Jess Mcdonal Backes Topic Focused Seo Content Generation Strategy Over Keyword


In a recent search engine show, an eminent SEO [Search Engine Optimization] planner at International Business Machine, the Jess McDonald has eloquently revealed his valued outlook about market oriented strategies for SEO content generation namely, topic focus strategy and keyword focus strategy. Specifically, this interview entailed:

  • delineation of topic focus and keyword focus strategy;
  • outline of topic strategy and
  • pros of focus strategy over keywords strategy.

Precisely, the subsequent part of this article will embark about foregoing points along with ancillary statements given by the Jess McDonald.

Jess McDonal

Delineation of Topic Focus and Keyword Focus Strategy:

Over last few years, as search engines have evolved and employed new methods such as, BERT [Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers] and E-A-T [Expertise, Authority, and Trust] which have provided organization’s with significant opportunity to leapfrog in generating content for SEO and several, organization’s lately have shifted from keyword focus to topic focus. In first, while generating a website/page that one wishes to rank, he/she has to look for some keywords that should be the focus of page and these words would be focal points of a page or website. Whereas, later strategy is not just based on keywords that a page or website should focus on instead it’s a more holistic type of approach in which SEO content generation require in-depth analysis of multiple pages along with their possible associations so, content of SEO should be patterned in a problem solving manner where content should cover the main focus and other auxiliary related elements of content which are probably attached to it.

Jess McDonal:

…“there are multiple things you need to cover. You need to cover more of that broad early funnel sort of content, that someone’s really just trying to figure out what problem they’re actually having”…

… “to create a page that you wanted to rank for, you did some keyword research on the keyword you wanted the page to really focus on, and basically that’s what you targeted on the page. Cut and dry, pretty simple.

Outline of Topic Strategy:

Successful topic focus strategy require one to spend adequate time on strategy generation by being fully mindful of essential and supplementary products or services of organization’s offering. Finding vital keywords for product/service and then put it in any relevant tool to get an idea about its relevance with offers and other products that it seems to be associated to. According, you can outline your topic that what are principal and peripheral elements that you have to incorporate in your content generation for a topic. By mapping your content, it becomes more precise and free from unnecessary components that might puzzle ultimate consumer.

Jess McDonal:

……“I take a look at everything that the site is offering, be it products, be it services, whatever. I start trying to break that down as a user and into a broad perspective”……

…“that’ll start sending you down these rabbit holes of, I need to cover this on a page, or this wouldn’t merit being a page in itself”.

Pros of Topic Focus strategy over Keywords Strategy:

No, SEO content generation strategy is futile until, it creates value for its users otherwise, it’s time for great pondering and you should have to revise/revamp your policy for SEO content generation. Topic focus strategy when compared with keywords focus strategy than pros, it seems to have are:

  • It has more probability to satisfy its users because of its holistic philosophy to topic.
  • Additional information will build up your goodwill in the minds of user/customer.
  • User will perceive your website as more socially responsible.
  • User can better understand the value you are generating for them.

Jess McDonal:

…“giving them more information, which will build up your authority in a certain area – people’s awareness of you and people’s trust in you”.

… “content out there to help them, even if it’s not necessarily super marketing-driven early on in the funnel, you’re not shoving your product down their throat, you’re just giving them more information”…

The Biggest SEO Trends For 2016 (Start Preparing Now!)

We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is an evolving beast. Google continues to update its algorithm every year, making it tighter and smarter. It keeps SEO experts and us bloggers on our toes, that’s for sure. Every good marketer knows that they need to adapt with the times. And that’s never been more true when it comes to SEO.

So, what’s in store for 2016? Where is Google’s algorithm headed next? As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about what’s around the corner. How can you prepare your business and website for SEO in 2016? Here’s what to expect.

The Biggest SEO Trends For 2016

The Inclusion of Social Media (finally):

For a long time, Google has remained staunch about its approach to social media. It has never included your social presence or social following in its algorithm. Google’s algorithm didn’t care if you had a million followers. That’s finally starting to change. They’ve already begun to experiment by embedding relevant tweets into the Google search page. You’ll start to see this happen more and more (especially with Twitter’s new ‘Moments’ feature).

