Social and Political life in Democracy

Social and Political life in Democracy:

In this article we will disclose to “social and political life in democracy”.There are number of scientific study of society. These studies cover different character or nature of man’s activities. A science which study all human activities, study of society or the way in which society organized is called “Sociology”. Society is build up of thoughts, organization for people who have the same interest & their different groupings. People of society do different activities to survive & developed quickly or to help other people to survive. Social activities might be economic, political or may be linked with concerning beliefs right or wrong behavior. Social science consist on all activities of human beings which they to do survive or live in society.

Social and Political life in Democracy

Political science is the study of the way in which political power is required. It is also cover different characters & nature of political activities. Political science is also a science like other science because it also has rules, laws, principles. It is concerned with the relationship of cause & effect. Human beings need society to live without society they cannot fulfill their basic necessities. Society was needed even by old-fashioned people.

When a man gained knowledge by living in well rolled social groups he became better to all unusual one, but his needs on the uncontrolled large amount of means limited his chances of manage difficult circumstances. Human being survived on hunting animals & depends on vegetables. The condition is changed suddenly when people shared things with group of people. They grew plants and established an environment in which they give benefits to each other, these people became farmers & looked after a hard of animals.

They supply food & other necessities with each other toward establishing their higher social organization & culture. But this changed & community required more standardized society than herdsmen & farmers. In this result different kinds of official groups take place human groupings. Changing quickly occur day by day firstly agriculture sector developed later, by industrial sector developed. Gradually knowledge increase day by day & politics makes up different science like philosophy, psychology, sociology, economics etc. But no one can correct science because no one deliberate exact.

Human mind works very fast in beautiful way. Human mind works on a single way to follow. There is no instrument which can measure the human ideas. A human mind has different thoughts which can not drawn in form of graph , but it does not mean that ideas relating to political science cannot be classified as a science. Human beings & society both depend on each other presence. Society allow the people to behave freely & express their thoughts.

Similar areas of large countries is the important political organization of society that look after the ideas & interest of its people. States establish the basic law of society of control the means of rules, behavior & activities of nation. Establishes the government at every level , region, center, districts in the country for its management. The system of law lays down the basic rules of control the behavior between themselves & society.

The system of laws puts limitations on the freedom of the citizens in this return stat give es facilities to its people like social benefits, voting rights, choose leaders which they like best for them etc. Now states further expand its facilities for society, which make their life more comfortable & interesting. Political science is a basic between the stage of social development or successful attempt of a community or a nation-state.


Political organization of a community is based on the forces of change. Political activities of a country change with time. These sciences are important for the success of countries & states.

Role Of Public Opinion in Democracy

Public Opinion in Democracy:

Public opinion is the opinion, attitudes, likeness, judgement of the public regarding a particular matter, situations & issues of mutual interest. Public opinion deliberated by the survey. Public opinion is important for both permanent issues & temporary circumstances.

Public Opinion in Democracy

People belong with different cultures, when their opinion gathered by sample survey. Serious issues easily solved by different ideas, which collected in form of public opinion.

Opinion and Community:

In a country or society not everyone become a part or member with in a community can be contributing to the establishment of the public opinion, but the mature population has a voting right as a citizen generally share their opinions.

In a community opinion of a group of people occasionally agree about different situations. There is no alternative of interest & opinion by the majority. Success of majority opinion depends upon the validity of decision accepting by majority. Democratic system upset due to ungrudging acceptance of the election decision results, agreement among the people would be changed.

Nature of Public Opinion:

On serious issues of common interest there is many number of variety of opinions. Some of , Which might be unclear or confused. More explanation & discussion can reduce this confusion & increase the number of ideas, Which take the clear shape gradually. All opinions which are collected by one half of the citizen is called the public opinion, Such opinions consist on different ideas, Which based on intelligent thinking, or based on strong belief, or these based on feelings & emotions.

For the development of public opinion different agencies help and play on important role.  Some of them take a more important part for the formation of public opinion. Public who are specialize in nature of public life, or researcher are the formulators or developers of public opinions. Many people from majority have no idea of public affairs, even they think less than other people.

