SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

There are plenty of seo tools out there in market , almost every online influencer love seo tools to make their blog run on auto-pilot. Tools which they use to drive thousands of traffic in matter of days or in few cases in minutes.

SEO Tools That Works Harder For You

Today i will reveal those three you can use to generate some creative content covert those visitors in to sales. Lets get in to those SEO tools which might help you arsenal increase your traffic.

 #1 Google Trends

Many of bloggers doesn’t take this tool seriously, due to lack of confidence in the tool instead they focus on “Google keyword planner“.

Google trends” is all about , what is trending around the world. It has very good filter options which you can choose around and target your audience. Most of the topics in Google trends are low competitive ,many of them have no competitive which makes ranking part easy.

Google trend also teach us ,what exactly people like in certain country. To understand a basic needs of particular country.

#2 WayBackMachine

Now now, you might be wondering how we can use “WayBackMachine” part of seo strategy?!

Let me share you a true story on how a hobby of re-search on how competitors driving thousands of traffic in matter of days without backlinks to their sites?

While going through research i came across a keyword, which had around 10k traffic a month, on the first position “” was ranking, i tapped on the site to check the content and the site was move another location while content was missing.

Article which has 10k traffic is missing with 170 backlinks, so i used “WayBackMachine” to get access to that content then later i have emailed all sites linking to that post to replace with my content after few weeks that post is now giving me around 4.2k traffic per month.

#3 Ferzy

Ferzy is a keyword difficulty checker, it analysis “XYZ” keyword which you are willing to rank for your blog/website. It gives you how many links are pointing, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) & age of competitors domain. So you can try and check keyword difficulty by FERZY.

It gives you a very good idea whether to proceed take next step try to rank for it. With this tool you can make better decisions.

Wrap up:

These were my simple tools you can use to generate better content , find missing recipes lost through time and understand your market better. When simple changes makes bigger difference in SERPS.

You creative ideas what makes the difference in online world today. I’m sure alot of things are running though your mind , thats how we are bound to. Feel free to leave a few words of comment o make a bigger impact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a serious matter for individuals belonging to a certain company in any type of industry. You would know, wouldn’t you? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a professional in the field or have some kind of knowledge on the said matter. Without the use of this particular strategy, you can be assured that your business will be doomed by facing a downward spiral in this phase of today’s obsession with digital technology. No matter what happens, what you choose to do is important because there are consequences that you have to deal with based on your actions. You can either sink or swim with the crowd. You will need to possess sound judgment and the quick ability to adjust and adapt to the modern changes of the current generation. If not, you will sink and fall fast behind others. To know this will definitely bring out the competitive streak in you. You and I both know, for a fact, that there is always room for improvement. With that being said, this form of online marketing method can either make or break your company. When it is used correctly, be prepared to rake in positive results and so much more. If you want to get ahead of your SEO competitors, play the game right by writing down the following notes guaranteed to put your company on the top spot where it belongs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Stay Updated:

Since SEO is a relatively new field, there is still much to explore about. It has been said that it is not more than 20 years old. Because of its young age, people in the field are currently discovering new methods or new ways to make things easier. Just like Information Technology, you really need to update yourself with the latest trends and practices that are being used. What could be considered as new last month can quickly dissolve and become a thing of the past. The danger here is that you could be implementing methods that could already be considered as outdated. This could be one of the reasons why the SEO methods that your company is currently using aren’t reaching its maximum potential. As much as possible, we don’t want that happening because it could be a waste of valuable resources such as time, effort and money on your part. By learning this, that means it will be a wise decision to sign up and subscribe to a wide range of online sources, journals or even digital magazines that will provide you with credible resources of what’s going on in different parts of the world. Always remember that knowledge is power and the more you continue to educate yourself about it, the more it will show in the results. You will definitely need to accomplish this to have an edge over your SEO competitors. Learning is a nonstop process that continues evermore. Don’t be afraid to go back to school if you believe that this will help you in reaching your goals.

