How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Great to see you on our web, on which today I will reveal some few tips how to do Seo for website step by step. As we know, Seo have two kinds and both kinds have its own several factors to improve rank in search engine.

How To Do SEO For Website:

There are so many things, which is considered during making and organizing website but few are most essential, that will we discuss here.

How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

Step 1:

First of all, On-Page configuration happen when you start writing some articles on your website. In On-Page, keywords placement and selection, anchor text existence. Keyword placement is not an easy task anymore, search engine now become more trendy and require more flexibility in keywords placement and selection. Right keyword placement on right place is the most crucial achievement. Your keyword should be exist on several places such as headings, first paragraphs, article outlines etc. Another important side of Seo is, your anchor text should be correct and relevant to your hyperlink data.

Step 2:

After keywords placement on right target points, cross linking/internal linking is another important factor. Cross linking should be the most highlighted part of your Seo, because of this reason backlinking is still effectual and giving more pertinent results from search engine.

Step 3:

Image optimization is considered as third most potent factor of Seo. Image optimization is not about only Alt tags, there are further so many factors include in it such as image standard size, avoid copyrighted images and spotless images for better understanding.

Step 4:

Design a xml sitemap for a website to give a proper path to Google crawler that follow this designed path and index our entire site respectively.

Step 5:

Check your website speed and try to take an improvement in it. You can analyze your website speed or check website metrics on several platform such as GTmetrics, Pingdom tools and Google insight. Your website should be fastest and light weight because slow speed website have no value in search engine and you can check it out this announcement in 2016 Seo Guide.

Step 6:

Cross linking among external websites or blogs is used to build your website reputation around internet. That strategy also boost your website rank in search engine because if someone come on your site by clicking on anywhere from reputed website so that is a plus point for your website rank and that traffic will be considered in search engine rank. Only if coming links are dofollow instead of nofollow, Google doesn’t index or consider nofollow backlinks must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Step 7:

Social sharing is now becomes the part of our blogging because from this way your fans can be connected with you. Another side, social media sites have great place to spread your brand awareness among your target audience such as Facebook ad campaigns.

Important Note:

These above tips are already implemented on various sites and we got much response from that way.  Keep in mind, Organic Seo never can show their results quickly, Seo always takes time to show their perfection must read how longer Seo takes to show their results.

Let us know, if you have any question or queries so must ask your doubts or enhance this discussion on our community forum or can comment under this article.

How to do SEO of Website 2015

How to do SEO:

Here is the prominent question on beginner bloggers tongue, how to do SEO of website and make it search engine friendly. Every website owner have thousands of ambitions with his blogs but SEO is the only process, which can accomplish this dream in positive manner. In today article, we will try to convey our message in appropriate form. What steps are necessary in SEO process, and how you can do it with ease.

How to do SEO

First of all, Search engine Optimization have numerous factor, some include in On page Seo and further include in Off page Seo. Seo trends are slightly changed in 2015, you can read my earlier post absolute Seo Guide 2015. Let’s start to read that how to do Seo with minimum efforts.

User friendly Website:

User friendly website refers to the simple layout and  easy navigation system sites. User always like simple site instead of these sites, which equipped with lot of tools or widgets. Provide point to point data, because user only need the information for which he comes on your site.

How to do SEO

Main menu after the header section should be easy to understand for common users. Mostly newbie uses complex words in main menu, which disturb the reader’s attention.

Design your site with brands colors because it creates the positive environment for readers. Always use light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors create disturbance while reading articles. Try to make concise article and avoid repetitions. Lastly, keep away from redundancy.

Mobile Friendly Website:

Nowadays, approximately 40% of users comes through mini devices on websites so, it is necessary to make your site mobile friendly.

How to do SEO

Responsive websites always have maximum positive feedback because user likes website responsiveness. If we talk our website KnowledgeIDea, So 45% user daily comes through mini devices include Windows phone, Android, BlackBerry etc. We can’t overlook this crucial aspect of Seo. Try to make your site fully responsive, if you are using WordPress then must review Free WordPress Themes with Responsive Design.

Internal Seo:

Internal Seo is known as On Page Seo, which consist on various factors internally. Create xml sitemap and submit to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Create robots.txt file to give instruction search engine crawler.

How to do SEO

Establish internally links cobweb among relevant articles. Don’t forget to use anchor text inside every single hyperlinks. Anchor text will help search engine crawler to understand the hyperlink purpose to linked content.

Try to write high quality content for your blog, because it is important for sturdy Seo. You can read my article on blog writing tips, these tips will help you to generate high quality content along Seo.

Image optimization is also essential part of Seo. Optimize images with elected keywords. Use medium size of images and don’t use blur images blur images annoys the users mostly. Utilize clear images and images should be relevant with written article.

Keyword Placement is most crucial aspect of Seo. Use chosen keywords with main heading and also with sub heading. Use chosen keywords inside first paragraph of article, You can read my article on Keywords Seo articles.

External Seo:

External Seo is known as Off Page Seo, which consist on various factors externally. Backlinks are the prominent factor of external Seo. Establish strong backlinks through high PR Social bookmarking sites and top high PR forums.

How to do SEO

Social media viral are now become the part of Seo. Social media appearance or Social media traffic can be the cause of high rank. Now Search engines are emphasizing the social media traffic and counts in search ranking. Social media is the short way to get the success destination. Create attractive or catchy profile on Social media sites. Guest blogging is another and new trend of valuable backlinks. Guest blogging can increase your fans community on another platform.

Above headings representing or highlighting the main points of Search engine optimization. These above mentioned points are prominent factor with Seo perspective. Adopt these algorithms and makes your site Seo friendly, Mostly user include my few friends ignore internal linking while writing articles but remember that these internal linking can become the cause of low bounce rate that’s means maximum pageviews with minimum users rate. So don’t overlook these small aspects and try to share these tips with other friends.

Eventually we concluded that, Seo is little bit tricky but once time you do it then next time it will give you maximum positive return. For further help or feedback, use the comment box. 😉