Mobile SEO will Eliminate Desktop:

Almost. At the turn of 2015, mobile internet access surpassed desktop access. Over the course of the year, that figure has risen enormously. To the point where the US is expecting a 90% mobile saturation by 2017. Google knows this, and is very quickly adapting. Expect desktop SEO to fall down the rankings fast. Google is looking for highly tuned, mobile-optimized information. This will really kick in next year, so put your developers into high gear to prepare for this.

Local Search Continues its Dominance:

As ‘mobilegeddon’ continues, local search results will rise in priority. Google’s ‘Pigeon’ update began this process, but expect it to continue in 2016. With mobile access on the rise, people are more focused on local results. Directions to the nearest train station, the best local coffee shop, the highest-rated restaurants etc. If you run a local business, it’s time to focus your SEO strategy or you risk getting left behind. If you need a little advice, any affordable SEO agency can help put that groundwork in place.

Video content:

Here’s one thing that won’t change in 2016. Content is still king. (And it’s still lucrative!) Despite the huge volume of content and information online, Google is still looking to find the best. Content creation is paramount. However, Google are looking more and more towards multimedia. In the last twelve months, we’ve seen video content radically change our Facebook timelines. Twitter have also followed suit. Now, Google is beginning to index video better than ever.

User experience:

A couple of years ago, Google added ‘user experience’ to its algorithm. This meant that easy navigation and intuitive design was a key part of the ranking. Since then, Google’s metrics have become even smarter. Make speed, navigation, and safety a priority for your on-site SEO.

There you have it, folks. This is what SEO will look like in 2016. Make sure you’re prepared for the changes, and start planning now.

What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO

Meta robots tag is the most crucial and slightly complex topic in Seo. But with little bit concentration, you can understand their usage and can see implementation in search engines. Do you know? What it does and why we use it? Probably you don’t know. So let’s start to read about meta robots tag.

What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO
What is Meta Robots Tag in SEO

What is Meta Robots Tag:

Meta robots tag is used to control website pages in search engines. Through meta robots tag, you can index or not index your particular pages, it’s up to you that what you want to do. Meta robots tag write in website <head>…</head> section. Review the below meta robots tag code, which you will utilize behind your web pages.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex"/>

Above tag use for all search engines and NoIndex giving an instruction that do not crawl or index pages in all search engines. If we replace Noindex to Index then see, what will happen.

<meta name="robots" content="index"/>

Above tag allow all search engines to index this particular page. Trivial change can create huge difference.

Here many numerous directives, which you can use for  multiple purposes. Check it out below list of directives and their usage guide.

Directives  Usage Guide
Index Use to allow search engine crawler to index this pages.
Noindex Use to disallow search engine do not crawl this page.
DoFollow Use to instruct crawler to index all links on that page.
Nofollow Use to restrict crawler do not crawl any link on that page.
Noarchive A instruction for search engine that do not show cache link in search results.
NoSnippet With this directive, search engine do not show this page snippet in search results.
NoImageIndex This directive stop search engine crawler to index this page images.
NoTranslate This directive will stop to translate this page in search engine.
NoODP This directive stop DMOZ directory to use their own meta data like title and description for your website.
NOYDIR This directive stop Yahoo directory to use their own meta data like title and description for your website.

Above directives playing major and prominent role in search engine. If you want to use multiple directives in a single meta robot tag then review the below code.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

Above tag contains two directives but working in single tag. Similar above tag will work for every search engine but let’s think about that, if we need to give a particular command/instruction only for Google search engine crawler then see the below tag.

<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex"/>

Above meta robots tag work only for Google search bot not for else crawlers.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and got your answer. We suggest you to read What is nofollow and dofollow and what are What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags. For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

This guide is for beginners, who do not know the drawback of indexed categorizes and tags in search engine. In this article, we will discuss about, why you should no index categories and tag pages. Another one concept we will discuss is, what are the disadvantages and advantages of categories and tag pages.

Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages
Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

Probably you heard that, the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Seo allow us and recommenced us to add NO index attribute in categories and tag pages. What is the behind story of this action in Seo. Let’s start this discussion in-depth.

