Six Effective Personal Development Tools

Personal Development Tools:

Personal Development Tools

The internet is full of resources and valuable tips, if you know where to look. It can even help those, who seek to improve themselves, further their life skills, and make themselves more viable for career promotions. You can get a better job, and just develop for the sake of it. Here we’ve put together a list of some personal development tools resources, you can find out there to help you climb the ladder of life and career to the top.


Mind Tools is a site filled with some great info. You can take tests to assess how strong your leadership skills are, test your communication skills, get tips for solving problems, and find information on stress management and a lot more. It’s organized into sections including leadership tools, strategy tips, problem solving, time management, team management, and so forth. There’s an online SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) tool, conflict managing articles and so much more under the category of business improvement. It promises many essentials for having a successful career, including motivation and self-assessment, and analysis of current situations.

This domain basically provides a chance for you to think about what you are doing right and what you could work on, which in a hectic daily schedule isn’t as easy or common as you might think. This is a great place to start.

2.Power My Learning

Power My Learning is a page that has valuable info for parents, school children and educators alike. The resources are for K-12 kids, parents and teachers and include activities for home practice, social activities to connect with others, assignment tracking, and more. Parents can set goals and rewards; teachers can build classes and monitor assignments. The aspect that will interest younger kids are games—they can play online with other children. The teenagers will appreciate social aspects and getting feedback so they can figure out what they want to study in college later on. Parents will appreciate the overview they have of what their children and the teachers are doing. It’s not always easy to stay in the loop, and this is a good solution for doing just that.

3.All Correct

All Correct is a site that offers professional proofreading and editing services at a cost. It’s not always possible to detect your own errors or to see where improvement is possible, and this site helps in those areas. You can get feedback on your writing and develop your skills based on what you need to improve or the fundamentals of talents you already have. Sometimes we work and work and practice our writing and have no idea if we’re actually making progress. Here’s a way to get great and detailed feedback.

4.Ted, also known for Ted X and Ted Talks, is a great site for getting motivated and interested about science and technology, but also discusses topics relating to self-development and improvement. Browse the site to find topics to research further on your own, watch videos and talks on things like Creativity, Leadership, life in general, and more. Some ground-breaking Ted talks and Ted X talks have been on subjects such as altered perception, ancient civilizations, and so on. It’s an excellent and fascinating way to learn something completely new, for free.


Whereas the other sites are geared toward specific target groups, is for all of those who want to learn something new and expand their horizons on a variety of topics. There are 22,000 courses that can be partaken of from any device. You can learn guitar, yoga, web design in Spanish, German, French, Turkish, and other languages. If there’s some skill you want to learn or improve, this is an excellent resource. The courses cost a range of prices so you can see what you can afford or want to pay. There are even some free ones! This site is a valuable resource on the journey of personal development.

6.Volunteer Ministers

Though the Volunteer Ministers site is Scientology based (which is a turnoff based on its associations and attempt to get people interested in Scientology), it has a lot of good info and course offerings. You can improve in work-related areas, manage stress, depression, work on relationships, improve communication, and more. It is similar to Mind Tools, except that it is based on Scientology which is not for everyone. If we can put aside the controversies surrounding Scientology, or are curious what the followers are putting out there, this is an interesting site.

The various sites on the net can be the perfect tool for certain people. There’s something for everyone who is looking to develop and grow in many areas of their lives. Personal development, though, has to start on the inside where a desire for change can manifest as action.

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