Ordinary English Conversation List

Ordinary English Conversation List :

If you want to improve your English conversation.You must speak short sentences on daily basis with your family members,friends and relatives etc.When you try to speak English conversation at home you are able to communicate with your clients,teacher and other people relating with different profession with full of confidence.

Ordinary English Conversation List
Ordinary English Conversation List

You know that English become an international language.To learn English conversation you must follow the following sentence.

  • Be friendly
  • Be courteous
  • Think before your speak
  • Be polite/flexible
  • Don’t argue unnecessary
  • Don’t be insincere
  • Don’t be dogmatic
  • Don’t be an egoist
  • Don’t mumble

These are the sentences which you must remember in your communication.Now,focus on these mistakes.Which people often make in their conversation.

  • Avoid too much of slang

Use it only when it gives vigor to your talk

  • Eliminate superfluous work from your speech
  • Avoid exaggeration
  • Don’t tell personal experience awkwardly

If you give attention to these sentences you feel that your conversation become effective and better.We meet with each other in different ways.But in English language people use different sentence when they meet with each other.

  • Good morning
  • Good noon
  • Good afternoon
  • Good evening
  • Good night,sweat dreams

Traditional Conversation:

  • Pleased to meet you
  • Nice to see you
  • How do you do/How are you

Etiquette Of Departure:

  • Have a nice/good day
  • Good day to your,Sir
  • Bye
  • Good bye
  • OK see you again
  • Farewell
  • Hope to you see again
  • So long

Use Of Kindly Or Please:

In the English conversation, Use of “Kindly”or”Please” when you want to ask anything and when you want to take something from other or you have meant with anyone.Then you use”Please”or”Kindly”without use of these words communication is ineffective.

  • Give me a cup of tea
  • Give me a your book
  • What is the time?

Use Of Thank You:

Use of thank you,thanks when sometime do anything in behalf of you.Then you use “Thank you”or “Thanks”.

  • Thank you or thanks
  • Thank you very much
  • Many many thanks to you

Use Of No Thanks:

When someone offer you anything and you have no need it .Then you use”No, Thanks”.

Use Of Fine:

When you do something for someone in this favor he/she says you “Thank you”.Then you use following words in reply.

  • It’s fine
  • No mention
  • It’s all right
  • My pleasure
  • Welcome you’re welcome/Most welcome


Last sentence mostly use for our sentences.

Use Of Sorry:

If you do mistake or anyone bear lose due to you or you don’t arrive at a time then you say “Sorry”.

Use Of Excuse Me:

When you interrupt someone when you leave guest or gathering then you use”Excuse me”.

Hopefully, These conversation list will help you to enhance your English skills instantly. Don’t be panic during speak English conversation because your confidence is your aim 🙂

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