Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

The Drone Operations of Swiss Post will recommence on 27th January 2020. The Swiss Post has suspended its drone services in August last year. It was because a test drone was crashed just 150 feet away from a group of children in Zurich. The Matternet M2V9 drone when it crashed, was carrying a weight of more than 10kg. So, it could have severe consequences for kindergarten students who were playing near the drone crashes.

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

After the crash of M2V9 drone in May last year. Swiss Post and an America company namely, Matternet which operates the drone staff. These organizations with the assistance of experienced aviation specialists have revisited their safety procedures related to drones. The four changes which were proposed by experts are provided below.

Recommendations by Aviation Experts

  • The Matternet need to adhere the new safety suggestions made by Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board and Federal Office of Civil Aviation after the crash of M2V9 drone.
  • Before the end of this year’s March, an independent body to monitor the safety-related process should be formulated.
  • The Swiss Post was provided more control over its drone operations.  Now Swiss Post would be able to audit the drone operations of Matternet.
  • Enhanced safety procedures for Matternet, incorporating the acquisition of a devoted head of safety.

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

These companies are trying to implement the suggestions of the experts to improve the safety of drone delivery operations. In this regard, the Matternet has inducted the head of safety.  Swiss Post is now more involved in actual operations of drones than before. Moreover, since the crash Swiss Post and Matternet have conducted more than 2000 test drone flights so that drone failure is avoided.

Overall, it is a healthy sign that both Swiss Post and Matternet have taken the required measures to make sure that drone delivery should be less prone to failures. So, after the adoption of new procedures and several tests. The Swiss drone postal services are about to be operational and expected to perform better than before.

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