Nothing Beats Fresh Content:

Nothing beats fresh content. No one wants to read the same old thing over and over again. Visitors already get the message of what you’re trying to say, but they want to see more. You can’t blame them. It’s just all part of human nature. Only you can put an end to that, not your computer. Your computer and other accessories are merely tools to aid you in the process. It certainly cannot fulfil the job by itself because content is not complete without the human touch. The content of your company’s website should be updated as often as needed. People are attracted to what’s new and innovative especially with the latest products and services that you have to offer. If that’s not the possible, think of a creative way to shed new light on old content. If you are attentive to the details of your content, most chances are it will definitely improve SEO by attracting search engines and thus, improving its ranking in no time. By doing this, you can boost your company’s website amidst of other SEO competitors. It’s about time to steal the spotlight and claim the number one throne. Well, to be realistic, you can really land on the first page of any search engine results page. Wouldn’t you want that to happen?

Start a Blog!

By any chance, are you good in writing? If so, take care of this skill as it will come extremely handy when it comes to writing blogs. If your website does not have a blog section, this would be a perfect time to start one. Writing a blog entry is a casual way of informing readers of the latest updates in the market, research and so much more. If you are creative when it comes to writing, this is a bonus skill for you. You can write in a way that will captivate and draw interest among your audience. The more you are able to relate to people or share relevant and valuable information about the industry with them, the higher chances they will keep returning to the website to keep updated by reading your blogs. This is equally just as important because they are the ones who are bringing in the traffic. This kind of traffic is free and unpaid, which is something that you want for your website. You never know that some of these end up sharing it with other people, which is something that you can use. Organic traffic is better than no traffic at all. If you are able to continue writing blogs in a consistent manner, then this one’s for you. Make sure your blogs are interesting, unique and stand out among the sea of SEO competitors that are out there. If you pour your heart and soul into it, you’ll definitely surprise yourself with the outcome.

Learn From Your Competitors:

If you’ve been trying your best to improve the search engine optimization of your website, but you feel that it’s not enough, you can always observe closely those belonging to your top competitors. Yes, that’s right! Monitor their online activities and see what’s bringing it in for them. Through this tactic, you can gather an idea or two from the on-site SEO techniques that they are using in order to boost your chances of bringing in the sales for your company. This is more common than you think, but not many choose to speak about it. People choose to do this kind of “research” because it is easier to gather much-needed information especially when your competitors are nearby and whose information presented to the public can be found on their website as well as different social media platforms. Most chances are that you can adopt similar techniques, but customize them in a way that is applicable to your company. By doing so, you can bring the advantage over to your side of the court where you can easily outmaneuvre in order to win over your opponents. Who knows, they see you as their competitor and are doing the exact same thing as you are. You need to beat them to it!

Selection of Keywords:

One feature of SEO that seems to be under looked by others is the selection of keywords. In order to understand this, you need to look from the point of view of users. Once you are able to put yourself in their shoes, this will give you an idea on how search queries are formed and created. You should be able to connect the bridge between the two so that search engines are able to locate and rank your website somewhere at the top of page results. The most common misconception that one can pick up is hunt down the most popular ranking keywords. Don’t go for the obvious. Instead, consider using Google Analytics (this is free!) to identify keywords that bring in the most traffic. If they’re relevant to your website, consider using them as this will help you a lot.

As you can see with everything that’s been mentioned, search engine optimization is not something to be afraid of, but see it as a chance to embrace and invest in it. Its results are definitely process-oriented and it can be viewed as worthwhile over a long-term measure. Though people may find SEO challenging, they can overcome its obstacles by finding and providing creative solutions that will smoothen out the entire process. In some ways, it is also a good idea to educate not only yourself but also others in the field. It doesn’t matter what your position is in the company just as long as you are a contributor. That way you can work as a team and target on key areas that need tender, love and care. These bits of information should be able to help you in some way in improving your overall search engine optimization. This is important especially if you want to bring or increase that steady flow to your website. Now you’ve been armed with what you need to know, go out there, march, and prepare for battle! Good luck!

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?

This is a most arise question in often minds. Because blog commenting is now emerging as usual trend. Many of my friends asked this question to me on many occasions that, Is blog commenting Still effective and acceptable from Seo perspective. Now I’m going to revealing this actual question answer in-depth.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective

Is blog commenting Still effective?

