Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps

Android  is a fast growing and emerging OS for smartphones. As we know that Android has million of apps and each app is utilizing for particular purpose. In which near around 40% apps available for Entertainment segment. Today in this article we will reveal top 10 Android entertainment apps with their usage and advantages. Hopefully, almost apps will be described here from which you will be acquainted already with it because these are most downloaded Android apps and we will not associate Android games in it. For games purpose please read top 10 Android Games of all times.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps:

Android have many numbers of entertainment apps to give lots of joy. Entertainment is essential, especially for those folks who are busy or tired after the whole day office works. Let’s begin to finding out the finest one’s entertainment applications to become these apps adorn of your smartphones.

1: Facebook:

Facebook app is famous and responsive Android application and other smartphones. You can connect with your family, friends and loved one’s via this app. This app will be notified you when your Facebook friends do comments, tagging and chatting. You also can play games and can modify or mange your business fan pages through this app.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps Facebook

2: Dailymotion:

Definitely you will be familiar with it, Dailymotion is another entertainment website where you can navigate or search your favorite videos through this app. Also can add other videos to your wishlist, can follow/subscribe other channels to get future updates from these channels.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps Dailymotion

3: My Talking Tom:

My Talking Tom is one of the stunning and no#1 app in 135 countries around the world. It is some kind of virtual pet which can adopt your kitty behavior and you can change his dress, spend time with his like your real pet. You can ply with him and can give emotions such as angry, sweet, cry, happy as per your choice.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps My Talking Tom

4: YouTube:

YouTube is well-known video portal, where almost every education to entertainment video will be there. Share videos, embed videos on your website or blogs, comments under videos or feedback’s and much more fun around there. Subscribe your favorite channels for which you want to receive future updates.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps YouTube

5: SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is cool free audio app or website for Android smartphones. Through this app, you can listen songs and browse particular artist directly which you like to listen. Interesting thing is that this app is light weight so it will be run in your low internet connection so that’s cool. You also can share audio songs, add to your wishlist, create account through Facebook, Google plus and much more incredible features comes with this SoundCloud application.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps SoundCloud

6: BeautyPlus:

BeautyPlus is famous in following  countries Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and further popular countries. This app is enhance your beauty on your captured photos. Intelligent exposure for glowing pictures and make it more charm and attractive.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps BeautyPlus

7: Sky Sports Live Football SC:

Sky Sports Live Football SC is well reputed live football matches streaming app for all Android smartphones. Through this app you can keep-up-to-date yourself with current scores status of your favorite teams. Sky sports live streaming  cast UK and European league cup competitions which is directly operating from Sky sports live football center. Most advance style, fully responsive and real-time updating is possible through this application.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps Sky Sports Live Football SC

8: IMDb Movies & TV:

IMDb is the world largest movies and TV shows library or website and this time they introduce their app for Android smartphones. Through this app, you can easily watch and browse any movies, TV shows, serials, photos, trailers and much more. IMDb aim to list every information about every movie and TV shows ever made. There are million of movies and TV shows and movie details like producer’s, directors, movies character’s, movie cast etc.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps IMDb Movies & TV

9: WWE:

WWE official application for Android smartphones, through which you can update yourself with WWE and your favorite wrestlers upcoming and recent fighting videos. All recent and upcoming events of WWE will be announced and publish on WWE Android app and also their TV shows, documentaries etc.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps WWE

10: Photo Editor:

Photo editors is one of the top photo editor for Android smartphones. This app contains powerful and amazing effects and filters. By using these app you can drop fantabulous effects on your photos and make it more appealing.

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps Photo Editor

Must try to install these above top 10 Android entertainment application because fun is important in life to make it more stable. If you like it then share this article with your friends and loved one’s. For more discussion and your respective opinion you may join us on community forum or can leave your comment below.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications

As we familiar with that Android is now being popular in the emerging world. Android is also considered as number one OS due to his compatibility and also from developers perspective. Come back to this topic about top 10 most downloaded Android applications. we will not approach this article for games at this moment because earlier already written an article on top 10 Android games of all times. These apps are necessary in our life routine because it gives your phone more reliable and also extend your phone features.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications:

Android have millions of most downloaded apps but here we will short list only prominent top 10 most downloaded Android applications. Before going ahead remember that, this article consist on different surveys on internet, user feedback and various reviews.

1: GO Keyboard:

Go keyboard is a multi functional keyboard for Android devices. If you are bored with plain keyboard then give it a chance and try this once. Go keyboard comes with emoji, creative emotions and 60+ languages dictionary including french, English and further so on, which can predict or can guess your typing words, this is helpful in grammar. Interesting thing about Go keyboard is that, this keyboard is almost compatible with all apps.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Go Keyboard

2: WhatsApp Messenger:

WhatsApp Messenger is a fast growing communication app for Android and other smartphones. Calls and chat is possible with WhatsApp comfortably. WhatsApp will use your internet connection to run same like other apps but WhatsApp will be free only for First year, second year will be premium on WhatsApp.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications WhatsApp

3: Messenger:

Messenger is top ranked app on Google play same like WhatsApp but Messenger is use only for Facebook interaction. It also have additional characteristics like emoji, emotions, record voice and send etc. You will not pay any cost for this messenger usage.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Facebook Messenger

4: Facebook:

Who is not familiar with this well reputed Facebook app for Android phones. Through this app, you can connect yourself with your Facebook friends and loved one’s on your phones. You will get notification for your Facebook friends activities like comment and chat etc. You also can play Facebook games and can use  your favorite applications on your fingertips.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Facebook

5: 360 Security Lite Speed Boost:

360 Security Lite app is considered as all in one pro solution for all smartphones. This security lite app can make your phone 10 times faster than from its current position internally. After installed this one app in your phones, your phones will be more smother, faster and every app will be run with reliability. In other words 360 security lite speed is a anti-virus and also remove unnecessary cache with time to time. Thus, your phone will be safer and quick responsive.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications 360 Security Lite

6: imo Free Video Calls and Chat:

imo free video calls and chat app is highly designed for video calls, chat for Android and other smartphones. There is no cost on chat, high-definition video calls so tension free and enjoy your long video calls with your loved one’s. There are so many further integrated features available in this app such as hundreds of free sticker to show your emotions.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications imo

7: Dailymotion:

Dailymotion is most popular app and most achievable app in entertainment category. You can directly watch recent and videos and also can share with your friends quickly. You also can watch live stream events, follow your favorite channels, mange your own channel, publish videos and further so many things.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Dailymotion

8: Viber:

Viber is another stunning communication app for Android and smartphones. Viber is free of cost and everyone can join it through their phone number because your phone number will be your ID and you can do text, HD video call to your friends and families. Unlike, viber credits makes you able to call non-viber local and landline numbers.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Viber

9: UC Browser:

UC Browser is famous and popular Android and smartphones browser, which gives you multi options including fast browsing experience, excellent searching, cloud downloading, custom themes, night mode and further incredible features which attract your attention on it.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications UC Browser

10: Zapya – File Transfer:

Zapya is most remarkable app for Android and smartphones. Through this app, you can transfer files among Android phones, iPhone’s, iPad’s, tablets easily without paying any cost. Zapya 200 times faster than Bluetooth and easily transfer files to multiple devices simultaneously. Zapya doesn’t use your mobile data connection or WiFi to transfer files so feel free and use it.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Applications Zapya

Hopefully, you will use and install these most downloaded Android apps also in your phones. Above list of most downloaded Android apps rely on user’s reviews, internet survey and many more things involve in it.

We do not charging and also not taking money for that list include each written word. All content is wrote for user convenience and interest. For more discussion, you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.