11 Questions Seo Providers Should Ask Their Clients

As we know that Seo has vast demand and market from where folks want to promote their business. If you are a Seo agency or a company so that is an absolute guide for it. In this Guide we will let you know what questions Seo providers should ask their clients before taking any Seo project. These question will build better relationship among you and your client and will help you in your project achievement.

11 Questions Seo Providers Should Ask Their Clients

Almost agencies or individual Seo people’s have not much experience so they perform some unwanted or strange things or never ask few crucial questions before start or taking any project. According to my perceptions, before start a Seo project of any company or website you should organize a question answer session to get listen all their queries carefully as well as you can ask your questions also to give meaning of this discussion.

Questions And their Associate Answers:

These questions will build friendly relationship between you and your clients or also create better understanding. Let’s see those question, which you should ask to your client before go ahead to pick this Seo project.

Q 1: From Which Category Your Website Belongs to?

This is simple straightforward question asking by you to your client. It is important for your o know about what kind of website he/she is running such as News magazine, a blog, entertainment website, company or enterprise based site and trust or organization etc.

Q 2: What’s Your Expectation from Seo?

This question will help your to take a decision, from what thinking he/she is observing Seo. So then you can design your Seo plan accordingly or better than his approach.

Q 3: How Much Traffic Your Are Expecting in a Month?

This aspect basically depends on your client budget but that is your responsibility to clear your doubts and get your question answers before to be hired for this project.

Q 4: In How Much Time Your Are Expecting Results?

Basic but meaningful question from Seo agency perspective. Basically 3-4 months are essentially required to propagate Seo properly. Must Read How Much Time SEO Takes to Show Their Results also read the comprehensive discussion on this topic How long does seo take generally?

Q 5: Did You Purchased Domain and  Hosting Yet?

Most responsive question, truly domain and hosting is considered as the first Seo step. Make sure that, if your client didn’t purchase domain and hosting so far then you are responsible to do that task with your on way. Must read Things You Should do Before Buy Web Hosting. Domain niche should be related to their client business category. Hosting should be 100% safe because it is important to choose a secure place where you entire website will be hosted, we recommend HostGator for shared hosting and Digital Ocean for advance Cloud VPN hosting.

Q 6: How Much Budget You Allocated For Seo?

This is something what you are asking how much you will spend on Seo to grow your business. Accordingly to our experience  minimum $500 per month and maximum there is no threshold. It can be $20,000 or more than this. Usually well reputed website’s around internet spend approximately $2000 to $5000 per month on Seo to build or maintain their search engine ranking.

Note: Around internet market , there are so many clumsy Seo folks who say’s that pay $100 or $200 for Seo for a month so that is something like joke also that commitment has no professional approach.

Q 7: Are you Building Backlinks By Itself?

As we know that building backlinks is considered as the most necessary part of off-page Seo. If your client are already involving to building backlinks from their on way so that can be risky because a Seo establishes an external link under the consideration of white hat Seo.

Q 8: Which Platform You Are Using To Run Your Website?

Most important question from my own perspective. Mostly user (80%) uses pre-made scripts such as for news magazine or blog site WordPress, For ecommerce site Magento and OpenCart for Community forum vbulletin and Discourse. Only 20% users preferred their own custom scripts that’s why they hire developers team so if your client is using own custom scripts so he will be responsible to integrate Seo features or options in his platform as Seo expert will say. Majority or above mentioned CMS or pre-made scripts already have Seo options to go ahead so there is nothing like panic with it.

Q 9: How Much You have presence on Social Media?

You should be aware about your future project each and everything to handle it comfortably. You should ask to your client how much presence they have on social media sites such as they have business pages or profiles or not if they have so please give us access to review it that is correctly connected with your website or there is any misplacement of any link so we can do it correct for you.

Q 10: Did You Use Any Seo Service Before this?

That is important for us to know about that because if you were used any Seo service in past so first we should check your website current Seo status or spamming rate. Why did you leave those people’s or agency Seo service? Are they did not fulfill their commitment as they discussed before taking this project?

Q 11: How Many People Have Access on Your Website Assets?

Last but effective question again from my point of view. If you were experienced any Service in past, and also if you handover your login or administrative details to any person or company so that can be danger for us during work so please change your all login details such as passwords, security questions etc. Must read How to make strong password that will help you to secure your accounts without any additional expense.

As we above said, do not handover your entire site rank any unknown, stranger and clumsy people’s because that can be put your site in danger. If you are a client or company who want to hire someone Seo expert so you should read Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers.

Let us know, your opinions about Seo experts conversation questions and answers. If you have better one question so  must tell us through comment box or also can join us on community forum.

Boost Your Website Speed – SEO Training

In the earlier SEO training lesson 6, we were talk about SEO internal link building, stop replication (duplication) and important website pages from SEO perspective. Now in this SEO training lesson 7, we will finish on page Seo an then in the next training tutorial, we will start off page and its fundamentals. In this lesson, we will talk about , how to increase website speed through WordPress plugins and some authentic techniques.

SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training Lesson 7:

Do you know? website speed 100% matter in search engines. A user always likes fast and speedy website, where they don’t need to wait and get his information with in seconds. Majority of beginners do not focus on this aspect and don’t care about it, which can push his website in to ditch so please be professional and try to improve your website speed as much possible. Most important part of this tutorial is internal link building among multiple pages, it is necessary from Seo point of view so don’t overlook this crucial aspect. Further we will show you some tips regarding brand colors importance and typography advance options. So watch the below Seo training tutorial with full concentration.

Hopefully, you understood all the mentioned aspects of the above tutorial. This is a last session and tutorial about on page Seo, now next tutorial will be release with Off page Seo training.

Let us know, if you like and find this training tutorial helpful for you. For more discussion and your respective feedback, join us via below comment box. 😉

Cross Linking and Stop Replication – SEO Training

As you know, In the earlier SEO training lesson 5, you learned about Rich Snippets and Robots tags significance and its advantages from Seo perspective. Now we are going to extend this course to SEO training lesson 6, In this lesson you will learn about cross linking and further important pages on a website.

SEO Training Lesson 6:

In this lesson, we will reveal or share some interesting and technical tips and tricks. Before go ahead, we decide to talk about some technical and experienced tips, which will definitely help you during your professional career. Review the below SEO training lesson 6 outlines.

  1. Cross Linking
  2. Stop Replication
  3. Important Pages on Website

Cross linking is a crucial aspect of on page Seo. Internal links and external links have bidirectional advantages from revenue and ranking perspective. Another scene part of this lesson is step replication (duplication), which means Google search engine crawl every single page on your website, so your post content is available on many places like categories pages, tags pages and itself post page, so it is your responsibility to stop indexing categories and tags pages. Similarly, your content will be index from post pages directly, which will never be duplicate.

Important pages on website are following as (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us). These pages are necessary because without these pages, you can not join any ad network so make these pages and set their position in front of website homepage. Now watch the complete SEO training lesson 6 tutorial with full concentration.

Let us know, if you think that this tutorial is useful and valuable for your career. Conversely, if you have any queries and further want to discus on this lesson then you also can join us via comment. 😉

Rich Snippets and Robots Tags – SEO Training

As you learned about keyword density and Meta tags in the previous SEO training Lesson 4. Now you will learn about Rich Snippets, robots tags and finally slightly touch of image optimization in an article. First portion of this lesson is Rich Snippets and why we use them ? First you need to know its advantages then we will go ahead. Rich snippets are use to make your product prominent in search engine, you can make rich snippets of your product, recipe, software, article etc. Rich snippets also show users review in the shape of voting/ratings with author or writer name. Lastly, Rich snippets increase your website CTR from search engine. Means that, with the help of Rich snippets, you can increase chances of clicks from search engine (Organic traffic).

Second thing is Robots tags, which is crucial and we never ignore them. Major and essential robots tags are  listed below,

  1. Index (Use to index content)
  2. No-index (Use for not crawl content)
  3. Follow (Use for follow inbound or outbound links)
  4. No-Follow (Use for do not follow inbound or outbound links)
  5. NoODP (Use for do not use dmoz directory meta description)
  6. NoYDIR (Use for do not use Yahoo directory meta description)

Above given robots tags are playing vital role in Search engine optimization. Thirdly, you will learn about image optimization via Alt tag and will talk on image sizing agenda because it is now become crucial part of SEO. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

Hopefully, you understood all the aspects from every perspective. In this tutorial, we covered only three aspects, but these aspects are sensitive elements of SEO. Beginners will not be acquainted with these elements. Enjoy to watching this tutorial.

Let us know, if you have any empirical any idea or opinions, conversely, if you are facing problem during watching then let us now via comment. 😉

Keyword Density and Meta Tags – SEO Training

Keyword Density and Meta Tags_SEO TrainingAs we covered, keywords section and placement concepts in earlier SEO training lesson 3. Now in this tutorial, you will learn most essential concepts include “how to check keyword density and crucial Meta tags for search engine snippet.

SEO Training Lesson 4:

If you successfully done keyword placement then its time to check its density or accuracy inside article. For this purpose, you need to install a plugin “WordPress SEO By Yoast” this plugin contains powerful integrated features, which will help you to construct sturdy SEO site.

Next is Meta-Tags, which we can’t overlook. First you need to know that, why meta-tags is important in Seo. Search engines utilize your both meta-title and meta-description to find out user searching results. Therefore, focus keywords should be in the meta-title and meta-description for better Seo. You will insert your custom meta-titles, meta-description even can check your keywords density through WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin. In the last, you will learn keyword placement inside images with Alt tag (Alternative Tag), this process makes your images search engine friendly. Watch the SEO training lesson 4 tutorial with complete attention and for better understanding.

Image optimization have more factors, but in which tutorial, you saw only Alt tag. Search engine crawler use Alt tag to understand the image criteria, that is why, it is good practice to place your focus keyword with Alt tag. WordPress SEO By Yoast plugin have numerous advance features, which we will further talk about in next tutorials. This tutorial will be best for you because it  contains major aspects of on page Seo.

