6 Words You Need to Stop Using in Your Sales Emails

Sales emails are supposed to help you generate revenue, and they will if they’re done correctly. A lot of the times, sales emails result in people who are so annoyed by your pitches that they’re eager to unsubscribe and swear they’ll never use your services again. Sometimes it’s not in what you say, but rather how you say it. Adjusting the language of your sales emails can boost their level of effectiveness, and dropping tired words and phrases will give your potential customers a reason to keep reading.

6 Words You Need to Stop Using in Your Sales Emails Marketing

1. Trendy Internet Words:

The problem with trends is that they grow old fast. Abbreviations like “LOL” and “WTF” translate as juvenile after a while. Aligning your sales with memes seems immature – you want people to know you’re serious about what you’re selling, and you can’t do that if people are interpreting you in the same way they’d interpret an obnoxious teenager.

2. Prefixes that are Outright Lies:

One of the oldest tricks in the email marketing book is to add a prefix like “Fwd” or “Re:” at the beginning of a sales email. The idea is that people will be more inclined to open it if they believe it’s a conversation they’re already a part of. This might make them open the email, but when they realize what it is, they’ll also realize that you’re a liar. Would you give a liar your money?

3. Anything With a Hashtag:

An email is not Instagram or Twitter. Many people feel that it’s effective to promote their current hashtags, which will increase the visibility of their brand. People who receive your emails aren’t stupid – they know hashtags do nothing in an email. You’re better off including a separate note about posting with a hashtag to promote the company in a manner that’s more direct, but not forceful.

4. Dramatic Adjectives:

“Shop with us during our WONDERFUL sale, where you’ll find AMAZING deals on the GREATEST items that are PERFECT for you.” The problem with these words is that they’ve been used so much in marketing that they’ve lost all meaning in that context. Every sales email loads up on the superlatives, and they all wind up right in the trash folder.

5. Charitable Words:

Words pertaining to donations or some kind of a request for help translate as bothersome to a lot of people. They don’t want to know what you need from them, especially since you don’t know them personally. If someone on your email list gets the vibe that you’re constantly asking them for things, you’ll stop becoming a place they want to do business with and start becoming a needy burden.

6. Words that Cheapen Your Value:

This isn’t limited to words that outright imply something is inexpensive, such as “discount”, but also words like “sale”. You might think this will encourage people to browse your website, but you aren’t even telling them what to look for. All they know is that whatever you have is cheap, and sometimes people aren’t on the market to buy something just because it’s inexpensive. Always lead with your best foot instead of trying to lure people in with cheap pricing.

Remember to focus on the content of your sales emails instead of trying to bulk them up to make them appear more interesting. Showcase new products and talk about what’s in store for your business. A “BUY, BUY, BUY” mantra does no good if you aren’t giving people a reason to buy, or worse, you aren’t even specifying what you’re encouraging them to purchase.

Email Marketing Tips For Small Business

Email marketing is the illustrious way to convey messages to numerous people at a single click. Email marketing is also necessary element in blogging carrier & journey. Entrepreneurs will be acquainted with its long-term advantages. Now here, we will reveal few prominent or best email marketing tips.

Email Marketing Tips:

As we mentioned above lines, email marketing is the finest source to reach the customers promptly. Another words, most cheap way to get maximum results.

Email Marketing Tips

Remember that, email marketing have some trends or something like tips, which will help you to boost your business. Let’s discuss on email marketing tips and tricks.

Subscription form for website:

Attractive designed subscription form grasp the user attraction. Brands colors collection integrate in subscription form design. Ask about user email or name via subscription form. Put this finest subscription form on website and try to insert above the fold. Send welcome newsletters emails and invite your friends or users. Invite users to contributing on your site via well designed newsletter. Other one copy of this subscription box put on a separate page of site and share this page as much as possible. Social media site are the prominent place for sharing in huge groups, pages and timelines.

Welcome Email or Invitation:

Sort the bloggers and manual internet user emails and send the welcome emails. Welcome email is well efficient way to introduce your brand or company name. Invite users to contributing on your blog in the shape of guest posting. Describe your blog purposes and next future goals of achievement. Create influential shape in reader’s mind about your products or blog.

