Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Social Media Sites and definition:

Social media is the virtual place/community. Where people’s are engage, share their perceptions, feelings and emotions. In simple words we can say that, Social media is the network of people/folks, which can communicate with each other through numerous websites. We can exchange number of photographs, information, music sharing and stay touch with friends. We know that, we are living in global village. Now a day, where everything progress rapidly. We see that in the past, Peoples communicate with each other with different ways like letters. This method took many time to share problems. Now, technology rapidly change this method of communication. In this era, Peoples uses cell phones apps, and mostly uses social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. to convey his message to one place to another place.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way
Social Media Sites

We can say, Social media also has two use like a coin and this coin has a positive side and second side is negative. The first and prominent question is that, What is Facebook ?

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Facebook is the most popular website of the social media through this website people’s can communicate with each other. They can talk , chat, video cam talking instantly through this website. They can talk through text and they can share their pleasure moments of his life in the form of pictures and videos etc. They can’t feel bore by using Facebook. Through this Facebook, we come to know about different cultures & languages. According to survey Up To 500 million people’s use Facebook daily and 250 people’s use Facebook through Facebook mobile apps.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Twitter is another famous social networking website. Which give us the answer of our questions. We can say that, We can send short message through twitter tweet. In twitter you can use 140 characters tweet in length. We can make friends same like Facebook and engage with friends like Facebook. We can introduce our Brand fan page on twitter to promote our business and much more.Almost 500 million people’s are using twitter in daily routine and communicate with their friends.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way

Pinterest is a social media platform where Peoples can share ideas recipes, articles, beauty, pictures, skill and other things etc. Pinterest is growing people’s networking site. We can learn articles and earn much knowledge from Pinterest. According to survey, 70 million people’s use Pinterest in daily routine. Pinterest also provide business promote plans. If you have a website then we can verify ownership on Pinterest through few methods.

Social Media Sites and definition in proper way 1

As we know that, Google is a popular Search Engine and have many gadgets or tools. Same like Facebook Google has its own social media platform name as Google plus. Google plus criteria slightly different from Facebook. We can also share pictures on Google plus like Facebook. On Google plus, which persons we wants friendship then we add this person in our circle. We can make fan-page on Google plus same like Facebook. A fan-page help us to introduce any celebrity, public figure, Brand, and products. Peoples can talk through cam with the help of Google hangouts. 540 people’s use Google plus and 92% people’s have been visited through the smart phone.

Advantage or Disadvantage of Social Media:

We know that, the social media websites have many advantages but on the other hand side these websites have disadvantages. Sometime, we can bear the lose. This lose is that, We spend our precious time on these websites. We do not focus on the other activities like study and sleeping. Sometimes, we share our personal information with strangers which is harmful for us.

We concluded that, social media has advantages and disadvantages but this depend on us how we can take advantage from social media. We can use it for our benefits and we can damage ourselves.

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