Reason and Causes of Urbanization

Why do people migrate from villages to cities? What are the reasons behind urbanization? How we can stop this mass-scale urbanization? Let us get the answer to these questions by studying city and village lives. Village is the basic unit of human civilization. Man had laid the foundation of the villages, after giving up the life of jungle. More than half of the world’s population is living in villages. With the expansion of industrialism, there is a grow trend favor of urbanization, because in cities, we have more opportunities and facilities. So, cities are getting over-flow with migrated population. This migration is creating so many problems. So, uplift of the village is need of the hour.

Reason and Causes of Urbanization

In cities, we have modern facilities of life-like electricity, gas, clean water, tele-communication, transportation, education and health facilities. “Life in a big city, though curse we may call it, is indispensable to survive in the modern era.”

Causes of Urbanization:

In villages, we do not have such facilities. People have to go to cities for hospitalization, in case of severe injuries or fatal diseases. Furthermore, there are not institutions of higher education in villages.

Students have to go to cities for professional or higher education. Especially, girls suffer a lot due to this situation. These are two major factors, which contribute to migration towards cities. So, if we provide civic facilities like, education, roads and health in villages, we can stop this mass scale urbanization.

Lastly, in cities, we have more economic and employment opportunities. This is the biggest cause of migration towards cities. In villages, people have limited economic opportunities. So, they go to cities to find employment. After that they become used to civic facilities. So, they go to cities to find employment. After that they become used to civic facilities. So, they decide to settle there with their families. In this way, this become the cause of large-scale migration. To address this problem, the government should formulate such policies as could be helped to provide employment to the villages at their thresholds. This would be a major step towards the uplift of the village. Such industrial units should also be set up in the villages as are based on agriculture.

In cities, we have facilities and opportunities. That is why, people migrate from villages to cities. Urbanization is becoming a giant problem. So, village uplift is the only solution to the problem of urbanization. And uplift is possible only through availability of the modern facilities at the doorsteps of the people.

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