7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

Nowadays, majority of university or college students is taking interest in blogging. That’s why competition is increasing day by day. Every blogger wants to make his blog popular in search engine (e.g. Google) to become rich person. But beginners have no knowledge that which ways to make your blog popular quickly. So today I will share some ideas and tips, which will help you to make your blog popular or famous in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular:

Blogging is an incredible passion and a online professional job. We highlighted few and crucial tips and tricks, which will increase your website presence in search engine.

7 Ways To Make Your Blog Popular Guide

1. Social Media Sharing:

Social media is working as a backbone of website. Through social media, you can convey your products/service/ideas to the million of peoples without any trouble. Social media fan pages (Business page) where you can introduce your company/website/public figure etc among million of people’s. No doubt, according to Seo social media now became a huge factor of search engine ranking.

2. Provide Unique Information:

You should have a reason that, why user visit your website. If you are providing unique content or information than your competitors so you can win this race easily. Mostly website or blog’s content or topic looks similar, which makes a bad image in our mind for that blog. You should need to offer something unique or free and better than others, which compelled your users to visit your website.

3. Provide User Friendly Content:

Some blog writers use difficult grammatical words while writing, which a beginner not able to read so user tries to get rid out of these blogs. Initially a person cannot read and understand BBC/CNN/New York time magazine articles quickly. So your writing behaviour and style should be user friendly, which a initial person understand it with ease.

4. Publish Only Relevant Information:

Almost initial blogger put irrelevant information, which has no relation with your blog for example: marketing strategies articles consist of web hosting information or links. So it is useful and good practice to provide only relevant and according to trend information.

5. Create Consistency:

As a professional blogger, it is your responsibility to do work with consistency. Daily post your article without putting gap in your regularity. Daily provide useful and beneficial articles to your users and try to entertain your users.

6. Website Format/Layout:

Blog format is considered as a huge factor of blog popularity. Blog format should be distinctive from others. Use eye catchy colors and prominent typography. Unique and attractive blogs format memorized in user mindand users always remember these blogs with better reputation. Thus, you can make your blog reputed in visitor mind.

7. Daily/Weekly Newsletter:

Newsletter is an important aspect of blogging and keeps your blog famous. Majority of initial person’s doesn’t care about daily weekly newsletter and they overlook its importance. Newsletter job is to convey your blog news, events, articles, tutorials at your user door step. Newsletter keeps update your user from your blog. So its a good practice to join Free Newsletter Service like MailChimp to update your blog visitors.

Above 7 tips will definitely help you to make your blog popular as much as possible. Must read the Ways to drive traffic to your website, this will help to generate pure legitimate traffic on your website. For more discussion, you can join us via comment.

Why Blogging is Important For Students?

Did you know? Why blogging is important for students and for his career. Each student is a precious assets of his country. Most of computer science subject related students have little bit sense of computer and its benefits initially. Every student keeps intrinsic enthusiasm to do something different from others. Blogging is an emerging online job, Majority of students loves to do blogging from his school/college/university time. You also can do blogging, and can share your daily life stories, your experience, anything else, in which you are expert. In simple words, through blogging you can grow your knowledge, spread your knowledge and also can earn money without doing any hard struggle.

Why Blogging is Important For Students

Why Blogging is Important For Students?

Blogging is now becoming a professional and independent job. Most of the visitors and users asked that ‘why blogging is important’ especially for students. Simple answer is that, Blogging is only a business, which you can start without any investmentAnd everyone can start blogging, it has no boundaries and age limitation.After start blogging, you will be known as a blogger or an entrepreneur. Let’s start to highlight the major reasons of blogging importance from student perspective.

No Investment (100% Return):

Blogging is the only business, where you need no investment. Just you need to put your attention on your work with consistency. Blogging 100% return you money back.

Own Business (Entrepreneurship):

Now you have your own business that’ means now you will be your own boss of your business. No one can put pressure on your mind because you are working individually without any headache. Now you are running your own small business that’s why you will be known as an entrepreneur.

No Earning/Timing Threshold:

If you are associated with blogging, so congrats, because in blogging there is no earning and timing limitation. You can do blogging anytime, when you free. But as a professional blogger, we personally recommend 3-4 hours daily on blogging. Because time is money and every business takes time to stand.