Importance of public opinion in democracy:

To understand the working of the democratic system for this knowing of public opinion is important. Today public opinion play a vital role in the working of democratic government. Public opinion work as a person whose job is make sure that democracy do work legally or responsibly.

Many people think that opinion from majority of community is called the public opinion. Unfortunately many intelligent ideas are not considered necessary for the welfare of the people because these opinions are not from majority.

Opinion from general public for the welfare of the people may be called “public opinion”. Lord Bryce says about public opinion.

Public opinion stands for views men hold regarding matter that affect the interest of the society or nations-state.Lord Bryce

Public opinion is the strength of democratic government. It cannot be neglected in democratic system. In which system public opinion ought, this system cannot called a democratic system. Democratic government should implement on the general public ideas in making, rules laws & other activities.

Success of democratic government depends upon intelligent ideas. Healthy public opinion not only built relationship between controller & common people but also help to develop strong relation with other countries. Many institutions & agencies play important role for the formation of public interest like:- Political parties, education institutions, media, newspaper, cults, literature etc.

For the success or development of country leaders should built a system in which surveys are properly conduct, organize a system in which ideas from different people gather systematically. Government should pay attention & give importance to the public opinion for success. According to John Stuart Mill,

If all mankind minus one were of one opinion mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.John Stuart Mill


Public opinion is very important for demoocratic government like blood. John Simon says,

Democracy encourages the majority to decide things about which the majority is ignorant.John Simon

Importance Of Female Education

Importance Of Female Education:

This is an age of learning and awareness.No country can make progress without active participation of female in all fields.The education of female  is as important as of male.In fact education of women is more important than that of men.This is because, they play the most important role in bringing up their children.We cannot ignore the importance of female education.Female education is necessary for the progress of any country because of this we cannot ignore of the female education.

Female education

We are living in an age of equality and women’s emancipation.Now,women are working shoulder to shoulder with men,in almost all walks of life.Education is the back-bone in the body of progress and development.Women are half of the population.No society or country can face the challenges of the modern age without education its major part of population.Children remain in the company of mothers,most of the time.Women are more loving and understanding with children.That is why;they can be very helpful in educating their families,if they are literate.

Women Play Different Role in The Society:

An educated female can better run the affairs of her family than an illiterate woman.She can look after her children,if there is some kind of emergency situation in life.Islam has made it compulsory for every man and woman to get education .The government should provide opportunities so that women may get education at their doorsteps.In western developed countries,women are not only getting education of their choice but also working in every field of life.They are doctors,engineers,pilots,judges,lawyers,businesswomen and even soldiers too.

We Find Women In Every  Field Of Life:

Now-a-day,almost all fields are open for competent and educated women.They are playing their constructive roles in education,medicine,agriculture,politics,social sector,culture, technology and science,nursing and so on.

Today,women are considered the part and parcel of civilized societies.Without their active participation,the dream of a progressive society cannot be fulfilled.Today,they are not mere the object of romantic poets but ideals for world of reality and matter.They have been recognized in all fields of life.Education is the first condition to make progress in life.So,they must be given the right to get education of their own choice.

Importance Of Reading in Our Life

Importance Of Reading:

We know that, books has great importance for humans. We cannot ignore the importance of reading. Who’s people do not understood the importance of reading, they cannot get the wealth of knowledge. Behind developing countries importance of reading has great part.

Importance of reading

A room without books,is like a body without soul.

A truly scholar man will feel like a fish out of water, when he is not in library. A book lover does not fall a prey boredom. He is not friendless man because books are best friends.

A good book is a good friend in solitude as well as in gathering.

Libraries are centers of learning. Knowledge and wisdom. The habit of reading makes people able to get pleasure. Look at the West, their libraries are their power centers, where people are empowered with intellect and knowledge. But, some people are devoid habit of reading. That is why, students confine themselves only to textual books with selective studies.

