OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description

Do you know? Why everyone is so enthusiastic and eager for Off-Page Seo. The answer is due to his efficient response and long-term relationship. In my earlier article, we listed On-Page Seo factors list and now we will continue from Off-Page Seo ranking factors list with brief guide for reader’s convenience.

OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors List With Short Description
OFF-Page SEO Ranking Factors

Off-Page Seo Ranking Factors List:

Off-Page Seo is considered as backbone of Search Engine Optimization. External Seo is another name of off-page Seo. In this part of Seo, we make a strong presence of our domain/website in search engine. Off-Page Seo has numerous factors, in which backlinks is one of the prominent and major factor. Let’s talk about off-page Seo factors list with brief guidance.

  1. Social Bookmarking Submission (Social bookmarking is a best source to redirect their users on your website, just submit your website references/source URL and tags) *Top Social bookmarking sites for Seo
  2. Forums Submission (Discussion Boards, Where you can introduce your website, services and can engage with another business persons) *70+ High PR Forum Sites List For Seo
  3. Guest Posting (Write articles for another web communities because it is a best way to increase two communities relationships and also finest way to grab another community readers attention) *What is Guest Blogging in Seo
  4. Social Media Link Strategy (FB, Twitter, G+, Pin, LinkedIn, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc)
  5. Directories Submission (Submit website to popular directories and in relevant categories like Yahoo and Dmoz)
  6. Article Submission (Submit your recent published articles to search engines and bookmarks)
  7. Write a Press Release (A media news release or new announcement about company and person like Google News)
  8. Blog Commenting (Medium and popular way to redirect and generate lots of users until the link will be available on their places) *Is Blog Commenting Still Effective From Seo Perspective?
  9. Classified Ads Platform (If you are selling any service i.e hosting, product etc then classified is a modern way to view your product in search engine prominent searches. Examples: amazon, eBay and Olx)
  10. Video Marketing (YouTube is one the finest way to get direct backlinks from YouTube channels and videos, join another portals like vimeo, dailymotion and vevo)
  11. Yellow Page (A platform, where you can find any business location via map and view their services. Sign up and submit your services and map location to target worldwide clients)
  12. Sitemap Submission (Submit website xml sitemap to Google/Bing/Yandex Webmaster. It is crucial to give alert notification for crawler that means our site is now ready for index) *How to submit website sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool
  13. Understand Google Webmaster Tools (Remove bugs and 404 not found pages because not available pages can effect on your search engine ranking) *Google Webmaster Tools and its features
  14. Understand Google Analytics (Track your organic searches and keywords through Analytics and working on them in future)
  15. Understand Google Trends (Google trends provides you information about keywords trends, fluctuations and geographical location searches)

Above mentioned off-page Seo ranking factors are major and playing vital role in search engine marketing. Newsletter, competitive keywords analysis are also part of above factors.

Le us know, if you find this article useful and remarkable. If you are interested to above off-page seo factors and their implementation then join our Seo Training Program free for beginners. For more discussion and your respective opinions, leave your comment.

How to do SEO of Website 2015

How to do SEO:

Here is the prominent question on beginner bloggers tongue, how to do SEO of website and make it search engine friendly. Every website owner have thousands of ambitions with his blogs but SEO is the only process, which can accomplish this dream in positive manner. In today article, we will try to convey our message in appropriate form. What steps are necessary in SEO process, and how you can do it with ease.

How to do SEO

First of all, Search engine Optimization have numerous factor, some include in On page Seo and further include in Off page Seo. Seo trends are slightly changed in 2015, you can read my earlier post absolute Seo Guide 2015. Let’s start to read that how to do Seo with minimum efforts.

User friendly Website:

User friendly website refers to the simple layout and  easy navigation system sites. User always like simple site instead of these sites, which equipped with lot of tools or widgets. Provide point to point data, because user only need the information for which he comes on your site.

How to do SEO

Main menu after the header section should be easy to understand for common users. Mostly newbie uses complex words in main menu, which disturb the reader’s attention.

