How to do SEO of Website 2015

How to do SEO:

Here is the prominent question on beginner bloggers tongue, how to do SEO of website and make it search engine friendly. Every website owner have thousands of ambitions with his blogs but SEO is the only process, which can accomplish this dream in positive manner. In today article, we will try to convey our message in appropriate form. What steps are necessary in SEO process, and how you can do it with ease.

How to do SEO

First of all, Search engine Optimization have numerous factor, some include in On page Seo and further include in Off page Seo. Seo trends are slightly changed in 2015, you can read my earlier post absolute Seo Guide 2015. Let’s start to read that how to do Seo with minimum efforts.

User friendly Website:

User friendly website refers to the simple layout and  easy navigation system sites. User always like simple site instead of these sites, which equipped with lot of tools or widgets. Provide point to point data, because user only need the information for which he comes on your site.

How to do SEO

Main menu after the header section should be easy to understand for common users. Mostly newbie uses complex words in main menu, which disturb the reader’s attention.

Design your site with brands colors because it creates the positive environment for readers. Always use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors create disturbance while reading articles. Try to make concise article and avoid repetitions. Lastly, keep away from redundancy.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Nowadays, approximately 40% of users comes through mini devices on websites so, it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

How to do SEO

Responsive websites always have maximum positive feedback because user likes website responsiveness. If we talk our website KnowledgeIDea, So 45% user daily comes through mini devices include Windows phone, Android, BlackBerry etc. We can’t overlook this crucial aspect of Seo. Try to make your site fully responsive, if you are using WordPress then must review Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Design.

Internal Seo:

Internal Seo is known as On Page Seo, which consist on various factors internally. Create xml sitemap and submit to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Create robots.txt file to give instruction search engine crawler.

How to do SEO

Establish internally links cobweb among relevant articles. Don’t forget to use anchor text inside every single hyperlinks. Anchor text will help search engine crawler to understand the hyperlink purpose to linked content.

Try to write high quality content for your blog, because it is important for sturdy Seo. You can read my article on blog writing tips, these tips will help you to generate high quality content along Seo.

Image optimization is also essential part of Seo. Optimize images with elected keywords. Use medium size of images and don’t use blur images blur images annoys the users mostly. Utilize clear images and images should be relevant with written article.

Keyword Placement is most crucial aspect of Seo. Use chosen keywords with main heading and also with sub heading. Use chosen keywords inside first paragraph of article, You can read my article on Keywords Seo articles.

External Seo:

External Seo is known as Off Page Seo, which consist on various factors externally. Backlinks are the prominent factor of external Seo. Establish strong backlinks through high PR Social bookmarking sites and top high PR forums.

How to do SEO

Social media viral are now become the part of Seo. Social media appearance or Social media traffic can be the cause of high rank. Now Search engines are emphasizing the social media traffic and counts in search ranking. Social media is the short way to get the success destination. Create attractive or catchy profile on Social media sites. Guest blogging is another and new trend of valuable backlinks. Guest blogging can increase your fans community on another platform.

Above headings representing or highlighting the main points of Search engine optimization. These above mentioned points are prominent factor with Seo perspective. Adopt these algorithms and makes your site Seo friendly, Mostly user include my few friends ignore internal linking while writing articles but remember that these internal linking can become the cause of low bounce rate that’s means maximum pageviews with minimum users rate. So don’t overlook these small aspects and try to share these tips with other friends.

Eventually we concluded that, Seo is little bit tricky but once time you do it then next time it will give you maximum positive return. For further help or feedback, use the comment box. 😉

5 Seo Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

Almost we are familiar with Seo performance and its finest results. Majority of bloggers claim that, they have no getting advantages with Seo. Now here, we will show you the actual Seo tips and tricks, which helps you to drive organic traffic on your website. Before expressing or go ahead, keep remember Seo definitely work every time but its depend on many factors like time, struggle, consistency and many more.

Seo Tips and Tricks:

As we discussed in my earlier post Absolute Seo Guide, Seo appends few factors in his algorithms. Now let’s start to illustrate the prominent Seo tips and tricks.

  1. Domain Age
  2. Backlinks (External Links)
  3. Meta Tags (Title & Description)
  4. Consistency (Regularity)
  5. Optimistic Behavior

Seo Tips and Tricks

Domain Age:

Numerous bloggers are have many divergent queries about traffic reduction. Domain age is the essential factor or practical logic behind huge traffic. Because search engines prefer old domains, the actual reason is experience or professionalism, old blogger maintained every single aspect on his site from old times. So, you should need to spend time and efforts on your site with vigorous future. Don’t be worried about success or traffic ratio, it will be yours forever.

