Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review

Today I saw a notification after logged into my WordPress backend, which was update Your Yoast Seo into 3.2 version. Recently we wrote an article on Yoast 3.1 features review. This Yoast 3.2 version comes with more improvements and more bugs has been resolved in this version according to their team. In this quick guide,  we will our Yoast Seo 3.2 quick review for readers better understanding how they can get benefit with it in their blogging journey.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review:

I simply analyze those features which they highlighted but few are most appreciable. Let me elaborate each one of them.

New Help Center:

Yoast team stick a new help center bar under the General section for user convenience or better guidance. In which they give a short tour of their new added features in current running Yoast Seo version.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review New Help Center

Premium: Social Previews:

This feature was not available in previous version but now you can avail with it. But only those people can avail benefit with it who paid for that plugin or using premium version of this plugin. Free users can’t utilize that feature, which is probably sad especially for many readers who can not bear this expense. Through this feature, you can easily see your web pages previews in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Social Previews

Improved Inline Help:

Yoast this time added a magnificent feature, which can help you if you are in trouble. Let’s suppose if you do not understanding about few fields such as focus keyword, Meta title and description etc so there you will find a question mark help button, after press it you can see Yoast written article link on that matter or particular fields. Thus you can go ahead and can easily analyze those feature significance.

Yoast SEO 3.2 Quick Review Inline Help

Exclude Google Plus Social:

In this version Yoast Seo 3.2, they exclude Google plus social tab because metadata conflictions with Facebook, which caused many issues. Google also were using Facebook meta data so that extend in this feature with definitely help you on both sides.

Removed NOYDIR:

As we know that Yahoo directory has been closed and no longer exist. And Yoast team is sure about that Yahoo directory will not come back again. That is why, they removed this NOYDIR tag from this plugin. Must read What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and  valuable for your Seo training. If you have any question related to this article or Yoast Seo plugin so we always respect readers feedback. You also can join our community forum for your Q/A or can comment under this article.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Yesterday Seo by Yoast has been updated with additional incredible properties. Joost de Valk CEO and founder of Yoast itself introduce this new Seo by Yoast 3.1. As we know that, earlier they also made much upgrades for user convenience on SEO By Yoast 3.0. Joost de Valk said they received lots of feedback from customers or users side so they try to make the best Seo recipe through this plugin. Seo by yoast 3.1 now came with new features and few previous real-time updated features.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review:

1 March 2016 Seo by Yoast 3.1 were released with impressive and effectual characteristics. Everyone got an update plugin notification on their WordPress dashboard to update this plugin into newer version. Seo by Yoast 3.1 came with four major changes, which I experienced yesterday and now want to share my entire doings with our readers. Let’s check out this review, that what we experienced with that version in a day.

Updated Real Time Snippet Editor:

Yoast team updated the layout or style of snippet editor with additional new progress bar. That is looking pretty well and now progress bar will evaluate the title and description characters length or will also notify you if this limit exceeded or below then Seo.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review

Admin Overhaul (New):

Most essential and fulfill with deep customization capability. Seo Yoast team added this feature in XML sitemap option, from which you can particularly allow or disallow sitemap pages as  per your requirements. Even you can allow or disallow or customize the sitemap of contributors, subscribers, authors, editors setup each of these individually. Yoast team added right left toggles to enable and disable each sitemap aspect. Now modify your XML sitemap as your desire.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review admin overhaul

Primary Category (Dual Selection):

This is what, I  like it very much because from this way now you can select multiple categories  and make one primary, which one will be sown in breadcrumbs. Now your article can be exist on multiple location, which is remarkable feature of this new version.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review primary category

Redirects Improvements (Paid):

Another spectacular features but premium, but I would suggest all of readers go through with it. Because that is the solution of the crawling errors, 302 not found pages or even you can be able to create redirects manually from your posts or pages Yoast setting interface.

SEO By Yoast 3.1 Features and Review redirects Improvement

Above we mentioned all experienced features of Yoast Seo 3.1 version. Hope that will maximize your zest and will give you a chance to do something different with your Seo strategy. If you have any question regarding Seo by Yoast so must let us know through our community forum for discussion and also can comment below.