Why SEO Recommend No Index For Categories & Tags:

This action is not mandatory but recommended from Seo experts. Let’s talk about on behind story of this action,

Let’s suppose that, if you have two pages on a website, where same content exist or point to where same content exist similar like previous page. It is complex to understand but not impossible. Both pages contains exactly a-z same content, so what will happen according to Google algorithm. As we know, Google do not like content duplication otherwise your website will be permanently banned in search engine.

This algorithm is applying here, because if you allow search engine to index categories and tag pages then replication will be occur, which can be harmful for your website health. Because you already have content on post/articles pages, if you allow categories and tags to index then search engine crawler index article from more sides, one from post pages, second from categories pages and third from tag pages. Thus, replication will be happening, which can spoil website ranking in search engine. That is why you should no index categories and tag pages, because post pages are sufficient for search engines to drive traffic on your website.

How to Add No INDEX Behind Any Page:

If you want to add No Index attribute on particular pages then follow the below meta robots tag line.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

Add the above line behind every categories and tag pages, which pages you do not want to index by Google crawler. If you are a WordPress user then install Easy No index and No Follow plugin, other wise if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast so they also providing this option by default.


It will increase chance to boost search engine rank because your website is providing 100% original and replication free content. Reduce misunderstanding for user to go on categories pages instead of post pages. Thus, you can reduce redundant search snippets.


Google will not crawl your categories and tag pages. Probably traffic can be reduced instantly due to No INDEX attribute behind every category and tag pages.


It is good Seo practice to allow No INDEX on website only for categories and tag pages. Because this action will purge your website from replication and make it trustworthy. Personally from my experience, I would suggest you to add No Index on following pages, Categories, Tags and author archives pages.

Let us know, about your views and perceptions after read this article. If you have more interesting and experienced ideas then let us know, we love to share in our community.  For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

Do you know? Why everyone is so enthusiastic and eager for Off-Page Seo. The answer is due to his efficient response and long-term relationship. In my earlier article, we listed On-Page Seo factors list and now we will continue from Off-Page Seo ranking factors list with brief guide for reader’s convenience.

OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description
OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors

Off-Page Seo Ranking Factors List:

Off-Page Seo is considered as backbone of Search Engine Optimization. External Seo is another name of off-page Seo. In this part of Seo, we make a strong presence of our domain/website in search engine. Off-Page Seo has numerous factors, in which backlinks is one of the prominent and major factor. Let’s talk about off-page Seo factors list with brief guidance.

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission (Social bookmarking is a best source to redirect their users on your website, just submit your website references/source URL and tags) *Top Social bookmarking sites for Seo
  2. Forums Submission (Discussion Boards, Where you can introduce your website, services and can engage with another business persons) *70+ High PR Forum Sites List For Seo
  3. Guest Posting (Write articles for another web communities because it is a best way to increase two communities relationships and also finest way to grab another community readers attention) *What is Guest Blogging in Seo
  4. Social Media Link Strategy (FB, Twitter, G+, Pin, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc)
  5. Directories Submission (Submit website to popular directories and in relevant categories like Yahoo and Dmoz)
  6. Article Submission (Submit your recent published articles to search engines and bookmarks)
  7. Write a Press Release (A media news release or new announcement about company and person like Google News)
  8. Blog Commenting (Medium and popular way to redirect and generate lots of users until the link will be available on their places) *Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?
  9. Classified Ads Platform (If you are selling any service i.e hosting, product etc then classified is a modern way to view your product in search engine prominent searches. Examples: amazon, eBay and Olx)
  10. Video Marketing (YouTube is one the finest way to get direct backlinks from YouTube channels and videos, join another portals like vimeo, dailymotion and vevo)
  11. Yellow Page (A platform, where you can find any business location via map and view their services. Sign up and submit your services and map location to target worldwide clients)
  12. Sitemap Submission (Submit website xml sitemap to Google/Bing/Yandex Webmaster. It is crucial to give alert notification for crawler that means our site is now ready for index) *How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool
  13. Understand Google Webmaster Tools (Remove bugs and 404 not found pages because not available pages can effect on your search engine ranking) *Google Webmaster Tools and its features
  14. Understand Google Analytics (Track your organic searches and keywords through Analytics and working on them in future)
  15. Understand Google Trends (Google trends provides you information about keywords trends, fluctuations and geographical location searches)

Above mentioned off-page Seo ranking factors are major and playing vital role in search engine marketing. Newsletter, competitive keywords analysis are also part of above factors.