Libraries present a scene of wilderness. Books in libraries seem to be prisoners imprisoned in glass-cases. By reading and developing the habit of study, We can be benefited in so many ways. In libraries, we can read books of our choice or taste. By book reading, we can entertained. We can pleasure along with intellect and wisdom.

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away“.

Books Are The Major Source Of Getting Knowledge:

Some people like to read stories and fictions while some like to read poetry.There are a few people who like to do research work by visiting libraries. Some people like to read religious stuff. In short, everyone has his own taste. Books in libraries will quench the thirst of knowledge of the people if they are interested in them. Some young people read cheap kind of literature, Which develop immoral and vulgar behavior in them. Aged and old people like to read serious kind of literature for their pleasure.All these people are equally served by libraries.Islam also make us inclined toward getting knowledge by all means.Books area major source of getting knowledge. The teaching of the”Holy Quran” and “Hades Sharif” make us inclined repeatedly toward getting knowledge by all means.


By summing up, In any era, we cannot ignore the importance of reading. We can say that libraries, books and the habit of study are sources of pleasure. If people are attached to libraries, Society will flourish in wisdom and intellect. Although, this is the age of internet, yet the books have still very much importance. Students should read books as a hobby. This hobby will give them pleasure. 🙂

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Democracy versus Dictatorship:

In this article, we will interact on “Democracy versus Dictatorship”.When you choose or select candidate by voting right for to run country system. These people are from different political parties, which we select by voting for them in election. These people might be from those parties, which you dislike. In dictatorship only one political part governed rules & regulations in dictatorship very strict person from army or by forced rules in a country.

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Many people are in favor of democracy & some feel that dictatorship is best. In dictatorship system decision are made quickly. Benefits provide from both economy & military people can’t decide things for themselves, people with power have rights to control other people’s actions. In democracy system people from different parties ruled in different areas for which they are selected by votes. People have also right to make decision or to contribute in political system.

Nations that have democratic system face lot of face, or behavior. Which is intended to hurt, restrictions or limitation faced by army on the other hand nations. Who have democracy system enjoy freedom, high standards of living & other facilities.

Reasons to Invite Dictatorship:

When political, economic & social system of a country is upset or out of control them dictatorship occur. Many countries face dictatorship system, In Pakistan, due to instability of political system many dictator ruled many times. In this system decision are made quickly & efficiently because it is not multiparty system. Few numbers of people involved in decision-making. The leader or controller from the army , Who governed a country decides new polices, makes new laws. This system helps people to overcome their confusion about economy instability in past. Organized plans for the benefits of their country , used the methods to motivate people to meet or achieved goals.A strong & capable dictator encourage military other countries have fear of attacking.

Dictatorship Glorification:

In dictatorship only one party control all political & economic system also control social life. This system improve literacy rate. every sector rapidly developed. In dictatorship people have no rights to elect the leader to their choice, also have not freedom to develop their own views or make implement in their ideas,  no one can go against dictatorial system. Living standards of people influenced by dictator. They can’t live freely, Mostly laws made in dictator against the public’s desires.

Glorification of a leader in a dictatorship is a method to make confirm that people of a country are faithful & agree that government in power. Some people are in favor of dictatorial system. They think that, this system is more efficient & beneficial for country’s economy, political & social system. This system loses the enthusiasm of other countries from attacking & also make citizen of country afraid from rebelling. Dictatorship system sometime very successful in many countries.

Democracy & Its fruits:

In democratic system people freely decide, Which people are best for them. People have right to spoken that what is going to against them. In democracy system government allow people to help in making decisions . Democracy is come from rules of logic, laws & rules are made in democracy system according to public opinion.

Political rights, political equality, right to elect leader. This facilities & opinions give to the public in democratic system. People have freedom to develop their own views and ideas. All political parties make decisions & new polices for the betterment of economy. This system also encourages people to work hard for the benefits of the country.

