Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

When you first start a job, or when you’ve moved your business to a new office, there’s a certain special feeling that’s difficult to recapture. It’s a stimulating “freshness” that comes with beginning something new and exciting. With being in a fresh and new environment. That sensation can be a really satisfying one that spurns you to do some really great work. As any savvy business owner must know by now, the environment in which your employee works in fundamental in getting them into a good mindset. And a good mindset helps them be more efficient and productive.

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

But most offices don’t really get updated that often. Check out an old photo of your office, perhaps one from a few years ago. Look at your office now. The chances are that not much has changed at all. Maybe some new faces are around. Maybe some old ones have gone. But the people still there? They’ve been working in the same old office for quite some time now. Here are some tips for getting your office feeling fresh and stimulating more often.

Are You Sure You Don’t Just Need a New Office?

Before we start making suggestions for your current office, here’s something you should consider. Is it time to move into a new office? If you’re feeling your current office isn’t quite stimulating enough, then you should figure out why exactly that is. Are there things falling apart? Is the building out in the middle of nowhere, so people are a little tired from travel when they arrive in the morning? With all that staff expansion, is it not as spacious as it used to be?

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating New Office

If people aren’t happy with the office for reasons like this, then it might be better to start looking into a new office entirely. Somewhere deeper in the city with more convenient transportation. Maybe in a cooler, more modern building. Make you know how to change your registered office address so you don’t get into trouble with your clients or the government!

Keep it Clean and Fresh:

Most offices these days hire cleaners to come in after hours and have a tidy up. But there’s a lot that contributes to the feeling of cleanliness and freshness that those cleaners probably won’t be dealing with.

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating

They’re probably vacuuming the floors, especially if you have carpet in your office. But what about the dust that’s been building up in your computers? Open up your computer and look around the fans. That dust build up means your computers will be expelling hot, dusty air into the office all day. Get that cleaned up! You should also ensure employees are able to open windows so they can get some fresh air in there. (If you can call city air “fresh”.)

Keep it Interesting:

Are your office walls still that off-white colour they were when you first bought the place? Well, I’m not going to suggest painting them in a different colour. Weird colours on office walls can sometimes be quite distracting, though this depends on the mindset of your employees. But how much less white are those walls these days?

Keeping Your Work Place Fresh and Stimulating Keep it interesting

Run a damp cloth over the walls to see if that off-white isn’t actually a dusty, dirty white. Get those walls cleaned or, better yet, repainted white! Once that’s done, get art hanging up all around the office. The great thing about this is that you can change up the art every few weeks to keep the images from getting stale!

How To Become a Successful Blogger

How To Become a Successful Blogger:

Nowadays, Many of blogger like me have thousands of ambitions with own blogs. Usually Majority of  bloggers even me want to maximize our daily revenue but How it is possible ?? First of all, Need to starting a blog carrier. Blogging is incredible passion and all aspects of blogging is amazing. To convert your dream into reality So, You need to concentrate your mind on this article. We will reveal or share our blogging experience and algorithms with our readers. Become a successful blogger is not like a hot chili, Just need a couple of time in your daily routine and few part of mind concentration will make you successful blogger. We highlighted numbers of things in this article.

How To Become a Successful Blogger

Host Your Tasty Cake:

The crucial thing in blogging is “Hosting” Where your precious data are being stored. Tasty hosting also called reliable hosting. Even if you have reliable hosting then your will be free of mind and without any fear of hacking and outside threat for your site. Reliable hosting essentially put impact on your site performance and user feedback. For becoming a successful blogger, It is your responsibility to host your tasty cake on reliable place, Where your site data requirement meet with your mind satisfaction.