Le us know, if you find this article useful and remarkable. If you are interested to above off-page seo factors and their implementation then join our Seo Training Program free for beginners. For more discussion and your respective opinions, leave your comment.

Reasons why we never Give up Website Seo

As a entrepreneur Seo is my first priority because it gives me unique and recurring users, which is enough to boost my online sales. SEO is a finest way to build strong presence in search engines. Without Seo website never can grow up. Mostly folks specially beginners don’t have much knowledge about SEO optimization and their factors or tactics.

Join Seo training basic to advance level today!

Reasons Why We never Give UP Website SEO:

There are hundreds of reasons that we never give up Seo still. We love to do Seo daily even it’s become my daily routine. Everyone has a question on his tongue that why we never give up website Seo. Answer is because if anyone does Seo on his website first time then seo results will compel you because Seo will double your sales or revenue even Seo will put enthusiasm in your online business. Today i’ll try to reveal some interesting and authentic reasons why we never give up website Seo.

Reasons why we never Give up Website Seo

Long Term Connection:

SEO is a marketing term and used to build search engine organic results in the form of traffic. If your website got his Page Rank or Alexa Rank in search engines then it will work for long-term instead of short-term, so this long-term time period that you can avail from it. Long-term organic results can generate lots of revenue and with the passage of time revenue will be increased day by day.

Strong Search Engine Appearance:

SEO optimized website can be seen in search engines prominently. Everyday Seo optimized websites made million of impressions in search engines. Millions of impression convert into thousands of organic clicks, where folks redirected to a specific website page. Thus, this big Seo game works and generate a incredible revenue on daily basis.

SEO with Consistency:

A huge impact on Seo, when someone leaves to do Seo after published an article. Seo is not limited to a website homepage, it has no threshold that’s means even website 404 page needs Seo. If you do not refresh or update your previous written articles then you are doing lay down your website traffic.

Quick Keywords Response:

Let’s suppose, if someone is searching a keywords ‘WordPress themes’ in return Google search engine show some website snippet results. These shown snippets is the best Seo optimized for ‘WordPress themes’ keyword that’s why search engine give priority this web page on this particular keyword and show on the Google first page. You can target any of the keywords through Seo and can get quick response from search engines. Everyday Google search engine measure each website Seo and their activities so search engine ranking fluctuations can be occur anytime.

SEO Never Ditch You:

I’m doing SEO since 2012 and still getting benefits with it. Seo is a long term planning for your future. It demands consistency and struggle, which most of the folks never do, that’s why they claim that they are not getting benefit with it. You can hire a agency or a freelancer for Seo purpose but according to our perspective, you can do Seo by itself just you need to take Seo training because a person can do Seo without spend any single penny.

These are the prominent and essential reason that’s why we never want to rid off with Seo. Keep remember that, Seo is not like a hardcore stone so don’t worried about that just try it yourself because without struggle no target can not be achieved. If you have further queries and opinions related to this topic then join us via comment.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

SEO is a highly powerful marketing tactics, which works very effectively for long-term. Some people’s says that, Seo is dead and some Seo is no longer supported in search engine. These question creates confusion for others, who are interested to grow his business. Today I will clarify this doubt step by step and reveal the reasons why you should invest in Seo.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO

Why You Should Invest in SEO?

SEO Still Effective:

Seo still effective to grow your online business. Let’s suppose, if you are running a blog without follow any Seo strategy then you can face some trouble conditions. Seo is an appropriate marketing solution for your business.

Grab Search Engine Traffic:

Most interesting part of Seo is organic traffic, which you can get from different search engines. Seo grab huge part of visitors directly from search engine results. You do not pay single penny for this, it is up to Seo strength. That’s why Seo still worthwhile in the online market.

Get Better Strength in Search Engine:

By using Seo strategies, your website will be able to make his better strength in search engine. Backlinks is playing vital role to promote your website on other high quality websites, where you are getting incoming traffic. Meta tags (Title, Description, Keyword Placement) are also effective to make your website presence strong in search engines. Seo is adequate to construct better reputed search engine rank for an online business evolution.

