Coronavirus Might Affect the Production of iPhone-9

Until now, Coronavirus has affected several countries of the world and China is suffering the most. The panorama of adverse aftermaths of this virus could be huge. It is expected to impact several industries or sectors that have their prime functional units in China. The manufacturing sector is anticipated to get most affected if, establishment chooses to shut down the vital installations. So, in case it happens then it is highly likely that the production of iPhone-9 might be delayed.

Coronavirus Might Effect the Production of iPhone-9

The Coronavirus has caused cough, fever and flu. These are common diseases but to date there isn’t any known cure for these common diseases, as caused by this novel virus. So prevention is better than cure because there is not any. A vast majority of Apple’s manufacturing is done in China. So the attack of Coronavirus could severely impact the supplies of iPhone to several markets, worldwide.

Reports About Production of iPhone-9

Recently, it has been reported by Bloomberg that if the situation of Coronavirus continues to aggravate, as it seems so, then it is most probable that the production of iPhone-9 could be affected most. The reason for which is the location of iPhone-9 manufacturers namely,  Pegatron and Foxconn. These top manufacturers of iPhone have most of their production facilities near to Shanghai. Which is almost 500kms away from Wuhan. Which is reported to be the main hub of Coronavirus’s outburst. Although, the manufacturing facilities seem to be quite far away from the Wuhan but as per the Bloomberg it isn’t far enough to escape from the effects of Corona-virus.

Moreover, in another report. It was revealed that Apple has ordered 65 million of its prior model of iPhones along with 15million units of iPhone-9. So that the aggravating issue of Coronavirus can be dealt with utmost care. Moreover,  this report also proposed that Foxconn has its own plan of keeping its production unaffected because of this novel virus.

Statement of  Foxconn Technology

The current position of Foxconn technology regarding the production of iPhones in China seems to be positive. It can be observed from the recent media statement of Foxconn, as reported by Matthew Kanterman.

“….monitoring the situation in China and following all recommended health practices. It declined to comment on production in specific locations but said, We can confirm that we have measures in place to ensure that we can continue to meet all global manufacturing obligations.”

Until now, there is no explicit information concerning the production of the iPhone-9 in China. Although, media reports and Apple are suggesting that iPhone-9 will be launched in March and afterward, it will be shelved soon. But at the face of it, we believe it would be a daunting task if, not impossible.

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