Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging is incredible passion and have no threshold. I’m doing blogging since 2012 and still takes interest in blogging professional career. Today I will reveal some blogging tips for beginners, which helps you to rank your blog as soon as possible.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners:

Here is innumerable blogging tips for beginners but we highlight only prominent one’s. Which are playing vital role in blogging journey. See the below following blogging tips.

Write What You Know:

Most of bloggers feel panic about its next blogging articles. To avoid this kind of situation, focus on these things, which you are expert and can write better than others.I’m saying you need to choose your topics relevant to your expertise. It’s up to you, if you are expert in cooking then make a blog on cooking recipes, if you are a mathematics teacher so you can guide your readers about mathematics algorithms on your blog. Write what you know, write only these things, which you loves to share from your experience.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Practice as Yourself:

Before publish your articles, try to write your articles from yourself as a practice. I would recommend you to write your articles on Microsoft Word, because it can easily catch your grammatically mistakes. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper as a practice, try different methodologies as you can think.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Relevant Content:

You article content should be relevant with your article title. Sometimes bloggers don’t care about his article title significance. They mixed up all the content at one place, which disturb the user and website criteria. It is a good blogging practice to provide only relevant content,which related to their title or topic.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Authentication is Important:

Do not try to publish your content directly before authentication. Because publish content without authentication can spoil your blog reputation and it is also against the law. If you have strong proof or example then must mention it in your articles. because it can increase chances to make your article popular than others.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

ADD Media:

Media is a great source to elaborate your thinking. Insert high-definition quality images, which should be relevant with your content. You also can insert videos in the shape of tutorials for better understanding. Users always entertain with multimedia material like photography, Video, Audio etc.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Style and Appearance:

Blog content style and appearance should  be attractive. Make sure, you blog font family and font size should be prominent and easy to read for readers. We personally using ‘Roboto Slab’ font family on our blog with 16px font size, you also can edit or change your blog fonts style from typography options. Blog branding colors also be a crucial part of style and appearance, always use light colors combination instead of dark colors.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Be Loyal:

Loyalty is most important things among user and you, which create mutual understanding. Article writing style should be ethical and truthful, which reflects your blog reputation. Never insert unethical words, which can spoil your blog reputation.

User Friendly Behavior:

You behavior should be friendly with your precious users, do not ignore user feedback and opinions. User always likes or expect truthful and friendly actions from your side. Which makes this relationship more strong.

Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Sharing is Caring:

An external essential task, which has strength to drive innumerable traffic and can promote your blog on many places. After published your blog post, share in different communities as you can do. Share your blog post in Social media sites, top social bookmarking sites, high PR forums sites etc. You can generate a lot of traffic from this sharing activity and this step will help you to boost your search engine rank.

Top 10 Blogging Tips For Beginners


Write your blog articles daily with consistency, do not put a little gap because this little gap is sufficient to make it a big hole in your blogging journey. Design your daily schedule calendar, which cover every single aspect of your daily task, you also can use sticky note utility for this purpose.

Trust is built with consistency.

Let us know, if you like above worthwhile blogging tips for your blogging journey. For more discussion on this topic, you can join us via comment. 😉

5 Best Blog writing Tips and Tricks

Blog writing Tips:

Writing blog is not like eating apple,This takes quest and time. Blog writing is such an art, Majority of blogger are not aware from it. Creative mind can creates creative blogs, So here everyone is better than others. Almost bloggers do many mistakes during writing articles. Because of these inaccuracy, bad effect is created in the user’s mind. Then user want to get rid out of this cobweb. To avoid that situation, We need to improve blog writing. Blog writing tips will make you able to improve blog writing with accuracy. Let’s see, the blog writing tips are as following,

Blog writing tips

Straight-forward Content:

Content is king in blog writing. Content should be grammatically correct and purge from duplication. Try to make straight-forward and short sentence for reader better understanding. Short paragraphs look pretty and easier for reading. Avoid to repeating sentence in an article. Keep remember that, content length should be up-to 400 words. Don’t utilize redundant slang inside content paragraphs. Divide the whole article in different stages for better understanding.Describe the whole article as an interesting story, So the reader will enjoy during reading it.

Headings and titles:

Headings and title are the part of highlighted places on articles. Titles describes the theme of entire article so, title should be catchy and short. Sometimes writers ignore that aspect then they don’t get positive feedback from user side.

Attraction with Images:

Images are used to describing the article scenario. Usage of images in article increase the visitors on site and increase the user concentration. Always give preference neat and clean images without any blur. Image size should be slandered size. Don’t use copyrighted images because it violates the rules.

