How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Do you know? what browser cookies are playing role in Google chrome. In Google chrome browser cookies store website addresses and their particular data, which implement you will see then you type any address then browser automatically detect those sites, which you already using because these are stored in browser cookies, that is why browser knows these sites. Now it’s time to learn about, how to enable cookies in Google chrome browser which can help you to memorize your website address locations.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser preview

Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser:

Quite easy way to enable cookies in chrome for data storage, just you need to follow the following steps respectively.

Step 1:

Open you Google chrome browser then navigate to browser settings.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser

Step 2:

Scroll down and click on Show advance settings…

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 2

Step 3:

Under privacy section, click on content settings… button and go ahead.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 3

Step 4:

Under cookies section, make sure Allow local data to be set (recommended) option should be selected.

How to Enable Cookies in Chrome Browser step 4

If your settings have same as above image, that’s all. Now your  Google chrome cookies has been enabled.

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How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

In this article, we will see and talk about on create MYSQL database using cPanel. You can not create MYSQL database directly from PhpMyAdmin because of user privileges. From PhpMyAdmin, you are not able to connect database from its user privileges that is why we will create MY SQL database from cPanel. MYSQL is a server-side database management system, which stores data content of your website.

Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel:

MYSQL stores your data in database tables,  these  tables contains several fields and records. Every field have distinctive name and its corresponding values. Come back to the straight point, which is create database using cPanel. Review the following steps below.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel

Step 1:

In the step, Open your cPanel and navigate to ‘MySQL Database Wizard‘ under the ‘Databases‘ section.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 1

Step 2:

in this step, you will enter new database name and it should be unique than previous all database names. How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 2

Step 3:

In the third step, you will enter/set database username and a strong password, you also can generate password by clicking on ‘Password Generator‘ button. Keep remember that, password should be a combination of symbols, lower and upper case alphabets and numeric digits.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 3

Step 4:

After create both database and user separately, now we will add this user in our created database and connect both to each other. Check all ‘All Privileges‘ each option will be automatically checked then simply click on ‘Next Step‘ button.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 4

After click on ‘Next Step’ button, you will be a redirect to the next page on which you will get a message that privileges have been successfully added to the database.

How to Create MYSQL Database Using cPanel step 5

Above image showing that, database has been successfully connected with created user along privileges. Now you have to do use this created database during WordPress Installation to store your WordPress website data.

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How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin:

Sometimes my website gives some server-side errors like “Error establishing  a database connection” and after concern with my hosting technical experts they suggested me that optimize your MySQL database. After optimized MySQL database using phpmyadmin then the website works fine.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin

Why We Optimize Database:

We use optimize database procedure because sometimes we deleted huge part of MYSQL tables then a space allocate this free memory or sometimes MYSQL cross the allocated memory threshold, for these reasons these errors can occur. So today we will learn that how to optimize MYSQL database using phpmyadmin from hosting cPanel. Watch this tutorial in the following step’s.

Step 1:

Log in to your hosting cPanel account then navigate to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ under the MYSQL database section.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, navigate to ‘PhpMyAdmin‘ then Choose the target database, which you want to optimize it.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 2

Step 3:

In third step, after go inside the target database, select/Check all tables and select ‘Optimize table‘ action from drop down menu. All database tables automatically optimize itself otherwise you also can select ‘Repair table‘ action from drop down menu.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 3

After done all the above steps, now you have successfully optimized website database tables. A short message will be displayed on your screen after optimize database tables.

How to Optimize MYSQL Database Using PhpMyAdmin step 4

Hopefully, you definitely got your problem solution from this article. 99.9% chances from this way, your database errors will be remove but if it is not working then we will suggest your to contact to your hosting service provider via live chat and phone support then they will entertained you to fix your database issue.

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How to Create a Signature in Gmail

Do you know? How to create a signature in Gmail account. A signature publicize your brand and makes it popular as much as possible. Email signature have some necessary factors like greetings, Sender Name, Name Signature, Website reference and social media connections. Create a signature in Gmail along image make your signature enliven. Gmail also provide a spectacular signature creating interface where you can create and optimize your signature with in minutes.

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

How to Create a Signature in Gmail:

Gmail signature is a crucial tool for professional office workers/employees. It represent your brand and advertising your brand in the online market. Add/Create Signature in Gmail account is a quite simple way, which we are going to depict in the steps,

Step 1:

Login your Gmail account and click on upper right hand side ‘Gear Icon’ then choose Settings.