Design your site with brands colors because it creates the positive environment for readers. Always use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors create disturbance while reading articles. Try to make concise article and avoid repetitions. Lastly, keep away from redundancy.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Nowadays, approximately 40% of users comes through mini devices on websites so, it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

How to do SEO

Responsive websites always have maximum positive feedback because user likes website responsiveness. If we talk our website KnowledgeIDea, So 45% user daily comes through mini devices include Windows phone, Android, BlackBerry etc. We can’t overlook this crucial aspect of Seo. Try to make your site fully responsive, if you are using WordPress then must review Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Design.

Internal Seo:

Internal Seo is known as On Page Seo, which consist on various factors internally. Create xml sitemap and submit to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Create robots.txt file to give instruction search engine crawler.

How to do SEO

Establish internally links cobweb among relevant articles. Don’t forget to use anchor text inside every single hyperlinks. Anchor text will help search engine crawler to understand the hyperlink purpose to linked content.

Try to write high quality content for your blog, because it is important for sturdy Seo. You can read my article on blog writing tips, these tips will help you to generate high quality content along Seo.

Image optimization is also essential part of Seo. Optimize images with elected keywords. Use medium size of images and don’t use blur images blur images annoys the users mostly. Utilize clear images and images should be relevant with written article.

Keyword Placement is most crucial aspect of Seo. Use chosen keywords with main heading and also with sub heading. Use chosen keywords inside first paragraph of article, You can read my article on Keywords Seo articles.

External Seo:

External Seo is known as Off Page Seo, which consist on various factors externally. Backlinks are the prominent factor of external Seo. Establish strong backlinks through high PR Social bookmarking sites and top high PR forums.

How to do SEO

Social media viral are now become the part of Seo. Social media appearance or Social media traffic can be the cause of high rank. Now Search engines are emphasizing the social media traffic and counts in search ranking. Social media is the short way to get the success destination. Create attractive or catchy profile on Social media sites. Guest blogging is another and new trend of valuable backlinks. Guest blogging can increase your fans community on another platform.

Above headings representing or highlighting the main points of Search engine optimization. These above mentioned points are prominent factor with Seo perspective. Adopt these algorithms and makes your site Seo friendly, Mostly user include my few friends ignore internal linking while writing articles but remember that these internal linking can become the cause of low bounce rate that’s means maximum pageviews with minimum users rate. So don’t overlook these small aspects and try to share these tips with other friends.

Eventually we concluded that, Seo is little bit tricky but once time you do it then next time it will give you maximum positive return. For further help or feedback, use the comment box. 😉

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015

Seo Guide in 2015:

We always discuss or disclose about Seo trends, algorithms and Google updates. Same as, we discussed in previous year on Seo guide in 2014. Now again, We are doing quest to update our users with search engine algorithms and trends in 2015. Every single minute search engines are enhancing itself in ranking, tools and gadgets, algorithms (Set of rules) and much more.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015

Search engine are engaged to making his algorithms better through audience feedback. It is positive step or victory point, who adopts this algorithms. There are following factors, who came on the front in 2015 SEO guide.

  • Mini Devices Ready (Responsive Design)
  • Social Media Appearance
  • Active site OR Consistency

Mini Devices Ready:

Responsive design is the prominent aspect because users search experience now growing and going by mini devices. According to survey, 40% of internet users  utilizing mini devices during searching on internet.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 1

40% is not pause and this percentage is increasing day by day. So, you can estimate the worth of 40% users activities, conversations or more. Which are going to ditch, due to unresponsive design. That is why, Search engines emphasize on responsive design and this responsive design is now became the factor of Search engine ranking.  Now, its is your responsibility to design to site template or theme according to the user need.

Social Media Appearance:

Social media is already crucial factor of off page Seo. Tendency of social media is expanding with the passage of time. Users are now became smart, In other words, Awareness of social media and its usage is enhancing day by day. Website appearance or presence should be found on social media sites. Getting traffic via social media is now became trend. Search engines also count or includes social media traffic in search engine ranking.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 2

It is a good or responsible blogger practice to make your well-efficient company profile on social media. You can avail benefit to read Social media for business and Google Plus for Business. Make your grasp on social media groups, because it is a huge factor to grab tons of traffic. Social media traffic is considered as a high PR or sturdy backlinks.

