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Siraj Mahmood is Founder of KnowledgeIdea. He provides in-depth insight into  result-oriented SEO techniques and insanely practical strategies.     

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Learn how to use great SEO techniques, development of all frameworks and digital marketing technique as we take you through the entire process.

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Build Your WordPress Blog

Managed WordPress

Learn all about WordPress plans include WordPress installation, automated migrations, automatic updates, advanced caching, and expert WordPress support.

Update Your SEO Skills

About SEO

Don’t know much about SEO yet, but eager to learn? In my free SEO training, I tell you how it works. We are open to ideas.

Google Rates You First

Google Indexing

Every search engine has its own index. But because Google is the world’s largest search engine. Learn about search engine’s index of stored pages and information.


KnowledgeIdea makes navigating complex code easy, refactoring stress-free, SEO and development a WordPress.

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