In democracy system leaders try to build good relations with neighboring countries. Democracy system meet the needs of public acceptance, result in high living standard than dictatorship. According to George Bernard show:-

Democracy is a device that ensure we shall be governed no better than we deserve.George Bernard


Democracy is better than dictatorship because freedom of nation is ultimate important for the success of nation, Low living standards is result of dictatorship. Friedrich W.Nietzsche saying about freedom is,

People demand freedom only when they have no power.Friedrich W.Nietzsche

In democracy people face no restrictions & limitations.

Psychology Of Fashion

Psychology Of Fashion Introduction:

In this article, We will learn about “Psychology Of Fashion” and its appearance.Psychology is the scientific study of human minds & the reason for people’s behavior. It is the situation of a man’s mind that he has, which makes him think or behave in the way that he want to do. Sometime people act out the role that are connected with their characteristics, Which are differ from others & place in society. This is ingeniously designed to provide new ideas or methods that how we look like in society & what position,we have taken.

Psychology Of Fashion

Companies want that its employees act as successful & professionalism employees. As employee, who is  not doing act according to roles or position, which society required from him then society tend not to trust him. In this result customer lose trust on him & feedback of retailer from such employee is negative.

Beliefs Regarding Impressive Displays:

For high living standard or for shinning future people have to work. A person, who has high goals or standard from him/her self, face many difficulties to find employment. Such Peoples set high goals of their selves but they have no knowledge, how they can mange their appearance. For the job first impression is very important, knowledge, attitude, character etc will not caught the attention, good appearance & well dress person attract the panel. They hire or select only those person, who can manage their personal appearance.

Women are consider best for employment but they can easily manage their appearance according to the job requirement. They wear pants, wearing makeup even, good styling hair. Women do such formal things because these are the symbol, Which send a message to others that they have proper social position. After getting job, people have different interest, styles, appearance, responsibilities.

Appearance is Considered Better Than Knowledge:

From childhood to being an adult or parent give us confidence that we are able, We can do everything. Which is better for us or our society, when we come to actual age of maturity, efforts of our parents help us in job. Well dress is one of the form of expression, for seeking the job appearance focused firstly. Knowledge help in doing work. Without good appearance knowledge of candidate is useless. Employer appreciated unique appearance & also knowledge & offered high level of job. A person, whose appearance unique from others employers gives them chance to do other work. They are doing only one task, they do different roles due to this their knowledge in every department or experience increase. Every profession required good personality because people impressed with dressing. Unfortunately, knowledge of an individual ignored in the process of selection, in this result right people not selected for right job.

Pain is a part of life

Pain is a part of life:

Pain is the feelings of great discomfort, feelings of unhappiness, feelings of upset, disappointed, unpleasant physical feelings due to injury, disease or emotional disorder.Pain is a part of life & word pain derived from french “Piene” from Latin word “Poena” & from Greek word “Pointe”. A pain is quite (noiseless) does not make any sound that makes people very anxious & take long time to think about it & make unimportant talking very quietly.

Pain is a part of life

There are glances of dislikeness that something is very harmful to people & increase no cry of murder, crime of stealing that go away man or women forever leave peace & happiness. Pain makes people unhappy, their eyes full of tears, their lives full of sorrows.

Pain is a Realistic Problem:

Pain is a true & unpleasant reality that everyone face daily. Pain is like a mask, which people wear because of pain. People hide themselves from the society. They don’t want to face friends, family or relatives, they feel that time of pain cannot come to the end. They have feelings of feared that some thing happened bad. At the time of sorrow clouds of pain appear everywhere, its true that in real life pain is a realistic problem.

Aspects of Pain:

Everyone in his life faced pain might be one time, maybe two times or more. There are two aspects of pain.

  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Pain

Physical pain is an ability to bear physically uncomfortable. For example, When you are running & balance of your feet unstable then you fell down. You can’t stand up & say “That hurt”, you shout loudly. Physically pain change time to time, physically pain can be treated emotional pain is much dangerous as compare with other pain. When some one emotionally hurt, he can never stand , never enjoy his life with joy.