Design a Catchy Blog:

Blog look or appearance should be attractive and user-friendly. Sites appearance depends on brands/company/ colors, And colors should be light instead of dark view.Dark colors can create disturbance during reading and analyzing. Blog menus also a part of designing therefore, It also should be user-friendly. Do not design your site for adults persons point of view, Design your site for all category male,female, kids, teenagers etc. Website layout also part of designing and mobile friendly website is now first preference in search engines. Mobile friendly websites have huge traffic and large numbers of traffic sites directly belongs to large revenue.

Efficient Content:

Content writing is the main and essential task of blogging. Content writing contains numerous aspects. First we need to see the market and user trends then think about your article title and concepts. Collect the data, proofs with meaningful examples because these things putting soul in your article. If you have enough budget then hire content writers for efficient content. These content writers will accomplish your need with your given criteria. During writing content keep remember few things, Content should be correct grammatically and avoid repeat sentence many times. Content length also matter in search engines, Content should be more than 300 words and well efficient content consist on 1000 words.

Social Appearance:

Social media network now become a part of successful blogging. Social media appearance also matter in search engines ranking and results. Join social platform because it will help you to gain more numbers of traffic and users. Social media appearance also redirect users on your site in the shape of backlinks. Make magnificent and catchy profile to attract user on your site. Social media also can grab large numbers of user on your blog. Search engines also consider and count social media users in search engine ranking. Read More relevant social media and find out the top social media sites for Seo purpose.

Regular Blogging:

Hopefully, Above heading clear this aspect but also want to saying “Consistency and regularity” establish trustworthy sign among users and site. Daily writing blog will create more traffic but other hand it will make your user permanent. Mostly user likes daily updated sites because these sites provides accurate and trustful information or news at the accurate time. For being a professional and successful blogger needs consistency.

Accumulate the above all aspects will make you successful blogger. Domain name must impact on searching or ranking criteria don’t leave this necessary aspect. Try to write unique and authentic articles because it will make you creative thinker. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us, We love to listen these ideas. Yet, If you have further questions then please leave your comment. 😉

5 Best Blog writing Tips and Tricks

Blog writing Tips:

Writing blog is not like eating apple,This takes quest and time. Blog writing is such an art, Majority of blogger are not aware from it. Creative mind can creates creative blogs, So here everyone is better than others. Almost bloggers do many mistakes during writing articles. Because of these inaccuracy, bad effect is created in the user’s mind. Then user want to get rid out of this cobweb. To avoid that situation, We need to improve blog writing. Blog writing tips will make you able to improve blog writing with accuracy. Let’s see, the blog writing tips are as following,

Blog writing tips

Straight-forward Content:

Content is king in blog writing. Content should be grammatically correct and purge from duplication. Try to make straight-forward and short sentence for reader better understanding. Short paragraphs look pretty and easier for reading. Avoid to repeating sentence in an article. Keep remember that, content length should be up-to 400 words. Don’t utilize redundant slang inside content paragraphs. Divide the whole article in different stages for better understanding.Describe the whole article as an interesting story, So the reader will enjoy during reading it.

Headings and titles:

Headings and title are the part of highlighted places on articles. Titles describes the theme of entire article so, title should be catchy and short. Sometimes writers ignore that aspect then they don’t get positive feedback from user side.

Attraction with Images:

Images are used to describing the article scenario. Usage of images in article increase the visitors on site and increase the user concentration. Always give preference neat and clean images without any blur. Image size should be slandered size. Don’t use copyrighted images because it violates the rules.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking will help the user to understand the words depth. Must interlink your specific keywords during writing article. Actually internal linking is the magnificent aspect of Search engine optimization. Internal-linking decrease the bounce rate because internal-linking increase site pageviews.

Seo Factors:

Seo factors are essential aspect of blog writing. Especially meta-title, description and tags are crucial feed for search engines. Search engines takes your given or provided meta information (titles and description) then display in search results. Meta information should be relevant with content criteria. XML Sitemap and robots file are another finest on-page Seo factors. Anchor text on hyperlinks is also important for user perspective. If you are WordPress user then install and step-up WordPress Seo By Yoast, this plugin accomplish all aspects of Seo.

