Difficulties And Problems of BA Students

Problems of BA Students:

Education is the most important thing for a nation. But in Pakistan, it is the most neglected field. Primary, high and higher secondary education system, all have been put in back burner. According to an estimate, only 1.5 percent people of our total population are graduates. Majority of them are arts graduates or B.A. B.A students students face so many problems while studying. Let us have a thumbnail’s sketch of these problems.

Problems of BA Students

B.A Students facing these Problems:

  • The first and foremost problems of B.A students is to pass English. English is a compulsory subject in B.A. This is the main issue for B.A students. If this problem is solved, 90% burden of their problems will be lessened. More than 99 percent students are baseless in english because teaching of english in schools is not up to the mark. So, on reaching at university level, they feel difficulty. Some students cannot pass english even after attempts of many years.
  • In the second place majority of these students take B.A exams as private candidates.  They do not have proper guidance. So, they fail in exam.
  • Thirdly, a large number of students want to prepare for B.A exams while doing jobs. This part-time study is also a major cause of their failure, because at university level, we need intense study to get success.

Many students join private so-called academies and tuition centers for preparation. But too few of such centers provide quality education. They do not have qualified students, who could teach students well.

College teachers are also very much responsible for the difficulties of the students at B.A level. At college level, lecturers and professors do not want to come down from the high pedestal of their level. So, students remain blank, in the whole course of their studies.


There are some problems faced by B.A students, which should be address. English is the most problematic issue for them. So, teaching of english at levels of education must be improved. College teachers should also feel their responsibility and come down to the level of students. They should give them individuals attention if it is possible.

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