Role Of Public Opinion in Democracy

Public Opinion in Democracy:

Public opinion is the opinion, attitudes, likeness, judgement of the public regarding a particular matter, situations & issues of mutual interest. Public opinion deliberated by the survey. Public opinion is important for both permanent issues & temporary circumstances.

Public Opinion in Democracy

People belong with different cultures, when their opinion gathered by sample survey. Serious issues easily solved by different ideas, which collected in form of public opinion.

Opinion and Community:

In a country or society not everyone become a part or member with in a community can be contributing to the establishment of the public opinion, but the mature population has a voting right as a citizen generally share their opinions.

In a community opinion of a group of people occasionally agree about different situations. There is no alternative of interest & opinion by the majority. Success of majority opinion depends upon the validity of decision accepting by majority. Democratic system upset due to ungrudging acceptance of the election decision results, agreement among the people would be changed.

Nature of Public Opinion:

On serious issues of common interest there is many number of variety of opinions. Some of , Which might be unclear or confused. More explanation & discussion can reduce this confusion & increase the number of ideas, Which take the clear shape gradually. All opinions which are collected by one half of the citizen is called the public opinion, Such opinions consist on different ideas, Which based on intelligent thinking, or based on strong belief, or these based on feelings & emotions.

For the development of public opinion different agencies help and play on important role.  Some of them take a more important part for the formation of public opinion. Public who are specialize in nature of public life, or researcher are the formulators or developers of public opinions. Many people from majority have no idea of public affairs, even they think less than other people.

Importance of public opinion in democracy:

To understand the working of the democratic system for this knowing of public opinion is important. Today public opinion play a vital role in the working of democratic government. Public opinion work as a person whose job is make sure that democracy do work legally or responsibly.

Many people think that opinion from majority of community is called the public opinion. Unfortunately many intelligent ideas are not considered necessary for the welfare of the people because these opinions are not from majority.

Opinion from general public for the welfare of the people may be called “public opinion”. Lord Bryce says about public opinion.

Public opinion stands for views men hold regarding matter that affect the interest of the society or nations-state.Lord Bryce

Public opinion is the strength of democratic government. It cannot be neglected in democratic system. In which system public opinion ought, this system cannot called a democratic system. Democratic government should implement on the general public ideas in making, rules laws & other activities.

Success of democratic government depends upon intelligent ideas. Healthy public opinion not only built relationship between controller & common people but also help to develop strong relation with other countries. Many institutions & agencies play important role for the formation of public interest like:- Political parties, education institutions, media, newspaper, cults, literature etc.

For the success or development of country leaders should built a system in which surveys are properly conduct, organize a system in which ideas from different people gather systematically. Government should pay attention & give importance to the public opinion for success. According to John Stuart Mill,

If all mankind minus one were of one opinion mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.John Stuart Mill


Public opinion is very important for demoocratic government like blood. John Simon says,

Democracy encourages the majority to decide things about which the majority is ignorant.John Simon

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