Above blog writing tips are necessary for each article. Hopefully, these important points will help you to make your blog best than your competitors. You can enhance your knowledge about Seo through read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. For more query or help, leave a comment. 😉

How To Start a Blog Journey For money Absolute Guide

Blogging is incredible passion. Every blogger starts his journey with lot of ambitions and dreams that one day, He will get his destination and get success. Blogging is rising rapidly on internet world. Peoples and thousands of communities shares his ideas and experience with others, through social media sites and blogging. In this era, Where information technology spreading fast and move forward to others. Beginners have thousand of question in his mind that, “How they will become successful blogger”. Today we will reveal that, How To Start a  blog journey for make money.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

Some person thinks that, After create blog they will become multimillionaire overnight. This is absolutely wrong perceptions. Behind every success has day and night struggle. There is nothing like trick or trips only hardworking exist. Give proper time and attention to your business. On internet, You may find hundred of companies, Which is offering blog platforms. We assemble our experience and skills in this blogging journey article.Here is couple of things are required to become efficient blogger.

  1. Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Blogging Platform
  3. Web Designing / Website Layout
  4. Content writing/Topics
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Advertising Program
  8. Update your Blog Daily

1. Domain Name and Hosting:

Domain & hosting is the starting plan for a blogger. Before starting blogging journey, We need to clarify that, What actually skills or content want to share on your blog. Because domain name should be relevance with your blog content. You can take example of my blog name is “knowledge idea” This blog is able to share any kind of information or content because knowledge can be about fashion, technology, sports and games, beauty, education etc. So domain niche should be strong.Other thing is that, Domain name should be normal in length like Facebook,WordPress,Google etc.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

Secondly is hosting, Your hosting provider should be verified on internet market. Before buy any hosting must read about reviews these hosting companies on discussion boards. I personally suggest you “HostGator“. Read How to Get Domain And Hosting in Cheap Rates.

2. Blogging Platform:

Blogging platform is another essential moment. As we explain above lines, On internet world hundred of third-party websites allow to use his platform. So, We need to choose user-friendly and easy to use platform for blogging journey. We recommend you, Read below best platform articles.

3. Web Design or Website Layout:

Website design or layout navigation system should be user-friendly. When a common users come to your site, They don’t need to hard struggle to find his topic and Google personally recommend simple layout and navigation system. You can use simple themes on your blog because simple theme prominent your blog content. Don’t launch your website till the whole theme is not ready for use. Use signal sidebar theme because its look pretty and attractive for your blog. Your website color scheme should be relevance with your brand logo. Don’t use dark scheme colors because dark color scheme will upset your users during reading articles. Website background should be lighten color.

4. Content Writing/ Topics:

Content is always first preference of a successful blogger. We said, in our previous articles “Content is King”. Because a finest and appropriate content is key of success. Your content should be correct grammatically. Search engines can’t bear the grammatically mistakes. So, You should care about your vocabulary and grammar. Try to write itself and don’t do copy paste to other site because duplication is not allow. If you don’t stop with duplication so search engines penalize your site for perpetually.  Every article should have contain minimum 400 and maximum 1000 plus words.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the soul of every blog. Without soul nothing is possible. Search engine optimization consist on multiple methods and ways. Search engine optimization will help your blog to get well-known rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo,Bing,MSN etc. Search engine optimization have few fundamentals rules and strategies. We will write well beneficial articles on Search engine optimization (SEO) Must read below articles.

 6. Affiliate Marketing:

When we talk about make money, quickly affiliate marketing idea come into mind. Affiliate marketing is now the part of make money online. Affiliate marketing is that, Suppose a company offer a book on 23$ and registered affiliate member of this company sale this book in 29$ so, 6$ is the profit of this affiliate member. You don’t need to purchase this book just refer this person on your behalf. When third person buy this book on your behalf through your refer then company will deposit your profit in your affiliate account.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

So , Now you can understand that, Affiliate marketing is commission based method. On internet thousands of affiliate companies exist but we highlight well-known companies like: HostGator affiliate program, Amazon, ClickBank, GoDaddy etc.

