Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

Samsung is a South Koren company. It is world’s chief producer of electronic devices. Basically, Samsung is specialized in production of multiple devices for consumers and industry. Samsung’s offerings incorporates appliance, cell phone, digital media instruments and memory chips etc. Cell phone Industry is one where Samsung is operating as world top organization. It has retained highest share in global smartphone industry. This success of Samsung Corporation in smart phone industry is not only because of its quality of cellphone. But basically, it is the innovation in cellphones. Which Samsung Corporation brings almost every year to its products. So up-gradation of cellphone with new and customer oriented features is chief reason by which Samsung is able to retain highest market share in world cell phone market. Accordingly, it is in this vein that this article will proceed further by providing some valuable information about successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series.

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

Soon Samsung is expected to upgrade its smartphones of Galaxy M-series. As Samsung did almost two weeks before for Galaxy A-51 and Galaxy A-71 series. Similarly, it is a buzz around that Samsung has started to develop the successor for the Galaxy M-30 and Galaxy M-10. Soon successor of M series will be in market with names of Galaxy M-11 and M-31. Although until now Samsung has not revealed any description related to the up-gradation of M smartphone. But it is anticipated that up-gradation of M-10 and M-31 will come in 2020.

Successors of Samsung M-Series in 2020

As per the Samsung report. The up-gradation for M series is in development phase. So it means that at present there will be scare information regarding successor for Samsung M series. Moreover, in 2020 there are several mobile under Samsung M series. Which might would be up graded. For instance, Galaxy M-11, M-31, M-10 and M-30. Accordingly, a brief unofficial detail for Samsung M -series successors is as follow.

Samsung Galaxy M-11

The successor of  Samsung Galaxy M-11 is expecting to entails.

  • Internal storage of 32 GB.
  • Camera 13 mp + 5 mp.
  • Battery 3500 mAh.
  • Display 16 cm.
  • This successor is expected to be launched in first quarter of 2020.

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

Samsung Galaxy M-31

The anticipated description of Samsung Galaxy M-31 is as follow.

  • Internal storage of 64 GB.
  • Camera 49 mp + 12 mp + 5 mp.
  • Battery 5000 mAh.
  • Display 16.26 cm.
  • It is expected to be launched in first month of next year.

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

 Galaxy M-21

The unofficial specification of Samsung galaxy M-21 is as follow.

  • Generates power from the in house Exynos 9609 SoC.
  • Paired with 4 GB of RAM.
  • Camera 24 mp +5 mp.

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

Galaxy M-41

The Samsung Galaxy M-41 specification entails.

  • RAM of 6GB.
  • Camera 64mp + 12mp + 5mp.
  • Battery 4100 mAh.
  • Display 16cm.
  • Samsung Galaxy M-41 will be lunched in the 1st month of 2020.

Successors of Samsung Galaxy M-Series in 2020

So based on unofficial specifications of successors of Galaxy M-series. It is rational to say that  Samsung is continuously striving  to meet the exceptions of its consumers and it is most likely to maintain its market share in global smartphone market even in 2020.

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