Smart Newsletter Design:

After getting subscription of users, it’s a hard-core responsibility to update users. Send daily or weekly newsletters equipped with offers, latest published post and much more. Embellish newsletter with colorful banners or pictures, finest prominent headings, write precise and concise lines of content about product or article. Put social media profiles or company pages links, glare logo attached with website homepage. You also can insert affiliate banner inside newsletters to generate revenue.

Content Send to relevant audience:

Mostly peoples don’t care about strategy of audience and broadcast bulk emails to the entire list. This can be a huge disaster and might break the consumer relation with community. Avoid this kind of actions and sort the entire list into different categories then broadcast your newsletters. Relevancy is most essential to maintain the poise in community. In contrary, if you send tons of emails to anyone then users feel awkward and annoying with your service, maybe they will unsubscribe you or block, So, avoid from these actions.

Smart email broadcasting:

Everyone knows “Time is Money” So, broadcast emails only on active period or active business hours. This way will increase your newsletter CTR as well giving you returning visitors. Business hours send emails will return maximum result instead of inactive hours. Another interesting tip, Send specific birthday newsletters or particular events emails to users, this will encourage or motivate user and establish strong relation among your site & user. Keep remember that, must care about receiver country time zone.

Eventually, above email marketing tips will prepare superlative email for users. You can utilize Best MailChimp platform to cast email or construct subscription forms. For further help or questioning, leave your comment. 😉

3 Best Email Marketing Tips and Secrets

Email Marketing Tips:

If we think as a professional blogger perspective, Traffic is a big enough way to generate handsome revenue. Email marketing is the magnificent medium of traffic. Here is few finest email marketing tips, that will help you to generate organic traffic on your blog. Some bloggers complain that his site have not enough traffic and day by day gonna down constantly.

Email Marketing Tips

Publishing post daily is not only way to maximize the traffic. Email marketing is the source of conveying your message on every person doorstep.

Three best email marketing tips are following as,

  1. Target Audience
  2. Attractive deal offering
  3. Time & Consistency

Target Audience:

Audience is the genuinely traffic, whose we need. We must target our audience before broadcast emails. Therefore, it is our first priority to target audience for our newsletter updates. Target audience could be men or women, 18 plus or below the age, category persons like doctor, beauty salon, students etc. These are mandatory terms, whose we need to follow. Must target USA, UK, Canada audience because they have worth.

Target Audience in email marketing

First you think as itself, what actually you are offering in emails. Is this for kids, teenagers, adults or upper persons then sorting your email list. Content should be relevant with your human category don’t send mathematics assignments to doctor because there is totally confusion.You can send mathematics assignments to students because this category definitely match with student criteria. Always try to think as a user doctrine.

Attractive Deal Offering:

Consumer always thinks his own benefit first, because it’s a part of human nature. As I said above, think as a user. Deals and offers always attract user and grab his mind, free services like weight loss calculators on beauty sites, site rank checker tools and gadgets etc.

Attractive deal offering in email marketing

E-Commerce sites could offer saving money on various things like “buy one get one free”. Here is hundred of examples to express the deal and offers criteria.

Time & Consistency:

As everyone better know this word “time is money”. Before broadcasting email, You should keep in mind, Is you sending emails time meet with chosen country working time. Because working hours is more important and matter. If you broadcast email in non-working hours like (night,mid night, evening) so, bounce rate will be high and CTR would be low.

time and consistency in email marketing

Other thing is consistency, Majority of bloggers ignore consistency and not send emails on regular basis, Resultant they lose active users and his activities. So as a professional, now it’s our responsibility to keep update our users with every minute.


Newsletter design or template design also matter and put impact on user. Don’t ignore designing procedure, Attractive templates attract users that you serving better than your competitors. Connect your social network with newsletter. Read the email marketing relevant article “What is MailChimp and its features“. Newsletter should be simple not complicated and to the point. If you like further assistance regarding email marketing tips then discuss it below. 😉