Simple URLs Plugin For WordPress

Simple URLs Plugin:

Simple URLs Plugin

When we starting a blogging journey,  we have lots of issues in beginning because many complicated task was waiting for us. One of the arising issue is track outbound links with ease. But after getting simple URLs plugin for WordPress, track outbound links is now own my fingertips. At this time, you will suspicious and many questions are arising in your mind like, What does it work ? & How we can use it ? Let’s find out your answers,

What does it work?

Simple URLs is an appropriate tracking links plugin for WordPress, Which track outbound or external links from your site like affiliate links. Simple URLs plugin allow to create a unique links and redirect to the custom URL and promote your brand name. See the below structure of Custom link.

Now it is became the straightforward way to track all affiliates links with your brand name. User will also inspired your service.

How we can use it ?

To avail this finest plugin, you need to install Simple URLs Plugin and active it simply. Installation process is quite simple like others WordPress plugins. After perform the installation process, Go to WordPress Dashboard > Simple URLs option in the left sidebar menu and simply click on it. You will see the blank page, because there is no link exist. Click on upper button Add new custom link. Now on the nest appear page, firstly add custom or familiar title for memorize and insert redirect/target URL then simply publish it. See this process in the under image.

Simple URLs Plugin For WordPress

Above image showing the actual scene part of this plugin or entire process. After insertion or publish process, Go to Dashboard > Simple URLs, now there will be a published link appear, which you created couple a second ago. Tracking info would also be there.

Let us know, if you are satisfied with this plugin service or have better one query relevant with this topic then, we love to listen your queries. For more discussion, leave your comment. 😉

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