Backlinks or External Links:

Sound looks pretty, Backlinks is already exist in currently Seo algorithms. Search engines don’t overlook this aspect and trying to make it prospective better. Google plus & Social media sites are the sturdy way to develop better approach with backlinks. Read my valuable or precise post on Google plus for business and Social media for business. Strong backlinks may become the cause of better Google PageRank. Try to establishing the maximum quality or quantity of backlinks.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags are known as the backbone of absolute Seo. Search engine itself emphasize on meta title and meta description. Make sure that, both (meta title and meta description) should contain on elected keyword and relevant with article content. Meta keywords now, no longer  exist in Seo algorithms. Read Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking.

Consistency (Regularity):

Consistency or regularity is necessary for site superior carrier. Publish at least one article on daily basis and can do more as your capacity. Update your blog with consistency and provide them unique or fresh content to your readers. Make sure, website design or navigation should be accurate or user-friendly. Send weekly newsletter with multiples promotion or offers, these things divert user mind to your site. Try to write intellectual or influential writing, these tips and tricks grasp the user’s attention.

Optimistic Behavior:

Mostly bloggers don’t try to establish interaction among users and blog. Feedback, Email newsletters, free offers and many more concealed weapon of a blog, which is able to build amazing relation among users and blog. Blog is just not a site, it is a energetic community, where everyone is individual to share his ideas and opinions. Optimistic behavior of blog members can establish a expansive boundaries platform.

Hopefully, these Seo tips and tricks will help you more. We would suggest you to read, How to start successful blogging journey. For further assistant, leave you comment. 😉

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015

Seo Guide in 2015:

We always discuss or disclose about Seo trends, algorithms and Google updates. Same as, we discussed in previous year on Seo guide in 2014. Now again, We are doing quest to update our users with search engine algorithms and trends in 2015. Every single minute search engines are enhancing itself in ranking, tools and gadgets, algorithms (Set of rules) and much more.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015

Search engine are engaged to making his algorithms better through audience feedback. It is positive step or victory point, who adopts this algorithms. There are following factors, who came on the front in 2015 SEO guide.

  • Mini Devices Ready (Responsive Design)
  • Social Media Appearance
  • Active site OR Consistency

Mini Devices Ready:

Responsive design is the prominent aspect because users search experience now growing and going by mini devices. According to survey, 40% of internet users  utilizing mini devices during searching on internet.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 1

40% is not pause and this percentage is increasing day by day. So, you can estimate the worth of 40% users activities, conversations or more. Which are going to ditch, due to unresponsive design. That is why, Search engines emphasize on responsive design and this responsive design is now became the factor of Search engine ranking.  Now, its is your responsibility to design to site template or theme according to the user need.

Social Media Appearance:

Social media is already crucial factor of off page Seo. Tendency of social media is expanding with the passage of time. Users are now became smart, In other words, Awareness of social media and its usage is enhancing day by day. Website appearance or presence should be found on social media sites. Getting traffic via social media is now became trend. Search engines also count or includes social media traffic in search engine ranking.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 2

It is a good or responsible blogger practice to make your well-efficient company profile on social media. You can avail benefit to read Social media for business and Google Plus for Business. Make your grasp on social media groups, because it is a huge factor to grab tons of traffic. Social media traffic is considered as a high PR or sturdy backlinks.

Active Site OR Consistency:

before now, we declared this one aspect. Daily activities or conversation should be on site is known as active site. Regularity in daily posting and activities makes your site refresh. Consistency putting impact on user side, because almost user likes up-to-date sites. So, it can become the cause of returning users.

Absolute Seo Guide in 2015 step 3

Don’t put your stamina on redundant stuff instead of provide them valuable or lovable content, which is user demands. Subscription is also a big opportunity among blogger and user, Which keeps update both of them.


On page Seo and off page Seo is still existing on his places, so don’t ignore these precious factors. This article is about enhancing factors in algorithms. So, accumulate these three factors in the previous Search engine optimization factors. Now it’s your responsibility, to organize your blog with new algorithms.

We Concluded that, Seo is now becoming incredible stuff with day by day. Seo guide in 2015 is not complicated before. For further guidance regard Seo and its algorithms then you may leave your comment. 😉

Pay Per Click Advertising Model

When we talked about advertising models then PPC & CTR are come in major categorize. In the earlier article, We discussed and deal with CPC (Click Through Rate) Now further advertising model continue with PPC. PPC Stands for Pay Per Click, It is also known as another name cost per click. This model is beneficial for advertisers and publishers, They utilize it for direct traffic on website. Internet marketers use this model to several places to maximize his traffic through clicks.

