Past Perfect Tense – English Grammar Guide

In our previous article, we have discussed about the first two branches of past which names are:

  1. Past indefinite tense
  2. Past continuous tense

Today, we will discussion about the past perfect tense which is the “Third” branch of past tense. Now, we will discourse about the identification and structure of past perfect tense.

NoteWe use “Third form of verb” in all perfect tense.

Past Perfect Tense:

Past perfect tense shows to any work which occurred in past and after taking tiny time it had been finished. Like present perfect tense, we use “Third form of verb”. We use “Had ” as a helping verb in past perfect tense. we will use ”Had” with all subject.

Structure Of Simple Past Perfect Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Had) + Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. I had written essay on Causes of poverty and its solution.
  2. They had eaten food.
  3. They had played football.
  4. Aliza had already written the poem.
  5. You had cooked food till then.

Note: Keep remember, in any sentence have mention about two works or actions so, then firstly we will mention about the Second action and then first action. In the second part, we will use past perfect tense While in the first part we will use past indefinite tense . To understand you, we have some example:

  1. They had eaten food before the afternoon.
  2. They had gone America before the sun rose.

The first part of sentence “They had eaten food” is called “Subordinate clause”.

The second part of sentence ”Before the time” is called “Principle clause”.

Past Perfect Tense In Negative Sentences:

In negative sentences we use “Hadn’t” after the subject and before the verb. We use “Third form of verb” like past perfect tense.

Structure Of Negative Past Perfect Tense:

Subject + Helping verb (Hadn’t) + Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. I hadn’t discussed about the fashion contest.
  2. They hadn’t cooked food.
  3. He hadn’t played football.
  4. I hadn’t written essay on Human rights violations and our society.
  5. You hadn’t cooked food till then.

Past Perfect Tense In Interrogative Sentences:

In interrogative sentences we use “Had” before the subject.If we use any word of “Wh Family” so then first we will use “Wh Family” and then we will follow the structure of  interrogative sentences.

What Is Meant By “WH Family”?

Those word which start from “Wh” . e.g.Whom, Whose, Which, What, Who, When………… etc are called “Wh Family”

Structure Of Interrogative Past Perfect Tense:

Helping verb (Had) + Subject +  Third form of verb + Object.

For Example:

  1. Had you cooked food till then?
  2. Why had you gone before ending the party?
  3. Had you discussed about the science and its inventions?
  4. Had you washed the clothes?
  5. Had Aliza already written the poem?

Remember Always:

Past Perfect Tense:

In Simple:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Had.

In Negative:

(He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They) Hadn’t

In Interrogative:

Had (He, She, It, Name, I, We, You, They)

Test Your Intelligence:

True & False:

  1. They had gone mall for shopping.
  2. Had children go to school?
  3. They played football
  4. Did they washed the clothes?
  5. Aliza had completed  B.A in current year.


  1. False
  2. False
  3. False
  4. False
  5. True
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