Let us know, if you covered and understand all aspects with every single perspective. If you like this video tutorial then must share with your friends. If you want further more discussion concern this lesson then let us know via comment.

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Keyword Selection & Placement – SEO Training For Beginners

As you know, we covered SEO types and factor in the earlier SEO training tutorial. Now in this tutorial, we will talk about “How to write SEO optimized content” with ease. Writing an article is not a headache, mostly persons can do this itself or can hire someone writer. Writing an SEO optimized content is the actual victory of a good blogger. That is why, I’m here to show you that how you can  able to write a well SEO optimized content.

SEO Training Lesson 3:

Following major aspects will be count in this writing content process.

  1. Keywords Selection
  2. Keywords Placement
  3. Keywords Density

Above three points highlight the content writing process according to the SEO. If you are going to write an article for your blog, then it is your responsibility that, written content should be SEO optimized. After watching this tutorial, You will be able to write a SEO optimized content itself without any hesitation. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

If you watched the above tutorial, so now you will be familiar with content writing according to SEO. Google keyword planner is a finest tool to search/analyze keywords even you can comparison multiple keywords with others. Secondly, keyword placement is the main objective of this SEO training.

Tips and Cautions:

If you want long time effective SEO, then memorize few things, which can boost you article presence in search engine.

Article should be in concise and precise form. Article length should be minimum 300 words and maximum no threshold. Article keywords density should be more than 1.0%, which means that, repeat your keywords at least 7 times in article body. Do not use long sentences during writing article. Article title length should be less than 70 characters (Recommended).

Let us know, if you got the exact point in this tutorial, In contrary, If you doesn’t understand the main part of this tutorial then you can convey  your troubles and problems  via comment.

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SEO Types – SEO Training For Beginners

SEO Training Lesson 2:

As we know, Search engine optimization is working like a fresh blood in website veins. Now in this training session, you will learn about SEO types and it’s further factors. If you watched our earlier SEO training lesson 1 then you will be slightly familiar with “SEO” definition, Google searching algorithms and can go ahead.

SEO Types:

Search engine optimization (SEO) have two types, which are following,

  1. On Page SEO (Internal SEO)
  2. Off Page SEO (External SEO)

On Page SEO:

Let’s start, When we does SEO to keep stay itself on website so it is known as on page SEO. On page SEO have further parts itself, Which we perform on website during this stay. We will discuss and elaborate on each of them respectively.

  • Permalinks (Friendly URLs)
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Keyword Selection
  • SEO Optimized Content Writing.
  • Keyword Placement & Keyword Density
  • Meta-Tags
  • Rich Snippets
  • Robots Tags
  • Image Optimization
  • Cross Linking (Build internal links)
  • Stop replication (Tags, Categories, Author pages)
  • Brand Recognition tracking links
  • Important Pages (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us)
  • Boost Site Speed internally
  • Image Copyrights (Watermarks)
  • Further Brand Colors & Typography tips.

All are crucial factors of On page SEO. But we will cover all factors by and by with complete appropriate guidance. Now watch the Lesson 2 tutorial with full concentration.

During watching tutorial, if you don’t understand any single point or aspect then you can pause the video and replay again. In the above tutorial, we covered only first three factors of On page SEO.

Keep remember that, we do not cover all factors at once, tutorial will be series wise and publish on daily basis for user convenience.

Let us know, if you achieve above lesson all points with maximum approach. If you have any argue/opinion/feedback then share with us via comment, we love to listen your queries.

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What is SEO – SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training

Welcome here, Hopefully you will be fine and here for seeking SEO. I’m also here to teach you that how you can build SEO optimized website with professional experience. My name is Siraj Mahmood, You tutor and a guy, who loves to share his ideas. In this SEO training course, we will discuss all SEO aspects from every basic to advance point of view. Before going ahead, we need to show course outlines respectively.

SEO Training Outlines:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. What SEO does?
  3. SEO Types & Factors.
  4. SEO Importance & Advantages.
  5. How to do SEO for Website?
  6. How we can update ourself with SEO?
  7. Traffic analysis for website and more…

These above outlines are crucial and major outlines of SEO training. These mentioned outlines have further parts itself. Let start with first outline.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO keeps many distinctive characteristic. We use SEO algorithms to rank any web page. Without Seo a website lose his presence or existence in search engine. SEO helps you to sustain your site rank superior and better than competitors. Anyone can do Seo itself, it is not a hardcore process, just We require slightly your attention during training.

In this first training tutorial, We will give you little bit touch of Seo fundamentals. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

In the first training tutorial, we covered few basic things include Seo definition and small Google algorithm touch. Google algorithm is simple to understand not complicated.


If you covered and understand all SEO training tutorials, then it possible that you might be able to stand your online business with ease. No doubt that, we merged our many years of experience in these training tutorials. While training, we told you to hold a notebook and pen in your hands and note all the crucial things.

Let us know, if you have further issue and problem. If you understood this tutorial then proceed to the next level of SEO training.

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