Grow Literacy and Spread Literacy:

Blogging helps you to grow your knowledge with the passage of time. Conversely, you also can share your ideas, experiences, skills with others through your blog. So this means, you are spreading literacy as per your capacity.

Convey Your Voice:

If you are a student so you also can interact with your site users. Which will be proven better for future journey. You also can record your audio voice or video and can share or can convey your voice among your blog community and also can get a lot of feedback.

Create Opportunities for Future:

Blogging is a platform, where you can show your talent and create innumerable opportunities for your future. If your client’s/user like your work/website/service then you might get take lot of project through your blog. Web development, Seo, Marketing are the major services, which people needs for his business.

Monetize your blog:

A student always keeps wish to manage his studies expense from itself. Through blog monetization, it is possible to make your student life proud. From another perspective, blogging vital purpose is to earning money online and make your life shiny. You can join publisher ad networks to monetize ads like Google AdSense, Media.net etc.

Hopefully, you got your answer that, why blogging is important for students. Read, How to earn money online without investment and also read, How to start blogging journey.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with our perception and writing. If you have any interesting story concern with blogging then must let me know. For more queries and opinions join us via comment.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is incredible passion and have no threshold. I’m doing blogging since 2012 and still takes interest in blogging professional career. Today I will reveal some blogging tips for beginners, which helps you to rank your blog as soon as possible.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners:

Here is innumerable blogging tips for beginners but we highlight only prominent one’s. Which are playing vital role in blogging journey. See the below following blogging tips.

Write What You Know:

Most of bloggers feel panic about its next blogging articles. To avoid this kind of situation, focus on these things, which you are expert and can write better than others.I’m saying you need to choose your topics relevant to your expertise. It’s up to you, if you are expert in cooking then make a blog on cooking recipes, if you are a mathematics teacher so you can guide your readers about mathematics algorithms on your blog. Write what you know, write only these things, which you loves to share from your experience.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Practice as Yourself:

Before publish your articles, try to write your articles from yourself as a practice. I would recommend you to write your articles on Microsoft Word, because it can easily catch your grammatically mistakes. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper as a practice, try different methodologies as you can think.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Relevant Content:

You article content should be relevant with your article title. Sometimes bloggers don’t care about his article title significance. They mixed up all the content at one place, which disturb the user and website criteria. It is a good blogging practice to provide only relevant content,which related to their title or topic.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Authentication is Important:

Do not try to publish your content directly before authentication. Because publish content without authentication can spoil your blog reputation and it is also against the law. If you have strong proof or example then must mention it in your articles. because it can increase chances to make your article popular than others.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

ADD Media:

Media is a great source to elaborate your thinking. Insert high-definition quality images, which should be relevant with your content. You also can insert videos in the shape of tutorials for better understanding. Users always entertain with multimedia material like photography, Video, Audio etc.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Style and Appearance:

Blog content style and appearance should  be attractive. Make sure, you blog font family and font size should be prominent and easy to read for readers. We personally using ‘Roboto Slab’ font family on our blog with 16px font size, you also can edit or change your blog fonts style from typography options. Blog branding colors also be a crucial part of style and appearance, always use light colors combination instead of dark colors.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Be Loyal:

Loyalty is most important things among user and you, which create mutual understanding. Article writing style should be ethical and truthful, which reflects your blog reputation. Never insert unethical words, which can spoil your blog reputation.

User Friendly Behavior:

You behavior should be friendly with your precious users, do not ignore user feedback and opinions. User always likes or expect truthful and friendly actions from your side. Which makes this relationship more strong.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Sharing is Caring:

An external essential task, which has strength to drive innumerable traffic and can promote your blog on many places. After published your blog post, share in different communities as you can do. Share your blog post in Social media sites, top social bookmarking sites, high PR forums sites etc. You can generate a lot of traffic from this sharing activity and this step will help you to boost your search engine rank.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners


Write your blog articles daily with consistency, do not put a little gap because this little gap is sufficient to make it a big hole in your blogging journey. Design your daily schedule calendar, which cover every single aspect of your daily task, you also can use sticky note utility for this purpose.

Trust is built with consistency.

