Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak, the Apple’s co-founder who left the corporation in 1985 is still receiving a salary from Apple on weekly bases. Wozniak in a recent episode of a podcast with Guy Kawasaki’s has told that he is still getting a paycheck of $50 each week from Apple Company. Moreover, he also claimed that he is the only person, who is getting the paycheck from apple since its inception. So technically,  Steve Wozniak the Apple’s employee is the oldest among staff.

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak

During the podcast when Kawasaki’s asked Wozniak that, are you still the employee at Apple Company. Wozniak honestly stated:

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

 “I’m still an Apple employee. The only person who’s received the paycheck every week since we started the company. I get a small paycheck and out of it after whatever goes into… Whatever the funds that companies have for saving your money. I mean, I don’t even know. I’m so non-financial. I’ve never read financial papers.”

This amount, which will be approximately Rupees 2, 65,000 per year isn’t paid in connection to its service in fact, it has symbolic value attached to it as further told by Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak an Undiplomatic Person

Further discussing about Apple corporation the Wozniak told that he has strong feelings about the company and also, mentioned that he was mindful of the fact that as he was an outspoken and honest person, so he felt a misfit for the inside operation of Apple corporation. Furthermore, in podcast Wozniak told that its money, which often changes people and he was one who has never bothered about it so never affected by greed of money. He said that I never follow stocks and have never looked for his shares of apple. It’s known to most that Wozniak contribution to apple was mainly in the field of hardware and software engineering. Whereas, he let Steve jobs to handle the business side of the Apple corporation.

Steve Wozniak Still Successful

Wozniak lack of inclination towards matristic aspects could be judged from the incident. When he didn’t reluctant to express its concerns with Apple Corporation, regarding their decision to take away the headphone jack from its phone. Wozniak criticized the Apple Corporation for this. Moreover, he called the Apple watch as not persuasive to purchase. Despite being its unusual inclination towards the money he still has a hefty net worth of above $100 million entailing its business and stocks.

If, you want to listen to the complete podcast of Steve with Wozniak Guy Kawasaki’. Please click here.

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