Active Site OR Consistency:

before now, we declared this one aspect. Daily activities or conversation should be on site is known as active site. Regularity in daily posting and activities makes your site refresh. Consistency putting impact on user side, because almost user likes up-to-date sites. So, it can become the cause of returning users.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 3

Don’t put your stamina on redundant stuff instead of provide them valuable or lovable content, which is user demands. Subscription is also a big opportunity among blogger and user, Which keeps update both of them.


On page Seo and off page Seo is still existing on his places, so don’t ignore these precious factors. This article is about enhancing factors in algorithms. So, accumulate these three factors in the previous Search engine optimization factors. Now it’s your responsibility, to organize your blog with new algorithms.

We Concluded that, Seo is now becoming incredible stuff with day by day. Seo guide in 2015 is not complicated before. For further guidance regard Seo and its algorithms then you may leave your comment. 😉

Off Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Off Page Seo Factors:

Recap the previous article about On Page Seo factors role in website ranking. We learned the lot of component/factors of on-page Seo and We said, before doing off page Seo try to optimize your site with on page Seo. Both are mandatory and reliable for Organic Seo. In this article, We reveal only off page Seo factors with enhancement and new update features/algorithms. First we need to  clarify few things such as, Search Engines update his algorithms with the passage of time. So, Well known Seo experts observe these strategies and adopt it for own sites then recommend to others.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Recently Google Plus update is algorithms and said, Google Authorship no longer supported to search engines result. So, this means that, an efficient Seo expert always update himself with search engines and his algorithms. Now let’s start, off page Seo and his major factors.

Off Page Seo:

Off page Seo is a kind of Organic Seo. In simple words, Outside activity for your website optimization like building backlink, web directories, social media connections etc called to be off page Seo. Off page Seo is essential part of Seo and Search engines give preference these website, Who have presence on others high PR websites. External Seo/Off page Seo/ both are represent one thing. Don’t be worried because, Who are not aware with off page Seo they feel panic in beginning but don’t hesitate yourself.  We categories off page Seo in following factors.

  1. Building Back-links
  2. Submit Site to Search Engines
  3. Social Media connection
  4. Link Quality

1. Building Backlinks:

Backlinks is the backbone of off page Seo. Search Engines always preference backlink because its honor for website owner. Who have the presence of his site to others hundreds of high PR sites. So, When one website is linked to other than we consider a backlink to this site. Slightly ahead question is arising here, “how and where we can create backlinks”. So answer is quite simple, You can create your website backlinks on forums, blogs comments, through articles, through guest post,web directories and bookmarks.On forums, they will provide signature tool to edit and create your links but every signal forums have different criteria than other. Almost forums have some restriction due to avoid spam.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Always respect other site terms and condition or privacy polices. Blog comments are well-known and appropriate method to establish backlink instantly. Submit your website to reputed web directories such as Dmoz and yahoo are popular web directories.

2. Submit Site to Search Engines:

Newbies are not familiar with this juncture. When website of blog created then it is crucial step for every website to submit his site to search engines. Because search engine don’t know about your website presence that’s why it is leading and major step to tell them all search engines about your website presence. Specially leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, MSN etc. Read How to submit website to Google.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Approximately all search engines have same procedure for verify website ownership then submit to search engines.

3. Social Media Connection:

Social media emerging in this era are major factor of Seo. Search engines are now smart and genius and they know the value of social media backlinks. Social media traffic now become the part of finest Seo. Search engines give preference and recognize social media traffic and they count this traffic in website ranking. Social media have great importance in this rising world.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

We can’t under-estimate these valuable traffic which are coming through social media sites. Leading social media site are following as , Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn etc

4. Link Quality:

Backlinks are important as we mentioned above but during making backlinks,Few rules and techniques are exist. These techniques will make your backlink strong and increase your website keywords strength. Backlink have two types, Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks. We should care about link quality. Seo experts recommend that, make maximum dofollow backlink because dofollow backlinks are valuable and strengthen. If possible so, exchange links between websites.

Summarize all above steps are known as off page Seo. Don’t forget to make dofollow links instead of nofollow. Almost blogs comment box are creating nofollow backlinks. Before do anything, You need to learn first about this thing. Off page Seo is compulsory for every website or blog because backlinks does work as a cobweb on internet. For more question regarding Organic Seo use below comment box. 😉