Present Perfect Tense – English Verb

Like a previous articles,which are related with sentences. Now a day, We will again talk about the sentences. In the previous, articles we have discuss about the grammar and sentences.The names of the articles, which are related with grammar and sentences. Names are:

Now, we will discuss about the present perfect tense that what is identification and structure of present perfect tense. Present perfect tense is the third branch of present tense.

Identification of Present Perfect Tense:

Present perfect tense show that to the work which has done in present.This tense disclose the link with the past in present.In this tense,we don’t mention time like present perfect continuous tense.

In present perfect tense helping verbs are (Has,Have).

  • “Has” use with “singular subject”
  • “Have” use with “plural subject”

We use “Has” when subjects are (He,she,it,single name).

We use “Have” when subjects are (I,we,you,they).

We use  “Third form of verbs” in present perfect tense.

Structure Of Simple Present Perfect Tense:

Subject+Helping verb (Has,Have)+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

Present Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences,we use “Not” with “Has” or “Have”.We use “Has not” or “Have not” after the subject and before the verb.

Structure Of Present Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject+Helping verb (Has,Have)+Not+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

  • I have not taken tea.
  • The students have not written an essay on Blessing of science.
  • Women have not cooked food.
  • She has not read book.
  • Children has not played games.

Present Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences helping verb used before subject.

Structure Of Present Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb (Has,Have)+Subject+Third form of verb+Object.

For example:

  • Has teacher teaching the students about the Manners and Etiquette?
  • Have they wasted their time on social media?
  • Have children listened story?
  • Has it rain?
  • Has she not read book?

Remember Always:

Present perfect tense:

In simple:

  • (He,she,it,single name) has played.
  • (I,we,you,they) have played.

In negative:

  • (He,she,it,single name) has not played
  • (I,we,you,they) have not played.

In interrogative:

  • Has (He,she,it,single name) played?
  • Have (I,we,you,they) played?

Test Your Intelligence:

  1. She______ prepared the paper.
  2. ______ they played hockey?
  3. ______ Ali not written a letter?
  4.  Children has ______ gone to school.
  5. I______ lost my ring.


  1. Has
  2. Have
  3. Has
  4. Not
  5. Have

Let us know that, How much you earn the knowledge. Solve the above following test for best practice as yourself. Hopefully, This will be Better for your bright future. For more question join me through comments.

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