On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

As we know that, SEO is an online marketing term, which is used to improve search engine rank. On-Page Seo is known as the first type of Seo and its contains numerous factors and algorithms. Many of my readers and visitors asked me about On-Page Seo ranking factors and also demand for proper factors list.

Therefore,  today I’m going to write this descriptive post for proper guidance about on-page seo factors and how we can improve search engine rank with these factors usage. Let’s find out!

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors List
On-Page SEO Ranking Factors Structure

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors:

On-Page Seo is defined as, Which Seo task that you have done during login or back-end to your website is considered as on-page Seo. There are numbers of definitions but above one is clear and simple to memorize this Seo type.

Now go ahead with on-page seo ranking factors list along short description for guidance.

  1. Analyze Website (Find site niche, bugs and impairments)
  2. Keyword Research (Search finest one and low competitive keywords relevant to web category)
  3. Keyword Placement (Right keyword placement is crucial and your success)
  4. Keyword Density (How many times keyword exist in content body, recommended density 1.50%)
  5. Meta-tags (Setup Meta-title and description, Search engine utilize meta- title & description to filter searches)
  6. Meta-Robots (Index-noindex, Nodp and Noydir) *What is Nodp and Noydir
  7. XML Sitemap (Search Engine demands appropriate website road map to easily and quick access all web pages)
  8. Robots.txt (A file that contains instruction for search engine crawler)
  9. RSS FEED (Folks will be stay in touch with you and will be notified automatically)
  10. Image Optimization (Image Optimization by using ALT tag and resize their resolution) *How to Optimize Images
  11. W3 C Validation (Optimize Website Speed through cache service and save hosting bandwidth as you can) *W3 Total Cache
  12. Permalinks Structure (Setup right URL structure to boost on-page seo, keyword should be exist in your URL structure) * WordPress Permalinks Structure
  13. Google Tools (Setup or integrate Google Webmaster for administrative rights in search engine and analysis reports and Google Analytics to track single visitor on website and their activities)
  14. Rich Snippets (Highlight your content in search engine and increase visibility chances via rich snippets)
  15. Breadcrumbs (Use to display web categories/pages in well manner)

Above mentioned points are known as major and prominent on-page seo factors. Instead of these, there are other various of on-page factors but major are listed above.

Let us know, if you think above given information is proven best for you. If you are interested to learn above on-page factors then join our Seo Training Guide for free. For more discussion on that topic and your respective opinions, you may join us via below comment.

How to do SEO of Website 2015

How to do SEO:

Here is the prominent question on beginner bloggers tongue, how to do SEO of website and make it search engine friendly. Every website owner have thousands of ambitions with his blogs but SEO is the only process, which can accomplish this dream in positive manner. In today article, we will try to convey our message in appropriate form. What steps are necessary in SEO process, and how you can do it with ease.

How to do SEO

First of all, Search engine Optimization have numerous factor, some include in On page Seo and further include in Off page Seo. Seo trends are slightly changed in 2015, you can read my earlier post absolute Seo Guide 2015. Let’s start to read that how to do Seo with minimum efforts.

User friendly Website:

User friendly website refers to the simple layout and  easy navigation system sites. User always like simple site instead of these sites, which equipped with lot of tools or widgets. Provide point to point data, because user only need the information for which he comes on your site.

How to do SEO

Main menu after the header section should be easy to understand for common users. Mostly newbie uses complex words in main menu, which disturb the reader’s attention.

Design your site with brands colors because it creates the positive environment for readers. Always use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors create disturbance while reading articles. Try to make concise article and avoid repetitions. Lastly, keep away from redundancy.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Nowadays, approximately 40% of users comes through mini devices on websites so, it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

How to do SEO

Responsive websites always have maximum positive feedback because user likes website responsiveness. If we talk our website KnowledgeIDea, So 45% user daily comes through mini devices include Windows phone, Android, BlackBerry etc. We can’t overlook this crucial aspect of Seo. Try to make your site fully responsive, if you are using WordPress then must review Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Design.

Internal Seo:

Internal Seo is known as On Page Seo, which consist on various factors internally. Create xml sitemap and submit to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Create robots.txt file to give instruction search engine crawler.

How to do SEO

Establish internally links cobweb among relevant articles. Don’t forget to use anchor text inside every single hyperlinks. Anchor text will help search engine crawler to understand the hyperlink purpose to linked content.

Try to write high quality content for your blog, because it is important for sturdy Seo. You can read my article on blog writing tips, these tips will help you to generate high quality content along Seo.

Image optimization is also essential part of Seo. Optimize images with elected keywords. Use medium size of images and don’t use blur images blur images annoys the users mostly. Utilize clear images and images should be relevant with written article.

Keyword Placement is most crucial aspect of Seo. Use chosen keywords with main heading and also with sub heading. Use chosen keywords inside first paragraph of article, You can read my article on Keywords Density.in Seo articles.