Blog commenting is just like a disease, which gives you nothing more and no longer exist in Seo factors. Majority of bloggers building backlinks through blog commenting. But they are going with wrong way, because blog commenting backlinks are totally ‘NoFollow’ which will never be considered in search engine. Search engine do not follow ‘Nofollow ‘ attribute hyperlinks on web pages. So, these backlinks are totally freak from ranking perspective. Here we have an image blog commenting proof, which contains ‘Nofollow’ attribute behind ‘Name’ field.

Is Blog Commenting Still Effective Nofollow attribute

What are the benefits of Blog Commenting:

Where blog commenting has its disadvantages, where it has little benefits. Through blog commenting, you can generate lot of traffic without spend any cost. Most of bloggers thinks about only ranking not focus on traffic side, Now you need to think bidirectional because it’s time to grow up. No matter, incoming visitors giving you Dofollow or Nofollow backlinks , you can avail Nofollow backlinks in the form of traffic. If you are a beginners and do not have much knowledge about Dofollow or Nofollow attributes then must read, What is Nofollow and Dofollow rel attributes.

What is the alternative of blog Commenting?

Here is a prominent question arise, if blog commenting is giving us nothing so what is the alternative of blog commenting. Join blogs, who support comment luv because via this facility you can easily build your Dofollow backlinks without facing any trouble. Guest Blogging is a rich and finest one way to build Dofollow backlinks, read 4 major Guest blogging benefits from Seo perspective.

Join Dofollow high PR forums to establish sturdy backlinks, discussion boards is a spectacular way to promote your website on largest communities. Social bookmarking sites is also a great way to submit you recent post and building backlinks.

Yes, it is true blog commenting is still exist in online market but it has benefits, not harmful for your blogging journey. It will be harmful, when you spamming on other blogs with your website reference. This spamming can spoil your website reputation and can disturb search engine ranking. So, try to avoid this kind of unethical activities.

Let us know, if you understand blog commenting actual concept from Seo perspectives. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

7 Important Things to do After Published Post

Do you know? what things are important to do after published post. Probably, almost initial bloggers do not aware about this thing and its advantages. If you written a finest quality post so, it is not enough from Seo perspective. Because nobody knows that, you written a article/post today, I’m talking about that, people have no specific source to find or read your post until they reach to your post via search engine. Secondly, article writing is an art but there is lot of further things you need to do after published a post.

7 Important Things to do After Published Post

Things to do After Published Post:

Here is few things to do after published your post, these are crucial to promote your website. It has innumerable advantages. Let review these things.

Update Your Facebook Status:

If you have published your post on your website, so don’t forget to share your article on Facebook. On Facebook you can get lot of traffic from shared links/post. Facebook fan pages and groups can increase your website traffic ratio day by day. Add this activity in your routine because this activity will help you to built your own community.

Tweet Your Post:

Twitter have its own preference on every stage. Tweet you recently published post on your twitter profile, your followers can directly engage with your tweets with ease. Your followers can view or can built conversation on your tweets, which might be very valuable for your website.

Pin Your Post on Pinterest:

Must pin your published post on your Pinterest profile, because there you can also generate lot of traffic. You Pinterest followers can see your post directly on his news feeds. Try to pin your post in different and many categories instead of single category.

Stumble Your Post:

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine, which recommend different kinds of data of his users. Add your web pages articles/post here, which can also give you high level traffic mostly from USA, UK and Canada. Users directly access your web pages and can make conversation, when StumbleUpon recommend your website of his users.

Share Your Post at Google Plus:

Don’t forget to share your published post on Google plus profiles and pages, because Google show these shared post in his search results. Similarly, you can get organic traffic, which can improve your website ranking faster and faster. Secondly, Google plus will send your post in email to your followers, which is directly linked to your website.

Submit Your Post in Social Bookmarks:

Submit your published post in social bookmarking sites is a essential component of Seo. If you have published your post so it is your responsibility to construct valuable links, which point to this specific post directly. So social bookmarking is a finest procedure/way, which helps you to built your post precious backlinks through social bookmarking sites. Major social bookmarking sites are following as, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Deliciousbibsonomydiigo, digggetpocketslashdot and specially Reddit.

