Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

This question can be slightly tricky for almost beginners that how to remove URL of deleted pages from search results. First of all we need to know that why they need to delete those pages? What the reasons are there you should follow-up. The most significant cause is 404 errors on your website. Which cannot be tolerated because it impact your search engine ranking as well as on user experience with your website.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results:

I saw similar question on many forums but everyone has their own perspective on this issue. So I just decided to raise this question among KnowledgeIDea readers. Removing URLs temporarily or permanently from Google search engine snippets or results is no more difficult. Google put this ability or you can say feature in your Google webmaster tool but that is temporarily according to Google saying. But on that time what, if someone probably you delete your website post or pages but till that time Google crawled it.

This means Google listed your website this particular page in their database, now it will be appear when someone call it. But the issue is that this web page no longer exist on your website. So in these cases there are several solutions based on your strategy and circumstances.

By Using Google Webmaster Tools:

Go to your webmaster account then simply go inside your website webmaster dashboard interface. Navigate to Google Index > Remove URLs add your URLs there and hide and remove your URLs from Google search as well as from Google cache too.

Remove URL Of Deleted Pages From Search Results

Google will remove this URLs after sometime, because here Google described this is temporarily so mostly folks can be confuse but think if you already deleted this and it is no longer exist so how Google crawl it again and how it come back again so this means it is permanently if your web page doesn’t exist anymore.

By Using Redirection:

Mostly times you don’t want to lose that traffic, even 404 not found users who are getting this error. So in this case, first use the above method to submit your request to Google to remove these particular URLs. Then secondly, till that when Google receive your request and implement on it, your website losing probably many users so how to tackle or avail from this traffic. I know these are 404 errors but fact is that they are humans and they are not getting any results from you for which they came to your site.

So if I said also get advantage from this traffic too, so this means use 301 redirection method in this case or simply redirection. For this must read our article on How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress.

There are another several way such as use Meta Robots Tags noindex attribute, which can stop search engine to crawl this page. But above are well experienced and good to go. We mentioned above all superior ways, in fact I would like to say implemented ways of remove URL of deleted pages from search results.

Let us know, if you find this guidance useful and valuable for your journey. For questions and issues join our community forum or can put your comment below.

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