Our Education System Errors and Remedies

Education system:

We are living in an age of education and awareness. Without sound and solid education system, the building of prosperity cannot be erected. Unfortunately, we are facing a number of problems which are responsible for decline in this field. Let us discuss them one by one.

Education System Errors and Remedies

Current Education System Errors:

First of all as a nation, we have not given any importance to education. Only two per cent of the budget is spent on education. Secondly out education system is not economy oriented. That means, we are not producing just simple graduates and master who cannot do any skilled job. In this way, our education system is making the problem of unemployment more serious. Thirdly, because of cheating and substandard ness our degrees have become mere pieces of paper. Fourthly, our college and universities have become the centers and politics and violence. Fifthly, our teachers are not trained properly. They are not aware of the modern skills and techniques of teaching. Last but not least, our elementary education system is the most neglected sector. If a thing has a solid foundation, the building on it will be very strong. This is the law of nature. But we are pouring our meagre funds and resources on higher education sector while elementary system is totally ignored.

Improvement Points in Education System:

Now keep these issues in mind, we must act wisely. First of all, we must reset our priorities as a nation. Education should be given the foremost priority in budget. Secondly, our education system should be guarantee of employment. More skilled, professional and vocational institutes should be opened. Thirdly, cheating should be uprooted. Fourthly, our educational institutions should be made clear from politics, violence and arms. Fifthly, our teachers should be trained on modern lines. They must also be given handsome salaries. Lastly, we should strengthen our elementary education system. More and more funds should be allocated for this purpose.


Education is the backbone of any nation. We cannot make progress without improvement in this field. We can reform our education system by knowing the root causes of problems and then addressing them.

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