PPC Advertising Model

Actually advertisers utilize this PPC model for publishers or website owners. Advertisers pay the particular selected amount to the publishers, When someone clicks on that advertisement/ads, Which publishers put these ads on his website front-end and user area. Publishers are eligible for that amount, when click is made. Advertisers target his audience through keywords, which is pertinent and relevance with his target market. This usage of keywords is taken implements in his advertisement or campaign.

Publishers also understand and utilize relevant ads on his sites for user-friendly purpose. For example, If we have a blog relevant to information technology then we insert only technology ads on own site neither other because other kinds of ads create disturbance for user to understand the site criteria. Both advertising companies and publishers  collaborate with each other. So, it is essential to match keywords queries with your site criteria.

Spammers are also trying to do fake and invalid clicks. But in this era, Adverting companies are became smart and have automatically system to defend anti fake clicks by dishonest web owners and sharp-witted competitors. Therefore, Now PPC model is protected by advertising companies. They analyze the valid clicks and determine the way of click like, traffic source, IP addresses, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and timing etc then will give you selected part of money.

Pay Per Click Formula:

Sometimes we must need to find the PPC then, To accomplish our need , We can calculate the PPC by divided the advertisement cost with the total number of clicks on advertisement.

Pay Per Click

PPC based on further two primary models, First is flat rate and second is bid based. Advertiser must provide the maximum price of each click on his ads. There are so many other strategies for advertisers that, how much he can investment on his advertisement or campaigns and what he taking benefit from these ads like traffic and revenue etc.

We conclude that, PPC model are for direct traffic and advertiser is eligible to pay publishers for single click. Finally PPC model is now under protection with fraud and invalid clicks. For further queries regarding advertising models, You can concern with us.

How to Increase Google PageRank

How to Increase Google PageRank (PR):

Every blogger and website owners wants high PageRank because high PageRank gives you top position in search engines. Most of the blogger are familiar with the word “Google PageRank“. Read Google PageRank and its importance. In earlier articles, We learned about Google PageRank history and its importance. Now we will reveal that, How to increase Google PageRank. Google PageRank depend on various factors, Some are Seo factors and some are technical tips.

How to Increase Google Page Rank

Before go ahead, We need to know about few things. Google  PageRank work with external links and content quality. Seo experts recommend that, PageRank is an enormous hand in the quality of backlinks. Further factors are content, daily update blog, Meta-tags, Social media presence. Let see the whole procedure in explanatory form.

Quality Backlinks:

Quality backlinks is a powerful factors in the perspective of PageRank. If you want to improve your website PageRank than try to increase your backlinks numbers but links should be not redundant and useless. Google determine the links availability and its quality then Google permit you’re a PageRank. Read this article to know about backlinks quality: What is Nofollow or Dofollow rel attributes. Often viewers or readers have an authentic question in his mind that, How we can build/create backlinks and where ?

Such questions became a headache. Don’t be anxious. You can join a lot of communities to fabricate your backlinks such as, Forums, Bookmarks, Web directories ans specially social media sites. You can also do guest post on other relevance blogs to spread your quality backlinks. Must recommend to submit your site to dmoz or yahoo directory,It would be considered as a magnificent backlink.

Content Writing:

Content writing is an important and valuable reason for PageRank. Google always suggest that, Content should be fresh and unique because readers wants fresh and update content. Use high stranded vocabulary in you content writing. Avoid to grammatical mistakes inside content. Try to writing minimum 400 words articles and maximum length can be 1000 plus words. If your budget allows then try to hire content writer. They can write well systematic and prominent content for you.

Daily Update:

Personally as my own experience, We will suggest you to update your blog or website on daily basis. This daily updating on blog will make you crazy and deranged but believe me your blog will take rank soon in Google. Other thing is daily post ratio, Its depend on your struggle and time because everybody can not do the same task and same things. Actually there is no threshold of daily post. But you can publish one or two post minimum as per day. But remember that, Consistency is more important.

Increase Google Page Rank


Meta tags are working as a driver of websites. The fact that, Meta-tags are useful thing only for search engines. Meta-tags are consist on few tags like, Meta title, meta description, meta keyword, and friendly URL. Meta tags are essential food for search engines. You can say that, Meta-tags are the representative of our sites in search engines. Search engines utilize these tags for search results. Search results consist on title,description/snippet and URL of web pages. It is our responsibility that, Provide these meta tags in meaningful form.