Send Email to Subscribers:

After publish post, it is your duty to broadcast a spectacular designed email to your all subscriber. These emails will update your users with your website fresh content and will keep stay in touch. You can also include your affiliate links promotion to promote your business and website.

Let us know, if you find this post meaningful and useful. If you have better one ideas than these so share with us. For more discussion or your feedback, join us via comment. 😉

Keyword Density and Meta Tags – SEO Training

Keyword Density and Meta Tags_SEO TrainingAs we covered, keywords section and placement concepts in earlier SEO training lesson 3. Now in this tutorial, you will learn most essential concepts include “how to check keyword density and crucial Meta tags for search engine snippet.

SEO Training Lesson 4:

If you successfully done keyword placement then its time to check its density or accuracy inside article. For this purpose, you need to install a plugin “WordPress SEO By Yoast” this plugin contains powerful integrated features, which will help you to construct sturdy SEO site.

Next is Meta-Tags, which we can’t overlook. First you need to know that, why meta-tags is important in Seo. Search engines utilize your both meta-title and meta-description to find out user searching results. Therefore, focus keywords should be in the meta-title and meta-description for better Seo. You will insert your custom meta-titles, meta-description even can check your keywords density through WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin. In the last, you will learn keyword placement inside images with Alt tag (Alternative Tag), this process makes your images search engine friendly. Watch the SEO training lesson 4 tutorial with complete attention and for better understanding.

Image optimization have more factors, but in which tutorial, you saw only Alt tag. Search engine crawler use Alt tag to understand the image criteria, that is why, it is good practice to place your focus keyword with Alt tag. WordPress SEO By Yoast plugin have numerous advance features, which we will further talk about in next tutorials. This tutorial will be best for you because it  contains major aspects of on page Seo.

Let us know, if you covered and understand all aspects with every single perspective. If you like this video tutorial then must share with your friends. If you want further more discussion concern this lesson then let us know via comment.

Next Lesson

40+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2015

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites:

High PR Social bookmarking sites are the prominent factor of Search Engine Optimization. Almost bloggers and SEO experts emphasize on the submission site in bookmarking sites. There is a lot of advantages of that submission, influential benefit is site traffic in the shape of strong backlinks, which can be the cause of high PR of our blogs.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Remember that, In 2015 SEO Guide, we mentioned once again the worth or significance of social bookmarking site in the shape of sturdy backlinks. Keep remember few things before go ahead below shown site list rank can be fluctuate with the passage of time, and we will update this list again in future for user convenience. Let’s discuss the high PR social bookmarking sites, which will be help you to establish powerful backlinks. Review the below high PR social bookmarking sites.

Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global) 9 26 8 36 8 270 8 1,591 8 13,213 7 617 7 815 7 1,442 7 2,058 7 2,972 7 4,288 7 5,682 6 2,867 6 2,933 6 7,575 6 29,721 6 1209 6 121,358 6 1,936 6 14,277 6 7,883 5 10,192 5 21,347 5 25,030 4 28,784 4 25,373 4 15,512 4 118,352 4 34,847 4 34,847 4 25,855 4 13,340 4 19,692 4 50,110 3 18,518 3 18,518 3 30,055 3 309,815 3 30,544 2 127,563 2 12,214 2 15,863 2 30,179

Utilize these above mentioned high pr social bookmarking sites and try to avail it. Usage of social bookmarking sites will enhance your site appearance or visibility on internet world. Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit are the internet front pages, which will increase your site searching rank or crawling speed. These social bookmarking sites are necessary element and foremost preference of SEO.

We concluded that, Social bookmarking submission task/action will increase your site traffic, We would suggest you to read, Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for SEO. Try to submit your daily published articles on Social Bookmarking Sites with consistency. Social Bookmarking have tons of traffic, Which you can divert on your submitted articles. For more discussion, leave your comment below. 😉

5 Seo Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

Almost we are familiar with Seo performance and its finest results. Majority of bloggers claim that, they have no getting advantages with Seo. Now here, we will show you the actual Seo tips and tricks, which helps you to drive organic traffic on your website. Before expressing or go ahead, keep remember Seo definitely work every time but its depend on many factors like time, struggle, consistency and many more.