Physical pain after long or short time go away but emotional pain always stay with men. Pain is very unhopeful or difficult feelings to deal with. A man may be has many painful experience, which change his life.

Effects of Pain:

Every thing has positive & negative effects .Pain also has both effects on human life. Sometime pain gives  us a golden time to achieved our goals & aims of our life. It might be beneficial for us, When we get something, which has importance in our life. We forget this difficult period of pain, Pain hurt us that time but after long time. When we achieved something. We will be thankful to the pain then we say pain could be a good thing.On the other hand, when due to the pain , we lose our important things, loves-ones, close relations. We feels that pain is very unpleasant sensation, it change all over the life. We fell down top the bottom, this time of pain gradually passed & this time period never be forgotten. There is unnecessary pain around us.


Pain is temporary according to Joshua J.Marine,

Pain is what make life interesting; overcoming this is what makes life meaningful.Joshua J.Marine

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects:

Literacy means the ability of read and write.According to this definition,more than 70 percent of our population is illiterate.In a recent report of UNICEF,it has been revealed that more than 20 million children do not have opportunities to get admission in primary schools Pakistan.In modern era,a nation cannot confront the challenges with an overwhelming illiterate population.

Illiteracy Definition And Its Effects

Elementary or basic or primary education system must be very strong to cope with the problem of illiteracy.Our policy makers have always ignored the vitality of elementary education.If a person is not able to read and write,he will not be able to get further education.Furthermore,he will remain an illiterate and ignorant person.Because of the deficiency on this basic level of education,the doors of opportunities of a good and high standard life will remain shut for him.

An illiterate person can’t take good  decision:

An illiterate person cannot vote wisely.He is not aware of the importance of vote and electoral process.In this way,he remain unconcerned with political affairs.An illiterate person is not conscious of his rights and duties in the society.He may easily be exploited.An employer may give him unjust wages.He can be deprived many of the rights,he deserves.

A Campaign should be launched to eradicate illiteracy:

There is a dire need to launch a campaign to abolish illiteracy and promote elementary and basic schooling,so that we may achieve the target of 100 percent literacy rate.This target can be gotten by working on multiple levels.First of all,more primary schools should be opened to achieve this target.There should be declared an educational emergency.Adult schools must also be opened to adorn the adults with basic education.


By concluding the discussion,we can say that if a person has a strong base at primary or elementary level,he will be able to build a skyscraper of high and higher education on this foundation.Illiteracy is a curse which must be uprooted.By launching a massive and revolutionary literacy campaign,we can abolish illiteracy and achieve 100% literacy rate .This is the only way to make future strong and stable.

Benefits Of Technology and Science

In that article, We will disclose benefits of technology and Science. Allah/God blessed men with fantastic brain, men discover many innovations, discoveries by using of nature & surrounding, science and technology make life easier.

Benefits Of Technology:

Man discover the art of making fire, by science we move go forward with the use of technology. We get advance tool from from telephone to internet, cycle to car, car to rockets, calculators to computer, computers to mini computers too much discoveries & inventions make our lives easier because of science.

Benefits Of Technology

Every field like communication, education, engineering, medicine etc work fast due to advance technology.

Science impact & fear of unthinkable:

Science is ubiquitous. It has great effects on our lives, people fear that, it can’t possibly be accepted , science help us to discover all facts. Which are hidden , can’t be discover easily. According to Charles pierce.

There is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods & that is the science desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be.Charles pierce

Our lives depends on science & technology. Without science & technology, We are nothing. We create science and technology, our lives controlled by it. We get many benefits from science. It helps us in many ways. In the past, When people were not familiar with science & technology. A person did not live longer because at that time there was not concept of medicine. But at the start of last century rate of a person’s life expectancy is increase because of medicine. Science helps to make high quality medicine. A person not only the enjoy of longer life, he also get healthy life. Many diseases , Which vaccinations didn’t introduce. Spread quickly, which result in major loss of life like smallpox, plague and polio etc.  Researches and scientific efforts find the vaccination of such deadly diseases. Such efforts help the public to prevent their lives from these diseases.