Increase Google Page Rank

Here is question arise that, Google doesn’t recognize meta-keywords so why we use meta keyword tag for every web page. Actually people’s see the one side action/process,  Instead of Google other search engines recognize and use meta keywords in search ranking. Meta-keywords usage are not harmful for you site but don’t use lot of keywords in single post, and utilize meaningful meta-keywords.

Social Media Sites:

In this era, Google now has become smart and recognize social media traffic. This means that, Google count social media sites traffic in search ranking. Mostly, Websites taking traffic through social media sites. Famous and major social sites like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc. You can generate backlinks through social media sites and get strong backlinks from your social media profiles. Create your fan pages on social media sites then promote your business.

Now the consequence is that, Follow these above steps and you can get a good position in Google search engine. High PageRank is also an honor and distinction for a website owner. You can alert me if you have any questions. 🙂

Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance

Google Page Rank (PR) and its Importance:

Google Page rank is one of the most important Seo factor. Every person, who working on internet know about Google Search Engine. Google have numbers of algorithms and one of the algorithm is Page Rank.Google Page rank was developed in 1996 in Stafford university by Larry page and Sergey brin according to Wikipedia.These two personalities are known as the founders of Google and Larry Page are the current CEO of Google. This word “Page Rank” was taken from founder name Larry Page. Google page rank is the path of measure websites value and its worth. Every website or blogs have a page rank (0-10). Google give page rank, Start from 0 and end to 10. Initially new websites have “0” page rank but by and by and with the passage of time, If your website do struggle with lot of experience then Google give you a page rank. No one not sure about page rank for initial websites. It’s totally depends on your website activities. It’s not only algorithm by Google, That is the entire result of any website or position in search engine (Google).

Google Page Rank

Importance of Google Page Rank (PR):

After know about page rank and its biography. So it is pivotal to know that, What factors are involved in page rank. Google page rank algorithm work with external linking. It is no doubt that backlinks are the vital cause of page rank. Google determine that, How many web pages links connect with this specific pages and links pages are valuable or not. Specially both pages are relevance to each other or not. Well known website have PR (Page Rank) start to 3,4 and so on to 10. Backlinks are counted in off page Seo. Because it is off side site work. We should care about backlinks quality because Google and other search engines doesn’t recognize and doesn’t count redundant or useless links. For more valuable backlinks quality read Dofollow and Nofollow links article. Backlinks criteria and procedure look like a cobweb. Because one website link to three web pages and these three web pages links other three webpages and this procedure of backlinks works repeatedly. Google will determine your backlinks quality then Google will permit you a page rank. You can read below highlight articles that belongs to page rank.

As my years of experience, We suggest you to read this article “5 Things that will improve organic Seo“. Hopefully, this articles will help you to get better rank in search engine. Always try to best as yourself. Seo experts is like a doctor of sites because they know better about website strategy. For more inquiry and ask questions leave the comment below. 🙂

5 Things that will improve organic Seo

5 Things that will improve organic Seo:

Every blogger and website owners thinks that, How we get instant result via organic Seo because organic Seo have long age on search engines. Seo have two branches respectively. (1) Organic Seo (2) Pay Per Click (PPC) But here we only discuss on Organic ways. Organic Seo provide better convenience to drive efficient traffic, that’s why Seo experts recommend organic Seo. Other convenience is that, It has no cost. completely free,but it will take your complete attention. In this article we will manifest the superior methods to improve website Seo instantly. On Internet, You will find hundred of tricks and tips to rank your website or blog But keep remember, every tricks and tips have an experience and hard-working. Now today, we are share our many years experience with you. We highlighted Organic Seo in proven 5 methods.

organic Seo

We analysis the current market strategy then summarize all procedure in this article. Seo have no threshold means that, Seo algorithms will be change with the passage of time that’s why we always update our articles with the passage of time. Our first priority to provide fresh articles. Let’s come back on topic, Organic Seo still have worth in market. We categories these appropriate methods in 5 ways as under.

1. Content is King

Everyone is aware with this method, But don’t care about with it.Content is king means that, a finest website based on fresh content, unique content website always found top on Google or any search engines. Because Google prefer unique and meaningful content. A content can be the cause of better website or blog. Approximately users like good writing content websites. If your grip on English has poor, and you have a budget then  hire a writer from freelancing websites e.g (UpWork, Elance, Freelancer). This thing will help you to gain positive point for your blog. Use appropriate and unique content because Google don’t like match (Copy Paste date) data, avoid these tricks otherwise Google penalize your website maybe you lose your site presence from search engine. Try to write unique content as yourself. Your content should be descriptive and express your main point with examples e.g (Screenshots, images).

organic Seo.