 7. Ads Program:

The basic purpose of every blog creation is ads and generate revenue. But for ads program, Your blog should capable before applying ads account. Criteria is now different. In the market top ads company for blog is Google Adsense and they have strict polices and rules. If we respect these rules and polices then can generate the lot of money but vice versa, They will blacklist your website forever. Don’t feel panic, these strict polices are only for few countries not for all. But again repeat, Don’t try to break rules and polices.

Absolute Guide To Start Blog Journey For Money

On internet hundred of companies are the alternate of Google Adsense but not better than Google Adsense. Google Adsense is highly paid ads program. Here is few rules and polices before applying any ads program.

  1. Domain name should be in .com, .net etc
  2. Use verified and trusted hosting provider.
  3. Minimum post at the time of applying for ads is 40 plus articles.
  4. Your website should be SEO friendly
  5. Website should be 6 month old then apply for ads not before.

8. Update Your Blog Daily:

Updating on blog is necessary factor of ranking. Actually some blogger don’t take it serious but remember that, If you are not update your blog on daily basis then you can lose your search ranking. That is not easy to achieve money in your pocket. We already said above, day and night struggle will give you money. So be professional with your business. Don’t spoil your struggle in inactive days.

Understand the facts and figures. Again repeat the first line of this article “Blogging is incredible passion”. Try to share your ideas with your friends and in your community. Recapitulate the above steps, Makes you skillful blogger. If you have query regarding blogging then ask below. 🙂

How to start a blog using WordPress

How to start a blog using WordPress:

WordPress is an open source platform.Which is using to create blog and websites with more efficiency. In other words, we can say WordPress is a publishing platform for bloggers ,writers and others. WordPress is a free platform,there is no cost to pay it. WordPress provides flexible features, which will help you to start your blogging journey with ease. WordPress provides dashboard, which full of tools and gadgets. Here we talking about for beginners. This process consists on several steps:

  1. Need a self hosted domain 
  2. Install WordPress on hosting (Server)
  3. Start Blogging 

Need a self hosted domain:

Let’s start with self hosted domain name.Before going to WordPress, We remember that every website or blog need a particular Domain name (e.g Domain name may be .com (Commercial Purpose) .net or .org Domain name use for network or organization similarly .edu use for education purpose.I prefer you use .com Domain name for business. Let’s start with Buy Domain name and Buy Hosting. Choose HostGator certified hosting as my experience with HostGator and iPage is superb because its reliable and user-friendly Click here for more. I am personally using iPage. iPage Offers cheap hosting on discounted rates click Here for more.

Install WordPress on Host:

After getting the hosting , Go to WordPress site and Download WordPress in zip format. Check the following screenshot.

How to start a blog using WordPress

WordPress Installations process is quite simple and easy. After getting Hosting server,we need to open Cpanel then Goto —> File Manager. Check the below screenshot process. 

How to start a blog using WordPress

Open >> File Manager  then upload the WordPress Download file in the root directory. Keep remember that, Upload file should be in zip format.Then click on upload file. Check the following screenshot of the procedure.

How to start a blog using WordPress

You can upload WordPress package in a specific folder which you want. I am using iPage Cpanel in screenshots. Approximately all Cpanel look like same interface. You will find File Manager option in every Cpanel. Now next step consist on WordPress installation setup. First unzip WordPress Package. Here we mention one more thing, we can upload WordPress Package via FTP Client FileZilla. I personally use FileZilla to upload files on root directory.Check the following screenshot of FileZilla

How to start a blog using WordPress

FileZilla is flexible to upload files on server-side. Drag and drop system and one click to connect to the server, no need to sign in on server every time.We will talk it later on FileZilla. Now comeback on topic, Before goto next step we need a SQL Database to connect with WordPress Package. Comeback on Cpanel and Click on MY SQL Database. Check the following screenshots,which we have taken during create database.