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

Step 2:

On ‘Settings’ page under ‘General’ tab scroll down and find ‘Signature section’. See the below image for guidance.

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

In above image, we highlight important sections like Signature enable check, Signature writing box and a tool bar which will help you to make your signature shiny with fabulous image.

Firstly, enable/turn on signature feature in Gmail Account by click on radio button.

Secondly, Create/write your signature in the form of text and images.

Thirdly, After write/create your signature, Make sure click in ‘Save Changes’ button at the end of this page.

Keep remember that, created signature will be appended at the end of all outgoing emails. You can insert more than one images and web pages address.

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14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page:

Getting customers to click your page is not difficult compared to earning their trust and retaining them. Your visitors don’t have the time nor the patience to scientifically analyze your website in order to determine the trust level. The much they can offer you is 10-20 seconds of their time. Before you finishing saying “welcome to my site” the fickle web visitor has already judged you and left with a bang. The sad thing is that you might never get another window of opportunity to convince that visitor to revisit, let alone stay on your site longer. This dilemma has led many people to ask what they need to do to build trust on their landing pages. Here are 14 quick ways to build trust on your landing pages.

14 Quick Ways to Build Trust on Your Landing Page

1. Offer Your Target Audience a Solution to Their Problems:

Your target audience is only interested in what solutions you can offer to address their problems. Your landing page should clearly highlight the solutions/services you are offering to your visitors and what makes you better from the competition. Focus on your target audience more as compared to focusing on your own company

2. Add Numbers and Facts:

Remember, you only have between 10-20 seconds to create a good first impression. People love facts and numbers and feel comfortable being among the crowd. When a potential customer sees that you have already served more than 10,000 customers, it gives them an assurance that your product is tried and tested.

3. Client Testimonials are Important:

Showcasing customer testimonials is highly effective for generating trust on your landing page. Testimonials serve as endorsement of the product by other satisfied customers. They are a great way of spreading a word-of-mouth about your product. Testimonials need to be real from real customers. You can ask for endorsements or track your clients for their feedback on the product.

4. Using Social Media Numbers as Proof of Popularity:

The number of people who share your posts or product information on social media is an indicator of interest and trust. Highlight your Facebook likes, twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, Instagram followers and Pinterest Pins. You will not only build trust for your brand but also build a community.

5. Be Consistent Throughout the Landing Page:

Consistency is an important element for an effective landing page. Make sure the offer you are trying to promote is consistent throughout the landing page. If your banner, landing page and destination are not displaying consistent messages, the customers will feel that you have tricked them.

6. Remove Barriers to Valuable Content:

Don’t put unnecessary hurdles in the process of offering your customers what you promised them. For instance, if you are giving away free eBook download, don’t go about asking lengthy personal questions. If you give away something valuable, the conversions will come naturally.

7. Include Contacts and Address:

The problem with online business is that it is devoid of physical human interaction. That is why potential customers view it through the lens of doubt, suspicion. One way to increase confidence is by giving away your contacts and address. That way, you are essentially saying you are a real person who can be contacted and not some faceless scammer hiding behind the computer.

8. Landing Page Should be Easily Scannable:

A website that is littered with so much crap and poorly formatted text will certainly scare the hell out of potential customers. For instance, don’t be over dramatic with your text formatting by including a lot of highlights, bold and underline, ALL CAPS and so on. Moderation is the key. You can pass your message without shouting.

9. Show them that You Care About their Privacy:

Privacy is something that is dear to every person living on the planet. Make sure that you take every measure to protect the privacy of your users. Don’t share your users’ email address, promise not to spam and spare no effort and money to ensure their billing information is secure. Add any information about any 3rd certification you may have. This is for your own good because failure to protect your customer’s privacy can be a potential disaster for your business.

10. Speak Truthfully and be Factual:

If you have to make a bold claim about your product, make sure that it is nothing but the verifiable fact, which can be scientifically proven. Don’t twist an opinion to make it sound like a fact; it may elicit trepidation and result in reputation damage for your business.

