Present Continuous Tense – English Verb Tense

Present Continuous Tense:

Tense is the basic of English language like a pillars of any castle.This castle has three pillars, present,past,future.These three pillars have four categories as we know that, present has four types like:

Present continuous tense

Like a present tense past and future tense have four kinds.In the previous article we have discussed about the present indefinite tense.Now,in this article we will talk about the “Present continuous tense”.

Definition of  Present Continuous Tense:

Present continuous tense shows that,any work continuous in present.

In present continuous tense helping verbs are use (Is,are,am).

  • “Is” use with “Singular subject”.
  • “Are” use with “Plural subject”.
  • “Am” use with“I”

Like a present indefinite tense ,we use “First form of verb” in the present continuous tense.

“ing” use with “First form of verb”

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Simple Form:

Subject+Helping verb+1st form of verb+ing+Object.

For example:

Present Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences”Not” use between and “First form of verb”.

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Negative Sentences:

Subject+Helping verb(Is,are,am)+Not+1st form of verb+Ing+Object.

For example:

  • They are not reading a book.
  • They are not wasting their precious time on social media during exam.
  • It is not raining heavily.
  • she is not participating in the final tournament of sports and games.
  • I am writing an essay on Blessing of Science.

Present Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences helping verb put before subject.

Structure Of Present Continuous Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

Helping verb(Is,are,am)+Subject+1st form of verb+Ing+Object.

For example:

Remember Always:

Present continuous tense:

In simple

  • (We,you,they) are playing.
  • (He,she,it) is playing.
  • (I) am playing.


  • (We,you,they) are not playing.
  • (He,she,it) is not playing.
  • (I) am not playing.


  • Are (We,you,they)  playing.
  • Is (He,she,it)  playing.
  • Am (I) playing.

Test your intelligence:

Fill in the blanks.

  1. He________ buying a gift for birthday.
  2. we________ not making fun of anybody.
  3. The boys________ swimming in the tank.
  4. ________I not helping you?
  5. ________ it drizzling outside?


  1. Is
  2. Are
  3. Are
  4. Am
  5. Is

I hope, This article will be proved benefit for all readers. Must try to solve the above exercise for your practice. Learn English grammar rules and try to adopt these rules. You can avail from our latest updates to subscribe newsletter. You may leave your questions below in comment box 🙂

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