Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

This is the age of science of modern technology. Modern inventions in the field of information technology have revolutionized our lives. Now, there is a flood of technological advancement. We can see the usage of it in all fields of life-like agriculture, trade, industry, health, aviation, defense and research. This is acknowledged fact that no society or nation can complete on international front without sound base in it.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

Modern Technology Advantages:

In this age of modern thinking, we can see a very important role of modern technology. It has become the part of our lives. If we understand the significance of modern technology, we can get as many advantages out of it as we want. As a progressive and liberal mind nation, we should totally be acquainted with the important of modern technology.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages

Modern Technology Abuses:

We know that everything has two aspects, positive and negative. So, modern technology has also some abuses along with its uses. Technology can be disastrous for common people and the whole society, if we do not use it in a reasonable way. Cyber-criminal activities are among its prominent abuses. This is a new kind of crimes. Some vicious people try to use modern technology for their personal benefits and interests. They try to get undue advantages by using it. In this way, such people harm others.

Modern Technology Advantages & Disadvantages


At the end, we conclude that things are not good or bad in their existence. We cannot save ourselves from negative effects of technology by putting barriers in the way of it. Those individuals, who use it for negative purpose, must be punished. For this purpose mechanism can be drawn. Legislation should also be done against cyber-crime. If we use modern technology positively, we can serve humanity. But on the contrary, if we use it in negative ways, the result will be the opposite. Therefore, all sections of society should join hands, in a positive way. But one thing should be kept in mind that technology is just like a river in flood, Nowadays, so restrictions are not the solution. So, because of few drawbacks, we cannot ignore the bright side of the picture.

Global Communication Technology and Society

World became a global village. We are in the fast global information system. Which reduce differences and increase the number of information and communication technologies. The telecommunication sector work at fast speed, innovation in telecommunication sector produce new equipment and provide better services by increasing in competition & same task between companies with skill in a wide number of information.

Communication Technology

Industries from telecommunication by producing programs on television or radio, to computer hardware and software to publishing.

There are different changing occur :-

  1.  Quickly changing in technology and service.
  2. Organize telecommunication sector to make it efficient.
  3. These development are not only for changing in telecommunication, but also for people working, learning and interacting.

Reduce the Distance:

Global information infrastructure reduce the distance of communication for both individuals & organizations. People can work in anytime & anywhere. This flexibility provides benefits to individuals. Who can work, whoever they want to do. But they never get away from the “virtual workplace”. Also provide the benefits to organization, which can reduce the overhead costs & help them to increase their production. But they also learn, how they can manage their local work force.

Changing the Geography of Business:

One of the major  changing in technological sector is the increasing of information. Network of computer that able user to communicate with each other. Another changing is increasing in communication everywhere by using wireless technologies. Communication technology allow user in urban areas not only to talk on book size telephones or tablets. But they also can share different data by using wireless modems. In rural areas possibility of availability of such technology by LEO satellite system.

Global Information:

Reducing in distance has great emphasize on the globalization of industries on international level. Those areas, which away from cities attract their business with pleasant environment and lower labour cost. Due to this, They can never complete with cities in their own countries. In developing countries companies hire workers on cheaper cost. Now this system is opposite as compare with above. Developing countries now see themselves competing in global markets. Where quantity of products as important as price.

Global information and communication technology

Telecommunication networks make a link chance. This system now built relationship between suppliers & retailers, retailers with customers, software engineer with hardware vendors and so on. Global information system makes lives too much easier. People can order anything from airline tickets to daily using products. We can start our business, dealings online, paying of bills electronically.

Telephones companies will take necessary action to the demand for new and good service as on opportunity not as a threat. In many countries, we may see electric utilities, cable television enterprises and wireless controllers competing with telephones enterprises to contact with consumers by offering better service with buy one get one idea. Information or communication technology reduce gap between people’s. Internet make it easy for student in their society. Business also spread their business by online.

Information highway create link between communities and nations. Communication tools and information resources reduce the gap among the people’s around the world.  Andrew Brown’s saying about internet technology is :

The internet is so big so powerful & pointers that for some people it is complete substitute for life


Global information infrastructure make life easier. It provide social benefits. New technologies & services met with challenges, which face many people.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology

The age of science and Information technology is worked through the computer, and all as sane people are agreed on its peaceful and beneficial use, they want the same for information technology. In a common way,we may define technology as the best ways and methods of running our machines and commerce or the most efficient means of improving our industry and business.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology:

Information technology means much more than this and, in fact,covers all that life is it means the best ways or methods of gaining information or knowledge from all corners and places that can help in promoting our work in all fields of life ,commerce,education ,engineering ,medicine,land,air,space and sea travel, war, games, designing, drawing, sewing, cooking and so on.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Age Of Science and Information Technology

The main tool for the communication and receipt of information in all forms is the computer. No doubt, the computer is connected to booster station, satellite systems,and feeders across the globe through what we call the internet. When we switch on the computer, the world of information and knowledge lies open to us in all fields of life on the screen and in the speakers attached to it. The different computer programs and systems take us to the stories of information that the computer goes on recording non-stop. Therefore, the first giant step toward gaining information is to learn computer operation and programming.

Software and Hardware Industry:

Information technology, as software industry, for operating the data programs and systems of the computer came to be used widely in the last twenty years of the twentieth century. Side by side with it,the hardware industry, for the manufacture of the mechanical and electronic parts of the computer , grew speedily as the use of computer software became common. Now,the computer software and hardware industries are expanding profitably in the advanced as well as the developing countries like Pakistan, India and Korea.

Usage & Importance Of Information Technology:

Information technology,in the first instance, brings to us the latest developments in science, technology and the arts in the advanced world. We can make use of the latest techniques and methods in the sciences and the arts within the four corners of our buildings. Never before in world history did all knowledge lie so much within the reach of all and sundry.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Importance Of Information Technology

Secondly, we can communicate with each other through the computer. We can send our message, knowledge or ideas through E-mail, Hotmail, Skype or Yahoo messenger in couple seconds. Computer has removed the distance in modern era.We can direct talk with each other through video cam.The progress from the impersonal to personal, thus, makes the computer most valued product or modern science or technology an intimate companion, a sympathetic friend and a wise adviser.

Through the computer we can enjoy in spare time like games, videos, films, movies.We can get different kinds of knowledge through the computer, collect information. Programming, designing, graphing, web designing, other languages etc. We can know about the history of any things from other websites like Wikipedia. The whole histories of these countries and the present development can be sum up and represent on the screen.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of  IT:

We know that where information technology has positive side effect. On the other hand , information technology has negative side effect. Sometimes, some people share their personal information from strangers, it’s not better for them. Sometimes, they bear the great loss due to their foolishness. Meetings and personal talks with video/audio can be possible with Skype, Yahoo messenger. Technology enhance our life style with readability. That’s depends on us how we can use it for our good or bad. Scientists and doctor proven that people face number of disease due to rays of computers like eyes strain, obesity, deafness etc. Through the internet robbers can robbing the people. They can get their personal information it’s harmful for them.

The Age Of Science and Information Technology
Advantages & Disadvantages Of IT


we can say that its magnificent method of progress, we can escaped harmfulness,  if we use wisely. I believe that we will get more benefit in future. They depends on their how they can use it.