11. Don’t be Intrusive When Seeking Personal Information:

Already, many visitors find it difficult to divulge their email addresses and telephone numbers. Now imagine the damage you will be causing to your business by requesting an email address, first and second name, country, street address and phone number whereas all you really need is an email address to send them weekly update. Customers are not only reluctant to offer too much personal information (for their own security and privacy) but they are also very lazy. Imagine filling all those fields and winding up with entering an illegible security code.

12. No Hidden Charges – No Hidden Defects:

If you are selling a product, state all that needs to be stated in terms of price and defects. Knowingly withholding such information is akin to shooting yourself on the leg. Never even think of it. It is better not to sell because the customer felt the product is not good enough than to trick the customer into buying something which is not what is described.

13. Maintain Grammar and Spelling Accuracy:

Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are the small holes that can sink your business. They may seem so unimportant, yet they are in a real sense. When your conversions rates begin to dwindle without really knowing why, begin to look at the small possibilities. However, most customers will overlook slipups here and there. But that must have a limit. If your copy is riddled with ridiculous grammatical errors and spelling errors that have been made with reckless abandon, be sure people will run away from that incompetency.

14. Add Personality and Human Touch to Your Landing Page:

You are selling to human beings. That is obvious. Therefore, the tone of your landing page should be inviting, calm, conversational and direct. People will become interested if they feel you are likeable and interesting. To create a personable, friendly, relatable, landing page, you need to focus your message on the visitor’s needs and wants. The aim is to endear yourself to your target audience without sounding like a bully.
Hopefully, these will help you to design a landing page that your consumers and potential customers will like and trust. Making them comfortable is the means through which you will be able to convert them. If you miss that bit about trust, there are no conversions for you.

Boost Your Website Speed – SEO Training

In the earlier SEO training lesson 6, we were talk about SEO internal link building, stop replication (duplication) and important website pages from SEO perspective. Now in this SEO training lesson 7, we will finish on page Seo an then in the next training tutorial, we will start off page and its fundamentals. In this lesson, we will talk about , how to increase website speed through WordPress plugins and some authentic techniques.

SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training Lesson 7:

Do you know? website speed 100% matter in search engines. A user always likes fast and speedy website, where they don’t need to wait and get his information with in seconds. Majority of beginners do not focus on this aspect and don’t care about it, which can push his website in to ditch so please be professional and try to improve your website speed as much possible. Most important part of this tutorial is internal link building among multiple pages, it is necessary from Seo point of view so don’t overlook this crucial aspect. Further we will show you some tips regarding brand colors importance and typography advance options. So watch the below Seo training tutorial with full concentration.

Hopefully, you understood all the mentioned aspects of the above tutorial. This is a last session and tutorial about on page Seo, now next tutorial will be release with Off page Seo training.

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My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program

Mostly computer users faces this issue and they don’t know, what they do next. How they fix this issue, when all desktop icons are same and also opening same program. 80% computer users can’t handle this issue then they move to any technician to repair his computer and 5% users unintentionally refresh or restore his window. So now you don’t need to go anywhere, I will show you how you can restore your all desktop icons in the previous format with in next 2 minutes.

My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program

My all Desktop Icons Are Same And Opening same Program:

Recently we were face this tragic problem, when my desktop all icons are same and also opening same program. But after little bit efforts, we resolve this issue and again my desktop is working like before. So I decided to share this interesting technique with my readers that, how they can fix or  rid out with this issue. Watch the below tutorial with full concentration to resolve this issue with in minutes.

Hopefully, after seen this entire tutorial, you will definitely resolve your .ink problem in your window. Keep remember that, does not matter , which icons are showing in your desktop screen, same method apply on all of those .

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How to Install Fonts in Windows 7

Most probably beginners don’t know, how to install fonts in window 7 even they are not aware about, which website they can download best and creative fonts. Let’s suppose, if you are using Photoshop and CorelDraw and other applications but you want to use any other creative text font. So firstly you need to download this font and secondly you will to install this font in your computer/PC. So I decide to show the actual and authentic way, how you can install fonts in window with comfortably.

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 fast

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7:

It is a quite easy way to install fonts in window 7/vista/8 etc. So I’m going to reveal the font download and installation process for your convenience. We highlighted this absolute way in the following steps:

Step 1:

In the first step, download your favorite and attractive font from 1001 fonts or dafont, these websites are known as best and trustworthy. After download your chosen/favorite fonts zip file, extract it to any place or folder, where you want. Then copy those fonts .ttf (True Type Font) files, whatever these are multiple or single font files.