Mostly clumsy(inexperienced) writers doesn’t care about article environment. Article environment means that, Elegant article contains content with images and screenshots because media (Videos, Images, Screenshots) keeps the user entertain. Content length should be 300 -1000 plus words. 

2. Meta Tags:

As we are talking about “Organic Seo”, So Meta-tags is an essential part of Seo. In meta-tags various kinds exist But meta-title, meta-description,meta-keywords are mostly used in organic Seo. Meta-title contains main heading of your whole article, like “5 Things that will improve organic Seo ” Maximum length of Meta-title is 65 characters. Next is, Meta-description consist on descriptive information about this post. Maximum length of Meta-description is 150 characters. Last is Meta-Keywords, it consist on few meaningful keywords or keywords place in heading paragraphs and content many times. Actually during writing article, we should provide target keywords in content e.g (First paragraph, Middle Paragraph, last paragraph/conclusion). Keywords selection is most tricky task for beginners. Do not worry. Use keyword planner tool (Google tool for keywords), this tools provide you complete control globally searches keywords, country keywords, I personally suggest you, don’t use high competition keywords instead of  low competition.

Organic Seo

you may  use low or medium competition keywords because you can get rank on them easily instead of high. Use 5k above monthly searches keywords. Here is one thing to know, Keywords should be relevant with content. Don’t use irrelevant keywords. Put your keyword with Moderation. Keep remember important thing, Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tags for website ranking instead of meta-title or meta-description. You can use noodp or noydir meta-tags to enhance your Seo.

3. External & Internal Linking:

Usually, We listened a word “External Link,backlink, and inbound links” all are represent one thing. Any link or traffic received from referral website  to come on our site, this link should be considered as a external link or Backlink. This referral can be from any social media site,directory etc. More Backlinks indicate the website popularity. Interesting thing is that, Still backlinks have a presence and value in search engines e.g(Google,Yahoo,Bing,MSN,). 

Organic Seo

You need establish high PR (Page Rank) Backlinks to increase your website popularity and traffic. Join High PR Forums,Blog commenting, Social profiles, directories etc. Keep remember backlink should be do follow. Sometimes users don’t aware about  rules and they use prohibited methods to create backlinks, that is spamming and please avoid from spamming because no one search engine and website owners support spamming they will take as a invalid activity from your website this means your website reputation can be lose.Beware from these invalid activity. Second part is Internal link, Internal link is performing important role in Organic Seo. We need to link One page of website to the other page of the website and this other page link with others, this procedure can repeat many times. Keep remember interlinks with specific content keyword is a good Seo art. 

Organic Seo

Homepage should be interlinks with approximately all pages same as the above image. Interlinking will help you to maximize your traffic. Let’s assume, One user reading your article and you put three interlinks in each paragraph with other relevant post on your site then while reading if he/she click on this link and redirect on second article and in the next post same process will occur repeatedly.

4. Website Submission:

Website submission is a necessary part of Seo, Because search engine need to know about your website presence. That’s why we Submit our website to Google through webmaster (Google Product/tool). Google webmaster provides the elegant dashboard to monetize website. Simply you need a Gmail account to access every Google product after sign in to your webmaster account. Few ways to add site on webmaster you need to add given meta script on your site head section Or upload given html file on your hosting server root directory.

Organic Seo

Same as Google perform this action on Bing,Yahoo or other search engines. After verify/add your website, Must submit your website sitemap in webmaster. Because sitemap is an address of URL (Universal Resource Locator) and helps to search engines spiders to crawl your website with appropriate path. A suggestion, a Good website owner check daily webmaster tool, that will help us to keep update yourself from Search engines.

5. Update your Website:

Update your website or blog is a most important factor of Seo. Actually as my own experience, I saw that, Google always prefer to update your website with consistency. If you are a blogger then update your blog on regular basis. Minimum 2-3 post is quiet and enough for one day. Maximum there is no threshold of post articles. If you are a regular basis blogger and update your website daily with fresh and unique content then Google crawler comes on daily basis. Send newsletter to your subscriber about your new post and invite them.Hopefully good content will return your hard-working reward one day. 

Organic Seo

Let us know, your skillfully ideas about Seo, We are here to share our skill with others. If you like our articles so, you can subscribe our newsletter for new articles alert. You can share your idea or issue on comment box. Your feedback is respectful for us.