Long Term Relationship:

It is true that Seo express his strength with delay but it is cost-effective, reliable and long-term relationship. Seo experts never gives guarantee of any particular search engine rank because fluctuations is happening so rapidly in search engines therefore there is no guarantee for any particular keyword.

More Revenue More Opportunities:

White hat Seo never gives you quick response because it is a long-term relationship therefore it takes time to show his effectiveness. When it show his potential response then its results will be incredible, then you will get maximum traffic/visitors response from search engine, which gives your maximum opportunities to engage with those visitors and get more revenue as per your capacity.

Reliable and Reduction of Redundancy:

SEO makes your website more reliable and reduce error and impairments than before. SEO purge your website from mistakes and optimize each of the factors. Seo optimized websites have negligible chances of content errors like replication, grammatically errors etc. Replication is strictly prohibited in Seo and expert can detect this error with ease.

101% Return and Secure Investment:

Majority of investors will definitely think about that how much they will get after investment. If you apply this formula on Seo, then listen to me very carefully “Seo never ditch you and will return you positive result” which will be beyond to your visualization so don’t be panic about that you are investing on right place or not.

Note: Do not hire clumsy and inexperienced Guys, because they will only spoil your precious time and money.

Let us know, If you are persuade and ready to invest on Seo to boost your online business. If you want to consultancy concern to Seo then let me know via contact page. We love to assist you in every step, for more discussion on this topic, write your opinion and feedback in below comment.

What is Guest Blogging in Seo

What is Guest Blogging in Seo:

Do you know, what is guest blogging in search engine optimization (Seo). Actually Guest blogging is a legitimate way, in which you promote your brands, products and services in other community. According to Seo terminology, Guest blogging is the finest way to get ‘Dofollow’ backlinks and guest blogging also a source of traffic. SEO experts recommend that, Guest blogging is crucial and now became a factor of Off page Seo because it spreads your brands or website relationships around the internet market. In simple words, Your website/blog presence on other community can become the cause of high search rank in search engines like Google.

What is Guest Blogging in Seo Optimization

Why We Does Guest Blogging?

We does guest blogging due to make high rank of our website in search engine. We does guest blogging because it return a lot of traffic, which generate lots of useful visitors and revenue. The primary purpose behind guest blogging is that, much presence of your website on other websites increase the chances of better search engine rank and also high Google PageRank.

Where We Can Place Our Website link in Guest Blogging?

Most interesting and tragic aspect, which cause will be the guest post declined. Majority of guest bloggers doing guest blogging only for the sake of putting website links inside this post. Sometimes they add those external links in initial paragraph, which makes no sense and express that you are just interested with your external links not sincere with community. For this purpose, we designed a custom website article layout image to direct our readers that where they can place their external link in guest blogging.

What is Guest Blogging in Seo

What Things Should We Consider During Submitting Guest Post?

Before submitting guest post, few thing are need to be considered. First read their rules and regulations that what they are depicting about guest posting. Secondly, content should be purge from grammatical mistakes and must be relevant and precise to the actual topic. Guest post length at least contains 400+ words. Do not insert any external link before the fold, you can review the above image for external link placement. Eventually, relevant images are playing vital role in guest posting for user better understanding.

What are the Advantages of Guest Blogging:

As we said, Guest blogging is a compulsory part of Seo. Guest blogging have multiple and long-term benefits, which are following as,

  • You can promote your brand among millions of users and can get positive feedback.
  • You can get ‘Dofollow’ backlinks, which makes your search engine rank higher and higher.
  • You can get 100% genuinely incoming traffic from other communities, which can become your regular readers/users.
  • Guest blogging will build your relationship among other communities and writers.
  • Via guest blogging, you can share multiple minds and their empirical ideas in your community and other communities.

