How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Today,we will talk about auto-responder characteristics and their benefits from business perspective. When you receive an email in your inbox, you click it to read through it and if it’s important you just about to hit the reply button. Then, you see a message “This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply to this message.” We all have come across such emails in our personal email accounts and business email accounts. These are auto-responder email messages generated by the system that can be adjusted to send automated replies to various recipients. It can be sent out from any email address, there are no set criteria’s for it.

How to Setup Auto-Responder on Business Email

Auto-Responder Help You to Stay Connected:

The versions of auto-responders were designed for providing better email management mainly to large business organizations. Another use of the auto-generated is to inform a sender of the temporary absence of the email account holder, it generally happens when people are out of office or out for a vacation.

Auto-responders for Business Marketing-Campaigns:

The rapidly increasing popularity of internet marketing, particularly the email marketing has promoted the use of auto-responders in business emails. The automated reply system has now become a powerful marketing tool used by many business owners that use it to manage their email marketing campaigns effectively.

Are you going on a family vacation or going to be away for one or two days from your business emails, you may need to setup an autoresponder to reply to your email with a pre-defined message.

Here are points how you set up auto-responder on business email:

  • Login to webmail
  • Click on the settings icon on the right side top corner.
  • Click on Settings
  • From the menu on the left side, Click on ‘Vacation Notice
  • Set a Subject for the auto responder
  • Type in the content/ message for the autoresponder under Text
  • Select number of days between vacation notices to the same sender
  • Check the box next to email address to enable
  • If you would like to set the Autoresponder operational between specific dates, you can select the start and end date.

One size does not fit all Email Solutions to suit your needs!

In the End:

The auto-responder feature is the most important part of the email that is useful for online business. If you’re not using it, you will need it sooner rather than later. With an auto-responder, it is possible to build and maintain emails that you receive during the vacation. To look for the available options, you can browse through the net in order to find the best choices in the email auto-responder.

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8 years ago

Nice post! I wanted to start using autoresponder, but didn’t know where to start. What autoresponders tool could you recommend? I heard GetResponse is good?