Internal Linking:

Interlinking will help the user to understand the words depth. Must interlink your specific keywords during writing article. Actually internal linking is the magnificent aspect of Search engine optimization. Internal-linking decrease the bounce rate because internal-linking increase site pageviews.

Seo Factors:

Seo factors are essential aspect of blog writing. Especially meta-title, description and tags are crucial feed for search engines. Search engines takes your given or provided meta information (titles and description) then display in search results. Meta information should be relevant with content criteria. XML Sitemap and robots file are another finest on-page Seo factors. Anchor text on hyperlinks is also important for user perspective. If you are WordPress user then install and step-up WordPress Seo By Yoast, this plugin accomplish all aspects of Seo.

Above blog writing tips are necessary for each article. Hopefully, these important points will help you to make your blog best than your competitors. You can enhance your knowledge about Seo through read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. For more query or help, leave a comment. 😉

5 Best Blogging Tips for Pro Bloggers

Blogging Tips:

The blogging now becoming the professional task. Gradually information technology is now shrinking. Same as web technologies are now increasing day by day. And web bloggers are taking an active part in it. Blogging rank is a confidential matter among the bloggers. It some kind of Blogging tips and techniques. These blogging tips will make you capable to make better rank in search engines.

Blogging Tips

In other words, Blogging tips is a collection or combination of bloggers experience and skills.

Let’s divulge these blogging tips. We manipulate and assembled the 5 best blogging tips.

  1. Update Your Blog
  2. Superlative (Best) Topic & Ideas
  3. Optimize and Readable Content
  4. Interaction with users (Feedback & Comments )
  5. Subscription Forms

Update Your Blog:

Consumer/Viewer/Visitor wants always fresh and update content. So, As a professional blogger that’s our responsibility to keep update our blog. Update blog on regular or daily basis with unique and valuable content.

Blogging Tips and Update Blog

Content Should be correct grammatically and use high vocabulary word. Keep remember that, Content should be able to read and easy form. Try to make short sentence because its will improve your article readability. Your article sentences should be to the point, And don’t emphasize to add redundant words inside articles. Always care about article strength and length because it’s putting great impact on your visitor. Target your chosen keywords inside article and linked internally for Seo purpose.

Superlative (Best) Topic & Ideas:

Title/Topic is work as a soul of content same as the story of films. So, Be creative and makes your passion to think unique or different to others. This thinking will help you to reach your aims.

Topic and ideas in blogging tips

Ideas create in mind then when we try to adapt this. Template of ideas is the basic target point, this target point makes your thinking different. It is an creative idea to put your experience and meaningful example inside content. Beware to writing content on prohibited topics: such as, gambling, intoxication and adult etc.

Optimize and Readable Content:

We already cleared this voice about content worth, “Content in King“. Finest and spectacular website always keeps prominent or optimized content. The word here we are using is “Optimized“. Here this word directly belongs to Seo factors include on page Seo. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential task, Oftentimes bloggers don’t know or forget to do it. But the reality is that, Search engines permit ranking on the basis of Seo because Seo makes your blog optimized than others.

Readable and optimized content

Other thing is also remain constant as above, Content should be readable for user and easy to understand for everyone. I will recommend you, Concentrate on keyword density because this only thing helps to get your traffic back.

Interaction with users:

Interaction with user makes you able user friendly. Almost blogs gives permission for comments or feedback under articles. Where visitors express and send his feedback to authors and administrators. Receiver determine the feedback and must sends reply. Visitor receives author/administrator reply on his given own email.

User feedback in blogging tips

These interaction among visitor and any website entertain the user and create assurance that, site is trustworthy. So, as a pro blogger or site owner that’s is your duty to keep update yourself with user feedback.

Subscription Forms:

Subscription forms could be through RSS Feeds and Newsletter service on daily or weekly basis. Majority of blogger prefer Google feed-burner product because it’s free and reliable to access it.

Subscription form in blogging tips

On the other hand side, Mail Chimp, Aweber and other verified companies providing the email marketing service at free or premium basis. MailChimp is also on first preference because MailChimp offers free plans for entrepreneurs.  They also provide subscription forms to put own site and track the each visitor via MailChimp control panel/Dashboard. Subscription forms is important, Because its works as a remainder or alarm that this site add or publish new post/article. You can send or receive email/Newsletter on weekly/Daily basis. It is depend on user criteria, Which you are going to target.

These all above blogging tips are working collaboratively. All are crucial and not able to give up. Compare your blog with your competitors and this way makes it better than others.Always should keep update yourself with market algorithms (Set Of Rules) in each single minute. Eventually, I wanna say that, Blogging is incredible (Beyond Belief). 😉