Let us know, if you think that you are on right place and also understood guest blogging logic. We are also accepting high quality content (Guest Post) on our website , you can Submit your Content here. For further discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment box.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a serious matter for individuals belonging to a certain company in any type of industry. You would know, wouldn’t you? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a professional in the field or have some kind of knowledge on the said matter. Without the use of this particular strategy, you can be assured that your business will be doomed by facing a downward spiral in this phase of today’s obsession with digital technology. No matter what happens, what you choose to do is important because there are consequences that you have to deal with based on your actions. You can either sink or swim with the crowd. You will need to possess sound judgment and the quick ability to adjust and adapt to the modern changes of the current generation. If not, you will sink and fall fast behind others. To know this will definitely bring out the competitive streak in you. You and I both know, for a fact, that there is always room for improvement. With that being said, this form of online marketing method can either make or break your company. When it is used correctly, be prepared to rake in positive results and so much more. If you want to get ahead of your SEO competitors, play the game right by writing down the following notes guaranteed to put your company on the top spot where it belongs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Stay Updated:

Since SEO is a relatively new field, there is still much to explore about. It has been said that it is not more than 20 years old. Because of its young age, people in the field are currently discovering new methods or new ways to make things easier. Just like Information Technology, you really need to update yourself with the latest trends and practices that are being used. What could be considered as new last month can quickly dissolve and become a thing of the past. The danger here is that you could be implementing methods that could already be considered as outdated. This could be one of the reasons why the SEO methods that your company is currently using aren’t reaching its maximum potential. As much as possible, we don’t want that happening because it could be a waste of valuable resources such as time, effort and money on your part. By learning this, that means it will be a wise decision to sign up and subscribe to a wide range of online sources, journals or even digital magazines that will provide you with credible resources of what’s going on in different parts of the world. Always remember that knowledge is power and the more you continue to educate yourself about it, the more it will show in the results. You will definitely need to accomplish this to have an edge over your SEO competitors. Learning is a nonstop process that continues evermore. Don’t be afraid to go back to school if you believe that this will help you in reaching your goals.

Nothing Beats Fresh Content:

Nothing beats fresh content. No one wants to read the same old thing over and over again. Visitors already get the message of what you’re trying to say, but they want to see more. You can’t blame them. It’s just all part of human nature. Only you can put an end to that, not your computer. Your computer and other accessories are merely tools to aid you in the process. It certainly cannot fulfil the job by itself because content is not complete without the human touch. The content of your company’s website should be updated as often as needed. People are attracted to what’s new and innovative especially with the latest products and services that you have to offer. If that’s not the possible, think of a creative way to shed new light on old content. If you are attentive to the details of your content, most chances are it will definitely improve SEO by attracting search engines and thus, improving its ranking in no time. By doing this, you can boost your company’s website amidst of other SEO competitors. It’s about time to steal the spotlight and claim the number one throne. Well, to be realistic, you can really land on the first page of any search engine results page. Wouldn’t you want that to happen?

Start a Blog!

By any chance, are you good in writing? If so, take care of this skill as it will come extremely handy when it comes to writing blogs. If your website does not have a blog section, this would be a perfect time to start one. Writing a blog entry is a casual way of informing readers of the latest updates in the market, research and so much more. If you are creative when it comes to writing, this is a bonus skill for you. You can write in a way that will captivate and draw interest among your audience. The more you are able to relate to people or share relevant and valuable information about the industry with them, the higher chances they will keep returning to the website to keep updated by reading your blogs. This is equally just as important because they are the ones who are bringing in the traffic. This kind of traffic is free and unpaid, which is something that you want for your website. You never know that some of these end up sharing it with other people, which is something that you can use. Organic traffic is better than no traffic at all. If you are able to continue writing blogs in a consistent manner, then this one’s for you. Make sure your blogs are interesting, unique and stand out among the sea of SEO competitors that are out there. If you pour your heart and soul into it, you’ll definitely surprise yourself with the outcome.

Learn From Your Competitors:

If you’ve been trying your best to improve the search engine optimization of your website, but you feel that it’s not enough, you can always observe closely those belonging to your top competitors. Yes, that’s right! Monitor their online activities and see what’s bringing it in for them. Through this tactic, you can gather an idea or two from the on-site SEO techniques that they are using in order to boost your chances of bringing in the sales for your company. This is more common than you think, but not many choose to speak about it. People choose to do this kind of “research” because it is easier to gather much-needed information especially when your competitors are nearby and whose information presented to the public can be found on their website as well as different social media platforms. Most chances are that you can adopt similar techniques, but customize them in a way that is applicable to your company. By doing so, you can bring the advantage over to your side of the court where you can easily outmaneuvre in order to win over your opponents. Who knows, they see you as their competitor and are doing the exact same thing as you are. You need to beat them to it!