Seo Tips and Tricks:

As we discussed in my earlier post Absolute Seo Guide, Seo appends few factors in his algorithms. Now let’s start to illustrate the prominent Seo tips and tricks.

  1. Domain Age
  2. Backlinks (External Links)
  3. Meta Tags (Title & Description)
  4. Consistency (Regularity)
  5. Optimistic Behavior

Seo Tips and Tricks

Domain Age:

Numerous bloggers are have many divergent queries about traffic reduction. Domain age is the essential factor or practical logic behind huge traffic. Because search engines prefer old domains, the actual reason is experience or professionalism, old blogger maintained every single aspect on his site from old times. So, you should need to spend time and efforts on your site with vigorous future. Don’t be worried about success or traffic ratio, it will be yours forever.

Backlinks or External Links:

Sound looks pretty, Backlinks is already exist in currently Seo algorithms. Search engines don’t overlook this aspect and trying to make it prospective better. Google plus & Social media sites are the sturdy way to develop better approach with backlinks. Read my valuable or precise post on Google plus for business and Social media for business. Strong backlinks may become the cause of better Google PageRank. Try to establishing the maximum quality or quantity of backlinks.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are known as the backbone of absolute Seo. Search engine itself emphasize on meta title and meta description. Make sure that, both (meta title and meta description) should contain on elected keyword and relevant with article content. Meta keywords now, no longer  exist in Seo algorithms. Read Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking.

Consistency (Regularity):

Consistency or regularity is necessary for site superior carrier. Publish at least one article on daily basis and can do more as your capacity. Update your blog with consistency and provide them unique or fresh content to your readers. Make sure, website design or navigation should be accurate or user-friendly. Send weekly newsletter with multiples promotion or offers, these things divert user mind to your site. Try to write intellectual or influential writing, these tips and tricks grasp the user’s attention.

Optimistic Behavior:

Mostly bloggers don’t try to establish interaction among users and blog. Feedback, Email newsletters, free offers and many more concealed weapon of a blog, which is able to build amazing relation among users and blog. Blog is just not a site, it is a energetic community, where everyone is individual to share his ideas and opinions. Optimistic behavior of blog members can establish a expansive boundaries platform.

Hopefully, these Seo tips and tricks will help you more. We would suggest you to read, How to start successful blogging journey. For further assistant, leave you comment. 😉

What is Cost Per Impression Advertising Model

Cost Per Impression:

CPM stands for cost per impression and used as an advertising and online internet marketing model. Recently we covered &  learned another interesting advertising model name is PPC (Pay Per Click). Cost per impression model is most widely used on internet marketing. Similar like PPC model. In CPM advertisers pay to publishers, when an advertisement show each time. In simple words, When each visitors see advertisement so, this would be considered an impression. Advertisers is eligible to pay publisher for each impression.

Cost Per Impression

Utilization of CPM (Cost Per Impression) model inside internet industry is now rising day by day. Almost sites, who have a lot of visitor per day then they adopt CPM model for revenue because much visitors can made much revenue with ease. I already said that, Advertising companies are now prevent fraud persons due to spamming and invalid activities.

Another fascinating thing is that, Advertising companies would exclude your own impression and then determine the active sections of visitors. Keep remember that, Google analytic would also count your own traffic on site so, it is good web-owner’s responsibility to exclude your own traffic through analytic blocker.

Here is important and highlighted point is that, Mostly web-owners and blogger insert more than one ads on single page. So, that’ means, When a visitor came on site page then all ads will be load with page at once and each would be considered an each impression. The entire mechanism of CPM is automatically handled by advertising companies like (Google Adsense,, Chitika). Advertising companies pay the selected part of amount of ads to publishers, When as per thousand impressions will be done on advertisement. So there is no chance to win spammers because spamming word is like a redundant stuff.

Cost Per Impression formula:

Cost Per impression formula similar like PPC but the tiny differ is that, we can acquire formula by divided advertising cost with total number of impression on site.

