Psychology Of Fashion

Psychology Of Fashion Introduction:

In this article, We will learn about “Psychology Of Fashion” and its appearance.Psychology is the scientific study of human minds & the reason for people’s behavior. It is the situation of a man’s mind that he has, which makes him think or behave in the way that he want to do. Sometime people act out the role that are connected with their characteristics, Which are differ from others & place in society. This is ingeniously designed to provide new ideas or methods that how we look like in society & what position,we have taken.

Psychology Of Fashion

Companies want that its employees act as successful & professionalism employees. As employee, who is  not doing act according to roles or position, which society required from him then society tend not to trust him. In this result customer lose trust on him & feedback of retailer from such employee is negative.

Beliefs Regarding Impressive Displays:

For high living standard or for shinning future people have to work. A person, who has high goals or standard from him/her self, face many difficulties to find employment. Such Peoples set high goals of their selves but they have no knowledge, how they can mange their appearance. For the job first impression is very important, knowledge, attitude, character etc will not caught the attention, good appearance & well dress person attract the panel. They hire or select only those person, who can manage their personal appearance.

Women are consider best for employment but they can easily manage their appearance according to the job requirement. They wear pants, wearing makeup even, good styling hair. Women do such formal things because these are the symbol, Which send a message to others that they have proper social position. After getting job, people have different interest, styles, appearance, responsibilities.

Appearance is Considered Better Than Knowledge:

From childhood to being an adult or parent give us confidence that we are able, We can do everything. Which is better for us or our society, when we come to actual age of maturity, efforts of our parents help us in job. Well dress is one of the form of expression, for seeking the job appearance focused firstly. Knowledge help in doing work. Without good appearance knowledge of candidate is useless. Employer appreciated unique appearance & also knowledge & offered high level of job. A person, whose appearance unique from others employers gives them chance to do other work. They are doing only one task, they do different roles due to this their knowledge in every department or experience increase. Every profession required good personality because people impressed with dressing. Unfortunately, knowledge of an individual ignored in the process of selection, in this result right people not selected for right job.

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