Let us know, if you like above worthwhile blogging tips for your blogging journey. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging Journey

Blogging is incredible, if you are on right way. Almost blogger have various kinds of problems during his blogging journey. If you have high quality content, so it is not enough for making money. You need to improve your searching performance in search engine. Beginners bloggers do 5 big mistakes during his blogging journey, these mistakes create problematic issues.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid During Blogging:

We find 5 distinctive and common mistakes that almost bloggers do. Let’s find out these following mistakes.

Ignore Guest Post:

Beginners are not aware about guest post advantages, that’s why, they ignore this crucial aspect. Guest post gives you strong Dofollow backlinks, and gives you opportunity to introduce your community on another platform. On blogging initial level, mostly bloggers are not acquainted with it. Ignorance from guest post is the huge mistake and push your site into ditch from itself.

Guest post actually laying your site links on internet, same like cobweb. Guest post will provide you opportunity to introduce your bands and product among thousands of readers. You can Write with us to boost your site rank.

Ignore Refresh Content:

Bloggers do not focus on refreshing previous content. Actually they are still not acquainted with it. Majority of bloggers put concentration on publishing articles everyday. But they forget to update the previous content.

Mostly bloggers claim that, they are receiving traffic for few days on new published articles but after passing weeks there is no more traffic on that articles. The logic behind this act is that, Google algorithms focus on fresh content instead of old, So, if you update your old articles with time then you can maintain your site traffic with ease. You can avoid this mistake to update your old articles with consistency and can improve traffic ratio.

Increase inactive Time Period:

Increase inactive time period on site can push your site into narrow ditch. This mistake can happen with beginners, because newbies have no exact time, but a finest blogger is responsible for his duties.

Sometimes, beginners ignore publishing post and put some gap, similarly inactive time period comes. This inactive time period rises big distance among you and your competitors. Search engines always gives preference to regular website instead of inactive sites. You can avoid this one mistake, and can perform your task better than your competitors.

Stop Creating Backlinks:

As we familiar with importance of backlinks and its advantages. Sometimes bloggers put his concentration on articles and ignore this crucial aspect. But the actual fact is that, Backlinks drives tons of traffic on your website in the shape of refers site. If you think that, you have enough external links so, remove this error from your mind, Backlinks can easily drop anytime from partner sites.

Please never stop creating backlinks. As a SEO consultant, we would suggest you to create 2-3 backlinks on regular basis, it will keep your site healthy and wealthy every time.

Repeat exist Content:

This is a common mistake during deciding topic. Mostly bloggers repeat existed articles and this repetition can creates lot of problems. Firstly, Search engine don’t like these articles because it is a replication from others. Secondly, these kinds of articles creates competition among those article, who already existed on search engine. Thirdly, next competitors can steal your content words during writing their articles.

To avoid this mistake, you need to write something unique from others. Don’t behave like a copycat, perform your duties as a professional and responsible person.

Let us know that, which mistakes you find in this article that which you were doing. These mentioned mistakes only write for reader convenience. You can avoid these 5 big mistakes during blogging and can become a successful blogger. For more interaction, submit your feedback or opinions via comment.

How To Become a Successful Blogger

How To Become a Successful Blogger:

Nowadays, Many of blogger like me have thousands of ambitions with own blogs. Usually Majority of  bloggers even me want to maximize our daily revenue but How it is possible ?? First of all, Need to starting a blog carrier. Blogging is incredible passion and all aspects of blogging is amazing. To convert your dream into reality So, You need to concentrate your mind on this article. We will reveal or share our blogging experience and algorithms with our readers. Become a successful blogger is not like a hot chili, Just need a couple of time in your daily routine and few part of mind concentration will make you successful blogger. We highlighted numbers of things in this article.

How To Become a Successful Blogger

Host Your Tasty Cake:

The crucial thing in blogging is “Hosting” Where your precious data are being stored. Tasty hosting also called reliable hosting. Even if you have reliable hosting then your will be free of mind and without any fear of hacking and outside threat for your site. Reliable hosting essentially put impact on your site performance and user feedback. For becoming a successful blogger, It is your responsibility to host your tasty cake on reliable place, Where your site data requirement meet with your mind satisfaction.

