Rich Snippets and Robots Tags – SEO Training

As you learned about keyword density and Meta tags in the previous SEO training Lesson 4. Now you will learn about Rich Snippets, robots tags and finally slightly touch of image optimization in an article. First portion of this lesson is Rich Snippets and why we use them ? First you need to know its advantages then we will go ahead. Rich snippets are use to make your product prominent in search engine, you can make rich snippets of your product, recipe, software, article etc. Rich snippets also show users review in the shape of voting/ratings with author or writer name. Lastly, Rich snippets increase your website CTR from search engine. Means that, with the help of Rich snippets, you can increase chances of clicks from search engine (Organic traffic).

Second thing is Robots tags, which is crucial and we never ignore them. Major and essential robots tags are  listed below,

  1. Index (Use to index content)
  2. No-index (Use for not crawl content)
  3. Follow (Use for follow inbound or outbound links)
  4. No-Follow (Use for do not follow inbound or outbound links)
  5. NoODP (Use for do not use dmoz directory meta description)
  6. NoYDIR (Use for do not use Yahoo directory meta description)

Above given robots tags are playing vital role in Search engine optimization. Thirdly, you will learn about image optimization via Alt tag and will talk on image sizing agenda because it is now become crucial part of SEO. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

Hopefully, you understood all the aspects from every perspective. In this tutorial, we covered only three aspects, but these aspects are sensitive elements of SEO. Beginners will not be acquainted with these elements. Enjoy to watching this tutorial.

Let us know, if you have any empirical any idea or opinions, conversely, if you are facing problem during watching then let us now via comment. 😉

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