Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features

As we know that WordPress have numerous plugin for multiple purposes. One of the finest one WordPress plugin is Register Plus Redux , which keeps stunning and astonishing features.

Register plus redux is a WordPress registration form plugin, through which contributors, authors, editors and subscriber can register himself on a particular website and can become member of this community for which they are applying.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features
Register Plus Redux – WordPress Plugin

Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux plugin role is vital and  prominent on website because it is working as a central part of user entrance on website. If you want to construct or built registration form then it is a finest choice for you because this plugin have complete monitoring and customizing interface from WordPress dashboard.

You can monitor each user activities and can modify from your end. Let’s find the Register plus redux features in-depth.

Register Plus Redux Features:

This plugin has numerous and spectacular features, which are listed below.

  • You will able to add your company logo above any registration form for company or website branding.
  • All incoming visitors on your website will be eligible to register himself on your website as a contributor, subscriber, author and editor.
  • Every users will verify their legitimate identity through email verification link, email will be automatically placed on user’s email which they provided during registration.
  • User can not be able to reset their password without knocking administrator door or permission. (Optional: By Default this option is disable and we do not recommend to enable this option)
  • Grace period, With in particular time period all unverified users account will be deleted automatically. (By default grace period is 7 days, you can increase or decrease this time period from your side)
  • Registration redirection, creative option for all users because through this tool you can easily redirect your user after registration. (i.e. any particular page, Welcome Page etc.)
  • Auto login user features allow you to automatically login your created account after complete your registration process.
  • You also can edit and modify registration form fields like first name/last name/email/website/contact/short description etc.
  • Password strength indicator or password measuring tool, which will detect that your password is strong, Good, normal, poor and mismatch.
  • Invitation code, this facility allow users to request or demand a particular code for registration. Administrator will provide you this particular code. Without this code no one can register himself. You can generate more than one invitation codes for multiple purposes from your end.
  • Allow terms and condition/website polices check box and make them required for registration.
  • You can easily customize email notification messages, which user will receive after registration and also web administrator.
  • This plugin also deal in custom register/login CSS , where you can insert/write your necessary CSS as per your need.

You can avail the above features by installing this one spectacular WordPress plugin. This is not about plugin promotion, it’s all about our experience with this plugin. If you are planning to open your web doors for all incoming visitors then try this one plugin because it is free with all features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and found these features better for your future journey. If you have more interesting and empirical ideas then share with us. For more discussion and your respective opinion’s, leave your comment below.

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