What are Backlinks in Search Engine Optimization

What are Backlinks in SEO:

In the search engine optimization term backlinks is an incoming links, Which we get from other web pages. Backlink is used to measure the popularity of web page. Backlinks are the most important factor of Search engine optimization. External links are the another name of backlinks. Actually backlink is a hyperlink and target particular web page or website. For example, If we have two websites and we linked to each other with content articles or pages hyperlinks. If someone else visit first website and during read articles, He clicks on this particular hyperlink and redirect to second website, this means second website receive one backlink. The entire process is quite simple.

What are Backlinks in Seo

Google analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks then permit a  Google PageRank. Strong backlinks makes better your rank in search engines.

How we can create backlinks ?

Create backlinks are little bit stiff task for newbies. For create backlinks, You need to join forums, social media sites, and submit your site in popular web directories like dmoz and yahoo. Quick and beneficial way is Blog commenting. Join discussion boards will help you to add your backlinks inside signatures. More backlink will enhance more chances to get well rank. Create attractive social media profiles to putting impact on users. You can write guest post on other relevance blogging sites to increase awareness of your website. You can exchange your site links with other one website.

Benefits of Backlinks:

The most attractive benefit is Well-known search rank. Backlink criteria directly link with Google PageRank. That’s means, If your backlinks are useful and valuable then you can get high page rank then high PageRank websites appearing in search engines will be increased. Try to increase backlinks because backlink are the Assets of your website.

We conclude that, Backlink are spectacular factor for your site bright future. You can more discuss on that topic in below comment box.

Off Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Off Page Seo Factors:

Recap the previous article about On Page Seo factors role in website ranking. We learned the lot of component/factors of on-page Seo and We said, before doing off page Seo try to optimize your site with on page Seo. Both are mandatory and reliable for Organic Seo. In this article, We reveal only off page Seo factors with enhancement and new update features/algorithms. First we need to  clarify few things such as, Search Engines update his algorithms with the passage of time. So, Well known Seo experts observe these strategies and adopt it for own sites then recommend to others.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Recently Google Plus update is algorithms and said, Google Authorship no longer supported to search engines result. So, this means that, an efficient Seo expert always update himself with search engines and his algorithms. Now let’s start, off page Seo and his major factors.

Off Page Seo:

Off page Seo is a kind of Organic Seo. In simple words, Outside activity for your website optimization like building backlink, web directories, social media connections etc called to be off page Seo. Off page Seo is essential part of Seo and Search engines give preference these website, Who have presence on others high PR websites. External Seo/Off page Seo/ both are represent one thing. Don’t be worried because, Who are not aware with off page Seo they feel panic in beginning but don’t hesitate yourself.  We categories off page Seo in following factors.

  1. Building Back-links
  2. Submit Site to Search Engines
  3. Social Media connection
  4. Link Quality

1. Building Backlinks:

Backlinks is the backbone of off page Seo. Search Engines always preference backlink because its honor for website owner. Who have the presence of his site to others hundreds of high PR sites. So, When one website is linked to other than we consider a backlink to this site. Slightly ahead question is arising here, “how and where we can create backlinks”. So answer is quite simple, You can create your website backlinks on forums, blogs comments, through articles, through guest post,web directories and bookmarks.On forums, they will provide signature tool to edit and create your links but every signal forums have different criteria than other. Almost forums have some restriction due to avoid spam.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Always respect other site terms and condition or privacy polices. Blog comments are well-known and appropriate method to establish backlink instantly. Submit your website to reputed web directories such as Dmoz and yahoo are popular web directories.

2. Submit Site to Search Engines:

Newbies are not familiar with this juncture. When website of blog created then it is crucial step for every website to submit his site to search engines. Because search engine don’t know about your website presence that’s why it is leading and major step to tell them all search engines about your website presence. Specially leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, MSN etc. Read How to submit website to Google.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

Approximately all search engines have same procedure for verify website ownership then submit to search engines.

3. Social Media Connection:

Social media emerging in this era are major factor of Seo. Search engines are now smart and genius and they know the value of social media backlinks. Social media traffic now become the part of finest Seo. Search engines give preference and recognize social media traffic and they count this traffic in website ranking. Social media have great importance in this rising world.

Off-Page Seo Factors Role in Website Ranking

We can’t under-estimate these valuable traffic which are coming through social media sites. Leading social media site are following as , Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn etc

4. Link Quality:

Backlinks are important as we mentioned above but during making backlinks,Few rules and techniques are exist. These techniques will make your backlink strong and increase your website keywords strength. Backlink have two types, Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks. We should care about link quality. Seo experts recommend that, make maximum dofollow backlink because dofollow backlinks are valuable and strengthen. If possible so, exchange links between websites.

Summarize all above steps are known as off page Seo. Don’t forget to make dofollow links instead of nofollow. Almost blogs comment box are creating nofollow backlinks. Before do anything, You need to learn first about this thing. Off page Seo is compulsory for every website or blog because backlinks does work as a cobweb on internet. For more question regarding Organic Seo use below comment box. 😉