Pain is a part of life

Pain is a part of life:

Pain is the feelings of great discomfort, feelings of unhappiness, feelings of upset, disappointed, unpleasant physical feelings due to injury, disease or emotional disorder.Pain is a part of life & word pain derived from french “Piene” from Latin word “Poena” & from Greek word “Pointe”. A pain is quite (noiseless) does not make any sound that makes people very anxious & take long time to think about it & make unimportant talking very quietly.

Pain is a part of life

There are glances of dislikeness that something is very harmful to people & increase no cry of murder, crime of stealing that go away man or women forever leave peace & happiness. Pain makes people unhappy, their eyes full of tears, their lives full of sorrows.

Pain is a Realistic Problem:

Pain is a true & unpleasant reality that everyone face daily. Pain is like a mask, which people wear because of pain. People hide themselves from the society. They don’t want to face friends, family or relatives, they feel that time of pain cannot come to the end. They have feelings of feared that some thing happened bad. At the time of sorrow clouds of pain appear everywhere, its true that in real life pain is a realistic problem.

Aspects of Pain:

Everyone in his life faced pain might be one time, maybe two times or more. There are two aspects of pain.

  • Physical Pain
  • Emotional Pain

Physical pain is an ability to bear physically uncomfortable. For example, When you are running & balance of your feet unstable then you fell down. You can’t stand up & say “That hurt”, you shout loudly. Physically pain change time to time, physically pain can be treated emotional pain is much dangerous as compare with other pain. When some one emotionally hurt, he can never stand , never enjoy his life with joy.

Physical pain after long or short time go away but emotional pain always stay with men. Pain is very unhopeful or difficult feelings to deal with. A man may be has many painful experience, which change his life.

Effects of Pain:

Every thing has positive & negative effects .Pain also has both effects on human life. Sometime pain gives  us a golden time to achieved our goals & aims of our life. It might be beneficial for us, When we get something, which has importance in our life. We forget this difficult period of pain, Pain hurt us that time but after long time. When we achieved something. We will be thankful to the pain then we say pain could be a good thing.On the other hand, when due to the pain , we lose our important things, loves-ones, close relations. We feels that pain is very unpleasant sensation, it change all over the life. We fell down top the bottom, this time of pain gradually passed & this time period never be forgotten. There is unnecessary pain around us.


Pain is temporary according to Joshua J.Marine,

Pain is what make life interesting; overcoming this is what makes life meaningful.Joshua J.Marine

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