[envira-gallery id=”641″]

After Create Database and user, Open your website in browser. Installation page will appear on the screen. Fill the installation form step by step as given below Screenshots.

[envira-gallery id=”646″]

WordPress Installation now has been completed. Happy blogging. Read How to start a blog with blogger. Hope you like this post, if you have any query so, please share your point of views in below comment. 😉

How to start a blog using Blogger

How to start a blog using Blogger:

Now this era is shifted on internet world, Where community of the people’s sharing more things with each other. But the shape of sharing thing is change from other’s. Some sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter or someone sharing on blogs. Today we will discuss about “how to start a blog”. How a beginner can starts his journey with efficiently without any problems. First you need to think with fresh mind, which things you know better from other’s. Because everyone have a passions, someone experts in writing articles, a house made mother expert in cooking, someone in thinking unique ideas, someone in designing, someone in photography therefore, first we need your motive and aim. Second a subject/skills in which you are expert this is any thing else. Now you need to move your ideas on internet and share with blogs. On internet numbers of platforms are available to start blogging journey for free but you determine better one which one match our requirements. Some famous platforms are mentioned as under:

In this article we talk about how to start a blog with Blogger, for WordPress blogging read this How to start blog using WordPress. what is Blogger ? Blogger is a product of Google Inc. Which is provide blogging platform without any cost. You only need a Gmail Account to create a blogger. If you have Gmail Account then go to then sign in with your Gmail account. Keep remember Google all products include blogger can be access with a free Gmail account so don’t be worried. We divided these blog creation in several steps. Which is as under: 

Step 1:

Login >> Blogger account via Gmail account.

how to start a blog 

Step 2:

Click on >> New Blog Button on << Dashboard

how to start a blog 

Step 3:

After Click on New Blog >> a Pop up will appear on-screen like below screenshot. Now at this stage we choose a specific Site Title and Blog URL (Universal Resource Locator) or Web Address (it should be unique e.g And choose a nice theme which you like.then press >> Create Blog Button.

how to start a blog 

Step 4:

Now you have successfully created your blog. Its time to optimize it with articles/posts.

how to start a blog 

Step 5:

Here is some particular things to understand that, First you need to write Post Title. Then Body area is contains heading, paragraph, and here you need to alert because don’t use copy paste tricks or data because if you use these copy paste terms then Google will penalized your blog lifetime so beware of these movements.Try to write some unique as yourself and remember that, data should be user-friendly.

how to start a blog 

Step 6:

It is an Analytic Panel / Stats Panel in blogger. We may see the traffic stats and check the traffic country visits. We may use the Google analytic tool separately to track the whole blog. Blogger have many and more option to customize your blog efficiently. we may use Blogger Gadgets in Layout under layout section. 

how to start a blog 

Step 7:

Google Keyword tool is most effective part of blogging because we pick rich keywords from that place. We optimize our blog with rich keywords i will describe it explicitly in my coming articles.

how to start a blog 

Step 8:

As we express above Google keyword planner tool is an important factor of blogging to choose a rich/good keywords and put into your content or title.And be honest with your profession. Here is some usage screenshots of Google keyword planner tool. Always place keywords in your content body,headings and post title. Use meaningful data in your articles don’t use spamming words. Once again be honest with your profession.

how to start a blog           how to start a blog 

how to start a blog 

So far, we have read the how to start a blog with blogger and next lesson we will talk about how to start a blog with WordPress with advance enhancement. Blogging is an incredible passion. My experience with blogging is long time since 2010. I will must share WordPress tricks that how to boast your website with WordPress. Hope you understand this article , if you have any problem during reading this article or understanding article so, feel free comment below. 🙂