure moments of his life in the form of pictures and videos etc. They can’t feel bore by using Facebook. Through this Facebook, we come to know about different cultures & languages. According to survey Up To 500 million people’s use Facebook daily and 250 people’s use Facebook through Facebook mobile apps.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Twitter is another famous social networking website. Which give us the answer of our questions. We can say that, We can send short message through twitter tweet. In twitter you can use 140 characters tweet in length. We can make friends same like Facebook and engage with friends like Facebook. We can introduce our Brand fan page on twitter to promote our business and much more.Almost 500 million people’s are using twitter in daily routine and communicate with their friends.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Pinterest is a social media platform where Peoples can share ideas recipes, articles, beauty, pictures, skill and other things etc. Pinterest is growing people’s networking site. We can learn articles and earn much knowledge from Pinterest. According to survey, 70 million people’s use Pinterest in daily routine. Pinterest also provide business promote plans. If you have a website then we can verify ownership on Pinterest through few methods.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way 1

As we know that, Google is a popular Search Engine and have many gadgets or tools. Same like Facebook Google has its own social media platform name as Google plus. Google plus criteria slightly different from Facebook. We can also share pictures on Google plus like Facebook. On Google plus, which persons we wants friendship then we add this person in our circle. We can make fan-page on Google plus same like Facebook. A fan-page help us to introduce any celebrity, public figure, Brand, and products. Peoples can talk through cam with the help of Google hangouts. 540 people’s use Google plus and 92% people’s have been visited through the smart phone.

Advantage or Disadvantage of Social Media:

We know that, the social media websites have many advantages but on the other hand side these websites have disadvantages. Sometime, we can bear the lose. This lose is that, We spend our precious time on these websites. We do not focus on the other activities like study and sleeping. Sometimes, we share our personal information with strangers which is harmful for us.

We concluded that, social media has advantages and disadvantages but this depend on us how we can take advantage from social media. We can use it for our benefits and we can damage ourselves.

Let us know, about your opinion and ideas. If you have articles and you want to publish with us then we welcome your work ;). We will help you to interact with our website then feel free visit Contact us. For further query subscribe our newsletter to keep update yourself.