Cost Per Impression

In the Above shown acquired formula, can be used to find out the CPM. I suggest you to seek/adopt this model for your site, if your site have tons of traffic on daily basis. Let us know , Whats is your opinion and can share experience about advertising models and marketing strategies. 🙂

Pay Per Click Advertising Model

When we talked about advertising models then PPC & CTR are come in major categorize. In the earlier article, We discussed and deal with CPC (Click Through Rate) Now further advertising model continue with PPC. PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, It is also known as another name cost per click. This model is beneficial for advertisers and publishers, They utilize it for direct traffic on website. Internet marketers use this model to several places to maximize his traffic through clicks.

PPC Advertising Model

Actually advertisers utilize this PPC model for publishers or website owners. Advertisers pay the particular selected amount to the publishers, When someone clicks on that advertisement/ads, Which publishers put these ads on his website front-end and user area. Publishers are eligible for that amount, when click is made. Advertisers target his audience through keywords, which is pertinent and relevance with his target market. This usage of keywords is taken implements in his advertisement or campaign.

Publishers also understand and utilize relevant ads on his sites for user-friendly purpose. For example, If we have a blog relevant to information technology then we insert only technology ads on own site neither other because other kinds of ads create disturbance for user to understand the site criteria. Both advertising companies and publishers  collaborate with each other. So, it is essential to match keywords queries with your site criteria.

Spammers are also trying to do fake and invalid clicks. But in this era, Adverting companies are became smart and have automatically system to defend anti fake clicks by dishonest web owners and sharp-witted competitors. Therefore, Now PPC model is protected by advertising companies. They analyze the valid clicks and determine the way of click like, traffic source, IP addresses, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and timing etc then will give you selected part of money.

Pay Per Click Formula:

Sometimes we must need to find the PPC then, To accomplish our need , We can calculate the PPC by divided the advertisement cost with the total number of clicks on advertisement.

Pay Per Click

PPC based on further two primary models, First is flat rate and second is bid based. Advertiser must provide the maximum price of each click on his ads. There are so many other strategies for advertisers that, how much he can investment on his advertisement or campaigns and what he taking benefit from these ads like traffic and revenue etc.

We conclude that, PPC model are for direct traffic and advertiser is eligible to pay publishers for single click. Finally PPC model is now under protection with fraud and invalid clicks. For further queries regarding advertising models, You can concern with us.

Why Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Almost new bloggers get this message “NO DATA” on Alexa site or Alexa widget. There are numerous reasons behind Alexa message for site “No Data”. Almost initially created website have got this message and they feel angry. Because no one bloggers and website owners wants that, Their website is fallen into the ditch. Newbies always have hundreds of ambitions for progress about his site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Alexa is just see’s your website strategy and Seo (Search Engine Optimization). So, doesn’t means that, Alex is giving you punishment. Alexa follows search engines algorithms and analyze your site activities.

My Story with Alexa message No Data:

I started my carrier with knowledge idea as an online entrepreneur. Initially months, I have 19 thousand rank in my country. By and by with my daily activities without any holiday, I got 15 thousand rank with in 4 days. Actually it’s was the great achievement for my struggle.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

After few days an idea came into my mind. The idea was that, I already done lot of stuff on my site, Now I want holidays for few days. That was my fault and We also saw the reaction of inactive duration. After 3 days, I came back on work and shocked. Because Alexa showing No data message for my site.

Alexa not Showing my Site Rank Details

Before inactive duration my ranking was 15 thousand and after came back on work ranking is No data. I checked my Analytics reports, Traffic was low same as ranking and now that was the penalty for me.

What is the Solution of No data ?

human beings always learn from mistakes. After this crash with me. I learned that, Always keep active yourself on site and daily update your website. As we mentioned above that, Seo is also a part of ranking. Therefore, You must care about your site on page Seo and off page Seo. I beat the No data message with in next five days and obtained rank back on 13 thousand with active duration. That’s means, Alexa consider your site daily activities like how much post you published today and how much your website created backlinks today etc. Increase your site backlinks on everyday because it will keep update your Alexa rank. Write minimum 2 post/article on daily basis. Then after few days, at the same place on No data, rank will be appearing and your smile too 🙂

We Concluded that, beware with inactive duration. Because if you are a newbie so that is the time to work not for holidays. Time is a valuable thing, Which is passed by as a pendulum swing. If you are facing with further kinds of error with your site then you can discuss in comment box.