Payoneer Review and Tips

Payoneer is a global money transfer and receiving gateway and also provides eCommerce payment solution. Payoneer is a registered and trusted member of MasterCard. Through Payoneer globally online transaction is possible without any hassle, Majority of freelancers and eCommerce platforms/websites utilizing this one gateway for money withdraw and transfer. Today, here we are going to write a comprehensive Payoneer review for user convenience to understand this payment gateway easily.

Payoneer Review:

Payoneer is one of the magnificent and affordable payment gateways for online transaction. No doubt, they have strong and trustworthy recognition in online markets that’s Google, Taboola, iStock, oDesk, Elance and further huge groups & companies utilizing or integrate Payoneer on his platforms to make his millions of users transaction possible.

Payoneer MasterCard Review and Tips

As we said, affordable that means they definitely charge for their service but as compared to other payment gateway’s it is reliable and trustworthy.

Payoneer Pricing & Fees:

According to Payoneer team, they do not charge for Payoneer and also providing free shipping all over the world. But there are lots of confusions among folks, so why they charge activation fees and further charges. Payoneer does not charge any single for activation, service provider charge money for activation, which will be paid for the first time only. Check it out the below Payoneer pricing and fees structure.

Service Name Fees
Card Activation Fee (One time Only) $4.95 for US, $6.95 for Outside US and $24.95 for Albania, Angola, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, CôteD’Ivoire, Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Pakistan, São Tomé & Príncipe, Serbia, Somalia, Turkmenistan, Zimbabwe.
Per Monthly Account Maintenance Fee $3 (If your account made <=3 transactions in previous month), $1 only (If your account made 4+ transactions in previous month)
Card Replacement Fee (Per Card) $9.95 One time fee (When your card will be issued)
ATM Withdrawal Fee (Per Successful Transaction) $2.15 (When you request for Withdrawal)
ATM Decline Fee (Per Denied Transaction) $0.90 (When ATM declined your request)
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (Per  Request) $0.90 (When requested for Balance Inquiry)

How to Get Approval Payoneer:

If you are going to sign up directly for Payoneer then your application will be rejected. Payoneer does not allow substandard folks, which are not already the members of his partners. Yes, you need a strong reference for getting approval Payoneer. Sign up for Payoneer by using our reference. If you are going to sign up on Payoneer by using our reference then Payoneer will give you $25 only when you will load $100 in your account this means total $125 will appear in your account.

How Much Time For Arrival Payoneer:

Once your Payoneer account application has been approved then it will arrive you within 2 weeks. It can take up to 25 days for US outside countries so you can contact to Payoneer Customer Support to resolve this issue, they will be happy to assist you.

Where We Can Use Payoneer:

You can use Payoneer in online purchase and selling products (eCommerce, Advertising etc). Payoneer also can be used in physical departmental stores and markets easily same like your bank ATM debit card.

How & Where We Can Withdrawal/Payout Money in Payoneer:

You can withdrawal your money from Payoneer through Bank ATM’s. Almost ATM machines supported to MasterCard but before inserting your card make sure that this ATM machine is supported to MasterCard or not, you can confirm through MasterCard logo, which logo can be seen surrounding ATM machine. Because every declined request will deduct money from your account so should be careful with every step.

Standard Chartered (SCB), HSBC and Citi Bank ATM machines are supported to Payoneer so you can try on them before going anywhere else.

Let us know if you find your answers successfully. Above reviews covered many of the Payoneer aspects. Don’t forget to share this article socially. For more discussions and your queries, you can join us via comment.


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