Selection of Keywords:

One feature of SEO that seems to be under looked by others is the selection of keywords. In order to understand this, you need to look from the point of view of users. Once you are able to put yourself in their shoes, this will give you an idea on how search queries are formed and created. You should be able to connect the bridge between the two so that search engines are able to locate and rank your website somewhere at the top of page results. The most common misconception that one can pick up is hunt down the most popular ranking keywords. Don’t go for the obvious. Instead, consider using Google Analytics (this is free!) to identify keywords that bring in the most traffic. If they’re relevant to your website, consider using them as this will help you a lot.

As you can see with everything that’s been mentioned, search engine optimization is not something to be afraid of, but see it as a chance to embrace and invest in it. Its results are definitely process-oriented and it can be viewed as worthwhile over a long-term measure. Though people may find SEO challenging, they can overcome its obstacles by finding and providing creative solutions that will smoothen out the entire process. In some ways, it is also a good idea to educate not only yourself but also others in the field. It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company just as long as you are a contributor. That way you can work as a team and target on key areas that need tender, love and care. These bits of information should be able to help you in some way in improving your overall search engine optimization. This is important especially if you want to bring or increase that steady flow to your website. Now you’ve been armed with what you need to know, go out there, march, and prepare for battle! Good luck!

Why SEO is Important For Your Business

Why SEO is Important?

Do you know? Why Seo is important for your business. Search Engine Optimization is the fastest or speedy way to generate lot of organic traffic from search engines without pay any single penny. Seo is a important factor of business and marketing, where you can get innumerable clients, which can definitely boost your sales. Below we highlighted some innovative and crucial factors of Seo.

Why SEO is Important For Your Business

Meta Title:

Necessary component of On Page SEO, in which you arrange and manipulate your articles and pages Seo titles according to your target keywords. Search engines read and crawl these meta-titles then utilize this title in search engine ranking.

Meta Description:

Every site needs a good SEO arrangement. Since April 2015, Google has been utilizing mobile friendliness as a vital positioning element that influences rankings of the sites in the web. In this case, you should take care of your site presentation on mobile phones.

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You need to know that a site is versatile only when it:

  • – shows elements well on a hone
  • – does not need zooming
  • – is effortlessly readable on little screens
  • – is not difficult to explore the content with a finger
  • – is seen appropriately by Google.

This examines the progressions to making your site portable and enhancing your SEO in mobile from the viewpoint of Google documentation. The better you can make your site flexible, the faster Google can rank you appropriately. Versatile SEO in mobile signifies portable site improvement that can influence how search engine positions your pages. Indeed, there are several reasons, why SEO is crucial to your business. Understand these grounds.

Increases Traffic:

Obviously, top positions on search engine results receive a greater number of visits. SEO increases traffic significantly via the optimum use of title tags and detailed metadata that appear in search engines.

Tracks Traffic:

Using the information on SEO, a business can come up with an effective marketing strategy. To complete sales, a business is in a better position to target markets, utilize better tags and increase visibility by tracking the best paths users take.

Raises ROI:

As opposed to many online strategies, a business engaged in SEO offers better ROI. It targets users who are actually looking for your services.

Ease Of Use:

SEO creates a friendly user website as it is compatible to mobile phones and tablets. Choosing SEO is crucial as more web browsers use mobile devices online helping users to navigate the website easily.  SEO in mobile is very popular in finding pages on a website using mobile phones since it rearranges links faster and easier.

Gives Better Ranking:

Make your business stand out and bypass the competition through SEO. Remember, first page companies are associated to heightened credibility.

Google does not rank your business site on where you plan to be later but it positions your site the way it is today. Versatile site is essential at this moment and your portable setup is crucial to how your site will rank in Google. Remember, people everywhere use mobile phones and spend many hours on internet so allow them to find and navigate your site by ensuring that it is mobile friendly.