External Seo:

External Seo is known as Off Page Seo, which consist on various factors externally. Backlinks are the prominent factor of external Seo. Establish strong backlinks through high PR Social bookmarking sites and top high PR forums.

How to do SEO

Social media viral are now become the part of Seo. Social media appearance or Social media traffic can be the cause of high rank. Now Search engines are emphasizing the social media traffic and counts in search ranking. Social media is the short way to get the success destination. Create attractive or catchy profile on Social media sites. Guest blogging is another and new trend of valuable backlinks. Guest blogging can increase your fans community on another platform.

Above headings representing or highlighting the main points of Search engine optimization. These above mentioned points are prominent factor with Seo perspective. Adopt these algorithms and makes your site Seo friendly, Mostly user include my few friends ignore internal linking while writing articles but remember that these internal linking can become the cause of low bounce rate that’s means maximum pageviews with minimum users rate. So don’t overlook these small aspects and try to share these tips with other friends.

Eventually we concluded that, Seo is little bit tricky but once time you do it then next time it will give you maximum positive return. For further help or feedback, use the comment box. 😉

On-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

On-Page Seo Factors:

To the beginning of Seo, We learned about Seo factors or elements. Firstly, We know that, Seo have two roots Organic Seo and Paid Seo. Lets see, Both have own worth but here, we discuss about organic Seo with enhancement. As we know that, Organic Seo have long time age on search engines. So before ahead, We clear few things. Organic Seo have tow branches On Page Seo and Off Page Seo.

On Page Seo Factors
On Page Seo Factors

On page and off page Seo consist on dozen of methods and ways. But we will express only vital methods. Slightly ahead, We know that Organic ways will take time to show his worth in search engines but organic Seo is sustainable in search engines. Lets start and explain On Page Seo respectively.

On Page Seo:

On Page Seo is a kind of organic Seo. In simple words, Optimization of your website content, tags, links, and other factors are called On page Seo. Example: Publish post, creating xml sitemap and robots tags etc. Before do off page Seo, We stress on on-page Seo. As we mentioned above on page Seo have links, content, meta tags and image optimization. Major elements of on page Seo.

  1. Content
  2. Internal links
  3. Meta-Tags
  4. XML Sitemap
  5. Robots.txt
  6. Alt Tags

1. Content:

We always emphasis on original and fresh content. Because its entertain the user but with Seo point of view, Search Engines preference unique and fresh content sites. Don’t try to add duplicate content on your website because search engine will caught you one day then they will penalize you site permanently. Beware of these action and activity. Try to generate original and fresh quality content on your site. Unique and fresh content will help your site to increase his ranking in search engines.

2. Internal Linking:

Internal links are another factor of on-page Seo. In which internal linking, We place in-bound and out-bound link means internal website links or external website links. Suppose, If you are writing an article about fashion and during writing article, You utilize few keywords like “Cloth fashion” and if you have a cloth fashion post on your site then link this specific keyword to that post. This is called to be internal links. And same procedure apply for outside site link called to be external link. Try to add 4-5 internal links in your content. But always put link on keywords and during making links use anchor text because its important for Seo.

3. Meta-Tags:

Meta-tags is useful for search engines and element of on-page Seo. You can use meta-title, meta-description and meta-keywords for Seo optimization. These tags make a perfect snippets in search engines. Meta title contains maximum 70 characters and meta-description contains 150 character. These tags tell them search engines about your article information. Keep remember that, Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking. But other search engines like Yahoo,Bing recognize and give importance meta-keywords. So, We can use meta-keywords on our side with any hesitation because it’s not harmful for your site.

4. XML Sitemap:

XML Sitemap is the most important factor of on-page Seo. Hundreds of our website users have a same question “What does sitemap in Seo“. Answer is quite simple. Sitemap is a map of your website. Complete and accurate map of your site. Sitemap consist on address of URL pages, which help to search engines to find page directly and crawl quickly. Read How to create sitemap for website.

5. Robots.txt:

Robots.txt is an instruction text file for search engines and crucial part of on-page Seo. Robots.txt is an instruction for search engines and based on few lines of text. These lines can write manually no need to integrate and install plugin. You can make your site robots.txt file via simple notepad or other code editors. Read How to create Robots.txt file for website. Robots.txt always found on website root directory.

6. Alt Tags:

Alt tags is useful for Seo and beneficial for Google images. When someone search on Google with particular keyword. And this search with Google Images so Google filter the all images and display strong Seo images. Which is belong to this given keyword. If you are familiar with WordPress then stress on your mind and think the moment, when you were upload images in WordPress. After finish upload WordPress demand few query related with image like image title, image description, alt tag and image caption. In which alt tag box, just place you post keyword and done. Because Seo experts recommend place your keyword in every post image alt tag box. This procedure called Image Seo.

Recapitulate the on-page Seo factors. I personally suggest you, Apply above these factors on your website. Don’t underestimate the potential of Seo. You can Read 5 things that will improve organic Seo instantly. For further question concern with Seo use below comment box. 🙂