Human Rights Violations and Our Society

Human rights violations:

In this modern world, where numerous changes are occurring, there human rights violations are also increasing constantly. An ideal society is based on social justice and protection of the basic rights of every individual. It is a famous saying of Hazart Ali (R.A) that a pagan society can exist but a society with injustice cannot survive. The safety of life and property, education, social and economic justice are the basic rights.

Human rights violations

Human Rights violations and Our Society:

Unfortunately, our society is famous for human rights violations. Here people have to face injustice in every field of life. Killings, rapes, street-crimes and tyrant attitude with women are very common. Women in tribal and feudal dominated areas are made the victim of oppression and discrimination.

Child labor is also another severe violation of human rights. The school going children are used as workforce in factories and homes. Honor killing and tradition of “Wani” are practiced in these areas. Marriage with Quran is also a very severe king of violation of human and women rights. It is not only the violation of commands of the Holy Quran but also contempt of it.

Human rights violations prevention

Oppression and injustice of police is also another kind of violation of human rights. Police is politicized here. Politician and influential people use it for personal motives. Political opponents and the poor are tortured in police station.

Prevention of Violation:

For remedial measures, we will have to make efforts on multidimensional levels. We need determination to uproot the curse of violation of human rights. If we follow the fundamental principle of Islam, We can overcome the situation. ‘Khutba-e-Hajjat-ul-wida’ is the greatest charter of human rights.

Pakistan and Human Rights:

Pakistan is the signatory of human charter of UNO. So, in this way, it is our international and religious obligation to honor human rights. We will have to educate the people to make them aware of human rights.


The study of Holy Quran will also motivate the people to honor human rights. We will have to recognize police too. Committed person should be recruited on merit in police force. Judiciary should also do justice. All the criminals should be made accountable. Innocent and the poor should be helped. In this way, we can present the soft image of Pakistan and Islam before the world.

Definition of Human Rights in Our Society

Human Rights Definition:

Human rights are the basic rights, Which people should have to  live in society. On 10th Dec 1948 in Paris. The united nation general assembly adopted the universal declaration of human rights. Citizens have rights of freedom , better education, respect , shelter, food, clothing, security and many other basic rights, Which are necessary for them to live happy life.

Definition of Human Rights

Human rights are sovereign to king or state:

This fact that human have rights no limitation & are independent, not under the authority of king or state. Government of every nation is the good or best for taking care of the welfare of the citizens of the nation. Culture of of Independence charge of meaning of human rights, What people want they have right to select this for themselves. Basic rights of people (freedom,life) & change further into the right to education, right to live peacefully & happily. The most easy thing to understand about rights is that people have right to contribute in activities related to law.

It is right of human give them protection from those things, Which are harmful for them. Human have right to claim against such things, Which against their favor. Human rights are important for the benefit of men & also for women in our society.

Culture Rights:

Culture right is the powerful kind of claim, Culture right is against the human rights or rights of individual, human rights have important quality for the benefits of citizen. Culture rights damage human rights. Culture rights have an idea about a culture, Which can’t change. It is not honest condition that no changing in culture is benefit for a person rather than the natural rights.

Human rights and cultural rights

Individual has right to leave injustice force. It is responsibility of culture to create link between family, friends and provide freedom in peaceful society.

Lack Of Knowledge:

Most of people have no knowledge about the importance of their rights. When people are not happy with their culture because it can’t give them protection then they have right to leave it but unfortunately due to lack of knowledge people can’t make strong decision according their choice.

Lack of knowledge in Human rights

People have no knowledge about their rights then other people or people who have power interfere their rights & doesn’t allow them the freedom. For the knowledge, education is important educated society has knowledge about their rights. They adopt such things or culture. Which they considered that these are best for them.

Difference Between Legal & Moral Rights:

There is no natural protection & no balance between culture & hum rights, it become a major issue for society, we must be find a way between them. One idea is that, human rights not deliberately arranged, they arrange in certain order, For the solution of such problem Hartney’s theory is helpful, his theory is based on value of individuals, if someone good. For other, every thing is good for him. He state that,

If we assume that communities are valuable & ought to be protected, the next issue is whether this protection can or should take the form of rights, This issue involves two sets of distinctions between moral & legal rights, the debate about collective rights is flawed by a failure to discuss each kind of rights separately, The second distinction is that between the conceptual question whether rights moral or legal can ever inhere in collectives & the substantive question whether the protection of communities required that they be endowed with rights.Hartney’s

A legal rights indicates that the law has importance, moral right indicate that, individuals has importance. So, Law deals with group as single identity.Government should gives right both individual or group & fulfill their needs related to basic, economical, social or political etc.


Human rights are important for group or individual, Whatever it relates with culture , legal or natural rights.