Scientific progress in medicine field:

People faced many problems related to their health, But science overcome these problem & makes awareness among people. These precautions such as daily exercise, taking dose of insulin regularly help to maintain health of diabetes patients. Insulin , antibiotics & other medicine are prepared in laboratories by using bacteria. Euthanasia & abortion are the problem of  medicine field. Science only helps to prevent our lives, its up to man to controls the use of technology.

Genetic Engineering & Communication:

Genetic engineering is one of the field of science. It is a science of changing the genetic structure of an animal, plant or other organism in order to make it stronger. It also help in forensic department to examine evidence to help police solve crimes. It gives lot of benefits, it also help in making law odd nation.

World become a global village because of science & technology, in past telegraphs were use as a modern technology. Now in means of communication technology work very fast & great tools are used for communication like internet, email, mobile and tablets.  Technology create links between people from all over the world. Science work as a friend of humanity, it helps to increase the speed of means of communication. People who are in distance of hundred miles can now connect with their friends & relatives in few minutes just they are far from a click.

Computer the Greatest Boon Offered by Science:

Science makes our lives better or easier, Computers are the great form of technology. It solve our big calculation in few seconds with any mistake. A manual work, Which handle three to four people in months, Computer solve their problem alone, it took few days to work out. Today every work is computerized, with this technology our lives are incomplete. Internet makes computer more beneficial. People share information, data, make new friend & to communicate. According to John Evans.

The internet is like a giant jellyfish. You can’t step on it, You can’t go around it. You have got to get through it.John Evans

Internet helps people not only in education also helps in scientific research & journal articles.

Science Protect Nation from War:

Science & technology also keeps nation protect them from war & other disasters. Nuclear weapons & other weapons built by nation to protect themselves from enemies. Many people use such weapons unethically. Which destroy the peace of world, man should control the use of technology, Use it only of protection & keep peace in world.

Youth is Hope of the Nation

Youth is Hope:

No doubt youth is hope and backbone of every country. Youth is the age of struggle dream & idealism. Young people are the nation builder. Youth is very important for our country progress. It is a time period, When people can do more work hard. They are strong physically & mentally. A successful nation depends upon its goods youth. They are active members of society.

Youth is Hope of the Nation

Our nation needs young people’s ability & capacity in development. We should provide a healthy environment to our youth & give them job opportunities with their study, then they are able to stand their lives. Position of youth in different areas is not acceptable because they are uneducated.

Youth of the Nation:

We should provide them facilities to work our all professions depends on youth. Young people play very important role in success on banks, factories, industries, doctors etc. Mostly youth destroyed because of poverty, they can’t study in good educational institutions. Due to this nation become weak, in not good condition & disable to make progress.

Our leaders should give facilities to the younger to polish their qualities. Young people with separative qualities move the position of their nation at very high level. Youth are the roots of success of every country. Youth like a seed, If we take good care it, fulfill its need, watering it right time , put it on open place so it grow in tree & produce fruits.

We should make our youth strong, healthy & kind. Our all field’s success & progress depends upon brilliant youth. Only teachers, parents, leaders, controllers & guardians develop best qualities in their youth. unemployment and poverty is a big problem to built a good youth. All professions demanding educated youth.

Young people round about half our population & they are active members of society but unfortunately we can’t give them the position or status, Which they deserve. Education is hope for our youth. We should give them useful activities for their spare time. They use their extra time for their benefits. Make their character as perfect as possible, then our nation will be most successful. First duty of our young people is to look after their families & do work hard for their country.

Hopeless , uneducated young people spoil their best time of age in evils. We should take action to prevent our youth from hopeless conditions. It is not only duty of government, We are all responsible to put efforts to make best environment for our youth. The world of science & technology required educated young people. We should create equality, justice & opportunities for our youth for progress.


If we take steps & arrange programs for our youth, Our nation will be successful, We should give right place & sources to our young people provide such environment to our youth, in which they enjoy their lives. It is true that, Youth is hope & backbone of every country.