How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Now go to My Computer > C Local Disk > Windows > Fonts, Now paste your copied files inside fonts directory. When you paste it, it will automatically install in your computer then you can easily use this font in every installed application in your computer. How to Install Fonts in Windows 7 step 2

Above image clearly showing that, selected fonts have been successfully installed. Now you can use these fonts in your computer application like Photoshop, CorelDraw etc. Similarly, you can installed further fonts with this method.

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How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver Fast

Do you know? How to change Window 7 screen saver quickly. It is not a hardcore procedure, it is pretty simple way to create your own screen saver and apply this screen saver on your window screen. Window 7 comes with various default screen savers, which are pretty cool look and performance. But in another condition, when you want to use your own company or brand logos as a screen savers in window 7 then first you need to create your own company custom screen saver then apply this custom screen saver on your window 7.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver:

Mostly professionals and office employees feel annoyed with window’s default screen saver. They want to use their own custom logos, trademark, company name, custom created wallpapers on the place of default screen saver so it is quite simple to do this, just you need to follow my following steps.

Step 1:

In the first step, Click on Start button then choose Control Panel. Next find the Personalization option from control panel.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 1

Step 2:

Open Personalization option then click on Screen saver from right bottom side.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 2

Step 3:

Open Screen saver settings window and choose Photos from drop down list. After choose the Photos click on Settings.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 3

Step 4:

In the settings, Now you can browse your own screen saver, company logos etc and also customize slide show speed as your requirement.

How to Change Window 7 Screen Saver step 4

Now you have successfully changed your own screen saver in window 7. You also browse videos, photos, Gif files etc for custom screen saver purpose without any hesitation.

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How to Grow Email List Fast

Do you know? How to grow email list fast without doing any stiff struggle. I’m talking about website subscribers, who will join your subscription service for future updates. Most often blogs are getting and drive huge part of traffic from email marketing, which is now nearly became a part of Seo. A prominent question will be coming in your mind that how you can grow or increase your email list. I will reveal definite way and techniques, which will help you to boost your email list.

How to Grow Email List Fast

How to Grow Email List Fast:

If you are looking for the authentic way, which grow your email list so you are on a right way. Here is few and major techniques, which we highlighted,

Optin Forms:

Optin forms is a prominent and vital way to collect innumerable emails with in a minimum time. Optin form pop up will appear on your website after when your website page is load. Your website visitor will see the optin form pop up first before go on website page. It is a spectacular opportunity for everyone to integrate or install WordPress best optin forms plugins, which will collect numerous emails for you in a day. Optin Monster, Bloom by elegant themes and MailMunch is a finest one’s optin forms plugins for WordPress.

How to Grow Email List Fast optin form

Subscription Widget:

Most often blogger feels annoyed to put a subscription widget at the top of your website sidebars, but it is a real fact top position on your sidebars is a rich and premium place because user sees this place first, when he comes on your website. I personally have strong experience, if your subscription form widget is placed above the fold then 60% chances will be increase that user will subscribe your website if your website is providing useful and authentic information. Bloom by elegant themes is also giving an opportunity to design and insert an attractive subscription widgets.

How to Grow Email List Fast subscription widget

Lock Your Content:

Minority of blogger will be aware with this technique and it is 90% effective than other’s. Personally we got 150+ email in a next 2 hours with this way, but it is a optional technique because many bloggers don’t like to lock his content for visitors only for the sake of emails. So its up to you to choose the better way for your journey.

How to Grow Email List Fast unlock the content

Below the Post Content:

Below the post content is a premium place, where you can get maximum response from user side. We will recommend you to put a finest one subscription box under each post content because that is a most prominent place where user clicks ratio is 80%. Otherwise you can use the below post content place for Ads placement, this will also help to you generate lot of revenue.

Allow Sign up:

It is a great opportunity and option for visitors, which can sign up and register itself on your website. Similarly, you can get their name, email and related info. Because they are now become a member on your website, so they will probably come back again on your website for to do more activities. Only ask name and email in user registration form and avoid to ask multiple info because user can feel annoyed with this act. User name and email is sufficient for registration then user should be able to go ahead.

How to Grow Email List Fast allow registration

These above mentioned techniques and method will must help you to grow your email list. This email list will improve your website traffic via email marketing, You also can read Email marketing tips for small business holders.

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