Design a Catchy Blog:

Blog look or appearance should be attractive and user-friendly. Sites appearance depends on brands/company/ colors, And colors should be light instead of dark view.Dark colors can create disturbance during reading and analyzing. Blog menus also a part of designing therefore, It also should be user-friendly. Do not design your site for adults persons point of view, Design your site for all category male,female, kids, teenagers etc. Website layout also part of designing and mobile friendly website is now first preference in search engines. Mobile friendly websites have huge traffic and large numbers of traffic sites directly belongs to large revenue.

Efficient Content:

Content writing is the main and essential task of blogging. Content writing contains numerous aspects. First we need to see the market and user trends then think about your article title and concepts. Collect the data, proofs with meaningful examples because these things putting soul in your article. If you have enough budget then hire content writers for efficient content. These content writers will accomplish your need with your given criteria. During writing content keep remember few things, Content should be correct grammatically and avoid repeat sentence many times. Content length also matter in search engines, Content should be more than 300 words and well efficient content consist on 1000 words.

Social Appearance:

Social media network now become a part of successful blogging. Social media appearance also matter in search engines ranking and results. Join social platform because it will help you to gain more numbers of traffic and users. Social media appearance also redirect users on your site in the shape of backlinks. Make magnificent and catchy profile to attract user on your site. Social media also can grab large numbers of user on your blog. Search engines also consider and count social media users in search engine ranking. Read More relevant social media and find out the top social media sites for Seo purpose.

Regular Blogging:

Hopefully, Above heading clear this aspect but also want to saying “Consistency and regularity” establish trustworthy sign among users and site. Daily writing blog will create more traffic but other hand it will make your user permanent. Mostly user likes daily updated sites because these sites provides accurate and trustful information or news at the accurate time. For being a professional and successful blogger needs consistency.

Accumulate the above all aspects will make you successful blogger. Domain name must impact on searching or ranking criteria don’t leave this necessary aspect. Try to write unique and authentic articles because it will make you creative thinker. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us, We love to listen these ideas. Yet, If you have further questions then please leave your comment. 😉

5 Best Blog writing Tips and Tricks

Blog writing Tips:

Writing blog is not like eating apple,This takes quest and time. Blog writing is such an art, Majority of blogger are not aware from it. Creative mind can creates creative blogs, So here everyone is better than others. Almost bloggers do many mistakes during writing articles. Because of these inaccuracy, bad effect is created in the user’s mind. Then user want to get rid out of this cobweb. To avoid that situation, We need to improve blog writing. Blog writing tips will make you able to improve blog writing with accuracy. Let’s see, the blog writing tips are as following,

Blog writing tips

Straight-forward Content:

Content is king in blog writing. Content should be grammatically correct and purge from duplication. Try to make straight-forward and short sentence for reader better understanding. Short paragraphs look pretty and easier for reading. Avoid to repeating sentence in an article. Keep remember that, content length should be up-to 400 words. Don’t utilize redundant slang inside content paragraphs. Divide the whole article in different stages for better understanding.Describe the whole article as an interesting story, So the reader will enjoy during reading it.

Headings and titles:

Headings and title are the part of highlighted places on articles. Titles describes the theme of entire article so, title should be catchy and short. Sometimes writers ignore that aspect then they don’t get positive feedback from user side.

Attraction with Images:

Images are used to describing the article scenario. Usage of images in article increase the visitors on site and increase the user concentration. Always give preference neat and clean images without any blur. Image size should be slandered size. Don’t use copyrighted images because it violates the rules.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking will help the user to understand the words depth. Must interlink your specific keywords during writing article. Actually internal linking is the magnificent aspect of Search engine optimization. Internal-linking decrease the bounce rate because internal-linking increase site pageviews.

Seo Factors:

Seo factors are essential aspect of blog writing. Especially meta-title, description and tags are crucial feed for search engines. Search engines takes your given or provided meta information (titles and description) then display in search results. Meta information should be relevant with content criteria. XML Sitemap and robots file are another finest on-page Seo factors. Anchor text on hyperlinks is also important for user perspective. If you are WordPress user then install and step-up WordPress Seo By Yoast, this plugin accomplish all aspects of Seo.

Above blog writing tips are necessary for each article. Hopefully, these important points will help you to make your blog best than your competitors. You can enhance your knowledge about Seo through read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. For more query or help, leave a comment. 😉