Simple Past Indefinite Tense Guidance

As we know that, Past Indefinite Tense is the basics of English language similar like others tenses.We have already discussed that tenses like a tree.This tree has large and small branches. Large branches names are following,

  • Present
  • Past
  • Future

We have three large branches and every large branch has further four small branches. Such as,we have discussed about the first large branch of tenses.First is present and there small branches names are:

Now,we can discuss about the second large branch of tense.This branch is Past.In this article,we would discuss and disclose about the first small branch of past.The first branch of past tense is Past indefinite tense.

Past Indefinite Tense:

Past indefinite tense show that work, who did in past.Past indefinite tense show work, who has done little time ago.

We don’t use helping verb in the past indefinite tense.We use 2nd form of verb in the past indefinite tense.The structure of Past Indefinite Tense is quite simple contrary other tenses.

Structure Of Past Indefinite Tense:

Subject + 2nd form of verb + Object

For example:

  • She wrote a letter.
  • They all swam in the canal.
  •  Aliza wrote an essay on Global communication technology.
  • We met his sister.
  • The teacher punished naughty boy.

Past Indefinite Tense In Negative Sentences:

In the negative sentences,we use did and 1st form of verb in the Past Indefinite Tense.

Structure Of Past Indefinite In Negative Sentences:

Subject + helping verb(did) + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • She didn’t write a letter.
  • They didn’t all swim in the canal.
  • Aliza wrote an essay on Child labor.
  • We didn’t meet his sister.
  • The teacher didn’t punish naughty boy.

Past Indefinite Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In the interrogative  sentences,we use did and 1st form of verb in the Past Indefinite Tense.

Structure of Past Indefinite Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb (did) + Subject + 1st form of verb + Object

For example:

  • Did she  a letter ?
  • Did we meet his sister ?
  • Did Aliza write an essay on Importance of education ?
  • Didn’t teacher punish naughty boy ?
  • Did they all swim in the canal ?

Remember Always !!

Past Indefinite Tense:

In simple:

  • He,she,it,name,i,we you,they played football.

In negative:

  • He,she,it,name,i,we you,they didn’t play football.

In Interrogative:

  • Did He,she,it,name,i,we you,they play football?

Test Of  Intelligence:

True & false:

  1. Aliza eat food.
  2. Children didn’t play games.
  3. Did Aliza play Hockey?
  4. The boys don’t make a noise.
  5. Did they go to college?


  1. False
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False
  5. True

You can test yourself with the practice of above exercise. You need to comply the above structures and rules. If you are beginner then recommend you to read Basic English Grammar for better implementation in your language skills.

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Jaweriyah Rana
7 years ago

Dear Miss Aliza I Need Past , Present , Future . Continuous + Indefinite Same All Sentences Means :
Past : He Wrote a letter
Present : He Write a Letter
Future : He Will Write a Letter

7 years ago

Here is a mistake in structure of Past indefinite in negative form.

Correct it.

7 years ago

There is another mistake in intelligence test of Past perfect.